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  1. I play both male and female critters I call them. I would like to do mostly one on one because of my job. So if the person is ok to play with someone who might not be on every night but every other night. Please send me an small PM or reply here in this thread.

    I mostly play everything but female/female or male/Male.
  2. Hey hit me up with your ideas, I'd love to join you
  3. There a few critters (that what i call my characters) I would like to do some one on one stuff with.

    Brenda MIDDLE Vixen

    The Basics
    Real Name | (Brenda Vixen)
    Nickname/s | ("Breast")
    Age | (30)
    Height | (5'8)
    weight | (134)
    Sexuality | (Straight)
    Ethnicity | (American)
    Species | (Human)
    Occupation | (Former Wrestler)
    Financial Status | (Middle Class)
    Played By | (Beth Phoenix )
    Mother | (Honey Vixen)
    Father | (Jack Vixen)
    Siblings | (Richard Vixen (Brother ), Lisa Vixen (Sister) Charles Vixen (Nephew), Rhonda Vixen (Sister)
    Other Relations | (Insert here)
    Overall history | (Brenda Vixen was always the one who their father love to play mind games with. He always made Brenda believe she would never be as good as her brothers and sisters. She was the lowest of the lowers. So Brenda would do everything since she was child to please her father. She never want him to be disappoint in him.

    Once she sat back and remember what happen to her mother with the help of her brother. It was something he want her to never remember. How he had killed their mother by setting the house on fire. There are times she still wait up at night in tears thinking about that time. Years down the road with the help of Richard. She learn that her mother was alive. She start to try to form a bond with her all over again.

    There was a huge battle she fought along the side between her mother against her father to regarding the cult. As of right now there are peace among them but know just like her brother he is up to something.She just ready to try to start a new life as she wonder if that even possible.

    The Basics
    Real Name | (Angel)
    Nickname/s | (Insert here)
    Age | (Timeless)
    Height | (Insert here)
    weight | (Insert here)
    Sexuality | (Insert here)
    Ethnicity | (Insert here)
    Species | (Insert here)
    Occupation | (Insert here)
    Financial Status | (Insert here)
    Played By | (Insert here)
    Mother | (Rita Repulsa)
    Father | (Zordon)
    Siblings | (Thrax - Half brother)
    Other Relations | (Master Vile -Grandfather)
    Overall history | (Till this day no one knew how Rite Repusla got her hands on to the Green Ranger Power Ranger Coin. Well this is the story of how it happen. Dark Specter knew of the plans that Zordon hand plan for the universe to have some great warriors that would fight against evil. He felt they need to found a way to have one of those warriors on their side when the times comes. Master Ville talked his young daughter around the time to trick Zordon into letting her know about these powers.

    Rita goes to planet Eltar with the help of the black magic she was learning to disguised herself as someone from the same planet. Zordon once he place eyes on Rita had falling in love with this young woman. Rita in return for those moments in her life she actually started to feel bad about what she was doing.

    Master Vile realized his daughter had falling in love with Zordon. As he made her realized the truth and made her form her hatred for Zordon once again. He planted seeds of evil inside for Zordon. So once she gone back to Zordon and told him who she truly was. They got into a strong battle where Zordon could have finish her but she told him she was pregnant with his child. He couldn’t bring himself to destroy her as he told that her day. He will not forgive her for this and make sure the world would be safe from her and father.

    But little did he knew around that time she had stolen one of the Power Coins he was working on around this time. A few months down the road Angel was born but Master Vile never let on of her existence. In the mind of Zordon he felt maybe he let Rita tricked him once more about this child. So he never thought about it every again.

    Angel during all this years was held as a secret deep in space been trained by her grandfather in the art of black magic. She wasn’t alone as her half brother Thrax was also been trained by their grandfather. Thrax was send to take on the rangers once more as he had died at the feet of the Sentinel Knight. Angel appear in front of the ashes of her brother. Angel was sent on a mission by their grandfather to found their mother staff which she is the proud owner of. With the staff of her mother she brought her brother back to life.

    Angel don’t know who her true father is and in her mind her mother was killed by Zordon not turned into human or had become the Mystic Mother. What will Angel do once she learn she is been use to destroy people lives when she really she was born to the protect of this world just like her father. )​
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  4. Awesome but what's the story line
  5. which one you into and i pm you the information
  6. there you go =)
  7. I don't get it
  8. updated with another critter... =X
  9. Ok I'm going to level with you, I don't understand this RP.
  10. send you another reply if you still don't get it. it ok.. sorry for the confusing.