Anyone interested in a supernatural/Fantasy rp?

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  1. Hello everybody!

    First I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this- much appreciated.

    Second, I'm inclined to tell you that I'm very new to this site and still figuring things out so please be patient with me.
    But make no mistake, I've been roleplaying since before I hit puberty.

    I love writing! And I would like someone who shares my passion and can just have with the story.


    I hate to do this but I would like you to know what you're getting into. And to make sure we're on the same page before we start.

    1. Romance is a must! I'm a sucker for love and I can't write a story without it. While I do like to focus on other objectives, Love does need to play a part.

    2. I RP with my OC. You RP with yours. I also prefer to do double, OCxCannon (I play your crush, you play mine). I don't like when our OC's are involved with each other. Either we're involved with a character in the story we're basing our RP off. Or we make separate OC's if we make our own story/world.

    3.Please understand I'm not free 24/7. It's going to take me time to respond. Don't hound me
    about how slow i'm being. Believe me, I will respond ASAP!

    4. I write a few paragraphs per respond. Please try to do the same or at least help to move the story along.

    5. I'm comfortable with MxF though i'm willing to do FxF. Though I haven't done to much of that in the past. Adult content is a must when the story calls for it. I like to make it as real as possible and people have sex in real life. I don't really have boundaries when it comes to the sexual content so if you do let me know.

    6. LASTLY!! Have fun! Tell me if i'm doing something wrong or where you think we should take the story. Don't suffer in silence. I'd like for us to both get enjoyment out of this!

    Yay! All done! Now for the list!

    Animes/Tv Shows/Movies
    (Bold means I really would like to do it)
    *Also would love to do AU for these as well*

    Attack on Titan
    True Blood
    Game of Thrones
    Once Upon a Time
    The Avengers
    Pride and Prejudice

    Sorry that list isn't to long I'm much more interested in an original RP.

    Original Ideas


    So for this I kind of have an idea in my head. So you know how a lot of countries have there own mythology and God's and Goddess? Well, i'm thinking we could do a story where we're either God's and something happens (i.e. Parent dies, love goes missing...exc) that causes the Gods to leave there territory into the other mythologies to find there answers. Maybe even there's a war about to happen between them. Or an arranged marriage to keep the peace. Perhaps they fall in love with a mortal and losses there power and memory of ever being a God. This one draws me because I would enjoy creating these different worlds and characters with you.


    This one I like also because the possibilities are endless. I'd really like to do one in a different time. I think it would be interesting to have a vampire fighting for the Germans in WW2. Or even a 'gentleman' in the Victorian era who happens to turn very hairy at the full moon. Perhaps a slave owner is drawn to his dark worker, little does he know she's slowly sucking the life out of him. If you have any ideas we can work together beforehand to come up with the perfect setting and plot.


    I can't make a list like this without involving the super powered humans. Either through a tragic incident or the luck of the draw our characters/loves find themselves with powers they can't quite control. This is another that I would love to do at different times throughout history. Imagine a powered during the French Revolution, who's side will they fight one? How will it change the world to come? Perhaps an Islander is cast out at sea by his tribe because they fear he is the devil. Maybe they even try to throw him into the volcano as a sacrifice. What if they succeed? This is one we will need to chat about to make up our world, unless you really dig one of the suggestions I mentioned. In which case, Awesome.


    Lastly this is one that I think would enjoy the most out of everything listed. Simply because there's no end to what you can do in this world. You can have a setting more like Game of Thrones where it's just a game of wits for the crown. Or more like Lord of the rings. With elves, dwarfs, faeries, and witches. Maybe the dwarfs are being attacked by demons or Orges and need reinforcements. Maybe we want to focus more on the military perspective like the 'White Winged'. The most elite and toughest force the military has to offer. We could steal an idea from dragon age where you have to go through some 'joining' where you perhaps eat the eye of demon and gain incredible perceptive vision. That is, if you survive.

    Alright guys! Thanks for reading can't wait to hear from you!
    with love,

  2. Hm, do you have any solid ideas for Medieval? Or are you fine with whatever? Feel like doing a lighthearted adventure/dungeon-crawling thing, along the vein of Rune Factory and such, but I don't know if you want to go into a more serious plot or whatnot.

    And another question. Are you making Romance the main thing the plot would be centered around? Or are you making it a subplot-ish thing?
  3. I'm definitely down for a more lighthearted adventure! That sounds like a lot of fun! And the romance can go either way. It can be the main focus. Or it can be put on the back burner. As long as its there I'm happy.
  4. Hm...I see, I see. Out of curiousity, are you opposed to RPing as multiple characters, something main character and then a bunch of side-characters? If we go assume that the lighthearted adventure in Fantasy lands would feature an actual RPG-esque party.
  5. Not at all, we would need a lot of characters for an rp like this anyway
  6. Hmm how about medieval fantasy? i like your idea about the gods and such except the losing powers and memories part.
  7. Sure! Medieval Fantasy sounds nice. And thanks, Yea I thought it might it might be fun to just have the character try to regain there memory piece by piece to try to find out who they really are.
  8. Mm, that being you want it to be something along the lines of exploring different regions? Or exploring a massive dungeon that has multiple biomes/environments?
  9. I think I like the exploring different regions more.
  10. Mm, got any idea of how it'll start off then? Or what the starting region would be like? XD
  11. Mm, I jave taken an interest in the vampire/ werewolf rp? Shall we dig up some juicy thoughts on this in a message?
  12. Ooo, vampires and werewolves are always fun. I have a character sitting on the backburner with some pretty cool victorian-ish settings from an old rp if you'd be interested :) We could discuss over PM
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