Anyone interested in a League Of Legends rp?

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  1. Hey everyone! My name is Rylee and I am looking for some people that would be interested in a League of Legends themed role play. I am planning on this being 1x1, but if more than one person is interested in the idea then perhaps we could make a group rp.
    A little about me first: I am 18 and I consider myself pretty literate. I do not have many samples around but if you wish to see some I can send a couple. In general I post around 3-5 paragraphs. I am pretty busy during the week days though due to school...but that's a given. However at the time of writing this I should be able to get at least one post every other day (including weekdays), I might be able to reply more...but I will make no more promises.
    Anyways I might as well just throw out the characters I am interested in playing as.
    I will underline the champion I want to play as.
    I will put a :heart: next to pairings that I prefer.
    If there is a * I have a plot for the pairing. (could be a big plot, could be small)
    If there is no role picked that means it could be anybody.

    Riven x Yasuo :heart:
    Riven x Xin Zhao :heart: *
    Riven x oc :heart:
    Riven x Darius :heart: *
    Quinn x Jarvan :heart: *
    Quinn x Talon
    Syndra x Zed
    Fiora x Darius *
    Akali x Zed :heart:
    Akali x ____ :heart:
    Sivir x ____
    Leona x Zed
    Headhunter Caitlyn x Project: Yasuo

    If you chose the Riven pairing I will love you forever!
    Yes I know they are all women, mainly cause I don't want to play as a guy (but I am willing to double as a guy within the roster of the game.) So please keep that in mind.
    As for what you can play, it's up to you. While I did give suguestions to what I believe to be good pairings I am always up to see what you can think of. :)
    You can play as an oc, or as someone else from the game, I am not quite picky about it as long as there is a good plot behind it.
    I would like for there to be some sort of romance going on between our characters, it won't be the main focus at all but I would like for it to be there. So keep that in mind.
    Oh and if you're interested in playing with me let me know :)
    Well I guess that is it! If you are interested then drop a comment or hit me up in a pm
    I hope to hear from someone soon :)
  2. Possible interest.

    PM sent.
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