Anyone inteestd in a FF Rp?

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  1. So ive been toying with some final fantasy rp ideas, and as such i'd like to try out on here. I'm just wondering how many people would be interested in joining. after i find out the interest if it's great enough i'll crank out an OOC thread >.>

    Not based around any of the prior/already existing ones just around the concept.
  2. I'd be interested. I love Final Fantasy. :) Honestly though... just depends how the story may go. But I should be fine since you said it won't be based on any other FF plots and such.
  3. sweet :D and YAY X3
  4. Actually... After you posted this I began to think about a game I adored more than any Final Fantasy game... Chrono Cross. This is just a question... Please don't get angry or even actually take it serious. Is there way we could throw the beauty aspects or anything from it into the FF Rp? FF is typically gorgeous with their surroundings I was just wandering if it could some how take the next step... If no, that's completely fine by me. I will still rp the ff idea. :)

    Ummm besides that I was wondering what do you have instore for the rp?
  5. *pokes Liro* You know I'm interested in FF related awesomeness.

    My question is the same as Pokey's. What do you have in mind for a plot?

    And Pokey.. What did you mean by the beauty aspect? I've never played Chrono Cross, so I'm at a loss at what you're referring to.
  6. I'f you's explain the chronocross concept to me i'd at least hear you out :)

    as far as plot goes, mosft of the FF's are set in a kind of cross breed of settings between futuristic and medieval. with a world all their own.

    And the plot is based around a group of rather unlikely heros unlike most FF's whare you know the heros off the bat, where as in this oen the characters will work up to heros status, out of all of the players. There will be main heros and the heroes supports. (depending on howmany people join i'll adjust the hero quantitys to account for this.)

    The plot is based around the word of Orliensia, a worls with multiple races. ( will explain them in the sign up thread). The reigning king of the contnentthe characters start on is wise and benevolent, openly happy and careing for his subjects but his health is waining his son a dark and cruel man looks to be the next to ascend the throne, though unseen theres more than one force at work controlling the tide of things, War is brewing, and there is no way to stop it Save ofor theose chosen by the crystals. ( yes i'm useing the crystals from the original 5 FF's).

    I cant say more than that without giving up the plot details as i'll give what happens to the characters when they join up ther ewill be a slot for a villian and his 1 or 2 main henchmen.
  7. Ahh~

    Well, I'm still interested :3
  8. yays :D ui'll wait for a few more people to show interest and see what pokeypillow's suggestion is befroe getting up the OOC thread :D
  9. Alright Li im in.
  10. nice to have ya along Ferril :)
  11. I'm in. I call one of the villain spots. ^-^
  12. I'll take another villain spot. Not the main bad guy though >_>
  13. @ beauty which spot would you like ? the main fillians right hand left hand or the main villain?

    @ Lulu would you like the right hand or the left hand ?

    Amost enough people for the OOC i' like possibly 1-2 more >.>;;; but thats just me :D
  14. ....o.O my mind made that sound dirty..

    ANYWAY! ...Does it really matter? o.o

    I'll take Left.
  15. nah it dun really matter i'm just curious :D
  16. Main villain. ;)
  17. What do extra classes do?
  18. I give up on this RP. I can't seem to figure out the stats and the classes, I've never rped like that before.
  19. Count me in. ^^ I warn you though... How you set it up is a bit new for me so I may take a bit to figure out how to properly post.

    These are a few places that I just found... Astonishing from the game Chrono Cross. The graphics are old but you might still see the beauty aspect I was asking about.