Anyone else have fun with those recent storms?

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  1. Yeah, this was our intersection lol
  2. We've been avoiding the more recent storms down here in the south, but whooboy have we been getting hit with the brunt of a lot of 'em.

    Looking forward these summer showers! Woo!
  3. No storms in the frozen (but quickly thawing!) North, but we've had 3 major fires in my town in the last 3 weeks; one was less than a block from my job O.O

  4. The West is pretty much void of all storms at the moment, as far as I'm aware. Though my pool is still nearly overflowing from the last one.
  5. Texan in exceptional drought here. We measure our rain deficit in feet. I can send pics of the cracks in my yard that go down over five feet?
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  6. No storms in Sweden (as far as I know), only weird temperatures that sometimes are 20+ degrees Celsius during the day and other days it's not even 5. I just wish it could decide if it wants to be hot or cold. What a nature disaster we have up here xD
  7. We had unusually good weather for about 4 days last week in Mid-Alberta. Hot and sunny~ And then it snowed a day later. And now it's just kinda rainy and cool. Not really stormy, but very wet. Which is causing some people in the south to panic, cause its almost an exact repeat of what caused the flooding last year.
  8. It got a bit hot here for three days and then it went back to normal. o.o ~ is very grateful ~
  9. ZOMG it's storming now and my everything is just so happy. *rolls around in the lightning*
  10. Last weekend was full of rain. It was awesome. (middle of hungary though)
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