Anyone a fan of Kingdom Hearts?

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  1. Kingdom Hearts is my absolute favorite game series. I've loved it ever since I was young. The worlds, characters, and gameplay have always drawn me in. It grew up with me, and I'm still into it today. Anyone else a fan of it? It's an exciting time to be a fan with Kingdom Hearts 3 finally on the horizon. :)

    If you're a fan, what's your favorite worlds? Favorite characters? Favorite game out of the series? I'd love to hear from some of the other kh fans here on iwaku! :D

    Btw, here's a channel on youtube I've been watching a lot lately having to do with Kingdom Hearts. I find it fairly interesting. ^_^
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  2. I'm quite the fan of kingdom hearts :D (Mostly)

    I like the story, I like the gameplay of 2 and birth by sleep, and the characters are pretty nifty too. I CANNOT WAIT FOR KH3!!! DID YOU SEE THAT TRAILER???? HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE!!!!!!!! SORA IS ACTUALLY RIDING THE HYPE TRAIN AROUND THAT MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!! XD

    Although as good as I liked 2, birth by sleep, and kinda dream drop, I'm not a fan of most the games.

    I didn't like chain of memories, I didn't like coded, 358/2 days was okay, but kinda bullshit, and 1 was... Well 1. Still good, but since I played 2 first, things didn't quite feel right to me.

    2 is amazing (Me and my friend 100%ed) and birth by sleep was good for 2/3rd's of it XD (I didn't like Vintus's minigames... AKA his ENTIRE story)

    Dream drop was good though something about it I wasn't quite a bit fan of.

    But 3... o.o o.o o.o o.o
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  3. I quite enjoyed 358/2 Days

  4. Kingdom Hearts II for life. Best game I've ever played.
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  5. Since Kingdom Hearts 1 is the first one I played it's probably my favorite due to nostalgia, but my real favorite is Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. I bought both of the KH remixes for ps3 recently and went right to playing BBS again. lol. But I've played all of the Kingdom Hearts games. I own all of them too. It's been a whirlwind collecting them all over the years because of how they're all on different systems. haha.

    There's no game I disliked too much, but COM and Coded were probably my least favorites. DDS I just couldn't finish because I agree I felt like something was missing, but I'm gonna try it again soon. At the moment, I'm starting a marathon of the games in chronological order to refresh myself for when KH3 comes out. Hype indeed~ I'm excited for that one! :D

    Yas, the story behind 358/2 days makes me sad. ;-; I watched the cutscene story thing that kh 1.5 remix has the other day (because I wanted to RP as Xion and wanted a refresher of her story) and it left me feeling down after watching all of it. XD
  6. Was I the only one that wasn't sad over 358/2 days ending? Like all my friends (and I guess here) are like "it's the saddest thing ever" and I'm like "sure, it's sad... But it's not THAT sad.

    The only person who I feel bad for is Axel.

    Xion either quit existing, or went back into (I think Kairi, kinda forgot her big thing, I know it had something to do with Sora's power of the key blade) either or, she's back where she belongs

    Roxas forgot everything and was placed back in sora to awaken him, so really he's back where he belongs too, and that's a good thing as far as I can tell.

    And Axel is technically back with Roxas now as seen in the ending of dream drop distance (you'd think that's a spoiler, but it's kingdom hearts, that can mean ANYTHING XD)

    So really, everyone's ending wasn't all that bad.

    But even ignoring future games, Xion was happy with her destiny, Roxas forgot everything and lived a normal life(as far as we were concerned till 2) and Axel remained Axel.

    Then again, I'm the guy who watched the furious 7 memorial, passed it, and watched till after the credits waiting for the memorial, not realizing that splitting scene was the memorial, so maybe I'm just heartless DX (pun wasn't intended but totally is now)


  8. I felt they were sad because 3 best friends lost each other and we're screwed over by Xemnas, but that's just me. lol. I feel Birth By Sleep had a sadder ending IMO, but maybe that's just because I really liked those characters so I felt bad when they were screwed over.


    Also, come back to me after starting a play through on Critical mode (the hardest mode) on any game and go fight some of the secret bosses like The Mysterious Figure (from Birth by Sleep), then come back to me and try to tell me it's only a kids game. ;)
  9. I LOOOOOOOOOVE IT! I'm a latecomer to the series (I was 16 when I played my first KH game which was Re:coded) but I'm already in love with it! Now I currently own Re:coded, Kingdom Hearts II, and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix. I plan on getting HD 1.5, 358/2 Days, and Dream Drop Distance to complete the collection ^_^ My favorite game in the series so far is Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix! Kingdom Hearts 3 here I come! My favorite world is Land of Dragons and my favorite characters are Axel, Xemnas, Aqua, and Riku.
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  10. My favorite game would have to be Kingdom Hearts II ( or KHII Final Mix ) and Birth by sleep. Although I wasn't too fond of Coded honestly. However, Days and DDD was pretty enjoyable for me since I felt it tied some of the missing pieces to the grand scheme of Kingdom Hearts. There's that and the fact I'm a sucker for stories that involving one member of a trio giving themselves up for a greater cause. As far as favorite worlds go, I would say it's a tie between these four: Pride lands, Halloween town, Destiny Islands, and Twilight Town. For characters, the one who's been my favorite since Kingdom Hearts II would have to be Roxas and Namine. However, I also became a fan of the other characters, mainly Aqua, Vanitas, Kairi, Riku, and Xion. ​
  11. You watch Cynical too? :D I also recommend HMK, Soraalam1Gaming, SkywardWing, and Everglow!

  12. Awesome! :D Latercomer or not, it's always cool to hear about more fans of the series. ^_^ It's a great time to get into it now considering Kh3 coming soon. :)

    Oh, and thanks for the suggestions btw. I'll have to check out some of those other channels too. :)

    Oh! And since you guys listed some of your faves, I'll list some of mine. ^_^

    Fave Game: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
    Others: Kingdom Hearts 1 (for nostalgia reasons because it was the first one I played. XD)

    Fave World: Halloween Town
    Others: Destiny Island, Twilight Town, Traverse Town

    Fave characters: 1. Aqua, 2. Riku, 3. Terra, 4. Ventus, 4. Sora