Anybody want to do a Giantess Furry RP? Please Check It OUT!!!!!

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  1. What I was Thinking Was That In A Close Future, Nucular Energy Was The RAGE. However, Earth was basically a huge nuke about to detonate.
    And the reality was, it already had.
    But instead of killing humans and turning them into sun-fearing mutans, it affected the animals, causing them to grow to titanic heights and turn them into humanoid creatures. Almost all the animals we're effected and all of them wanted payback.
    How they did it? Owning Humans as Pets.

    So, a year later this RP takes place.

    If all want this to be a libertine/liberteen, let me know. Also, all giants are females. The Male animals are still humanoids, but not changed size-wise and are also sold as pets.


    THNKS AND LET ME SO FEEDBK!:bananaman:
  2. This just sounds like fetish fuel.

    There's a board specifically for libertine roleplay, which is where I think you're meaning to go with this.

    Also, it's 'nuclear'.
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  3. -_- This is not a fetish. I only hav it as libertine for an option. If the majority of the people don't want it to be libertine then that is fine.

    BTW: Thanks for the correction.
  4. You can decide to make it libertine after you've gathered people together and made sure they're all adults. Otherwise, it'd be pointless if a teenager decides they want to join since interest checking is public and not meant for libertine. :P
  5. I have to agree. You got to follow the rules dude.
    ಠ_ಠ okay?
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  6. Fine. It was a suggestion.
    And No, This Is Not A Fetish Thing. (why is giant furrys a thing FOR that?) But does anybody have any ideas for this? Also, whos interested?
  7. I can't help but see a serious issue with the fact all the male animal-people are "normal" size. And are also sold as pets. This is where the whole "fetish" thing comes from. It also means no baby animal-people. Because of the size difference. And the fact males are sold as pets. Unless you're talking "in vitro" here, you will have only one generation of Giant Female Animal-People. And...

    ... no, better stop now. I have the flu and my head is starting to hurt.
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  8. Okay. Again, only a suggestion I got from another person from another website. The plot can be altered by ANYONE! Just ask.
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