Anya's Character Sheet

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Character Name: Anya Olivia Elizabeth Renaldi
Name Meaning: Anya means Favor and Grace
Alias: None
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 23
B-Day: September 19th
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Bloodtype: A
Place of Birth: Paris, France
Current Residence: England
Occupation: Writer
School/Grade: Finished School
Family: Parents, Cora and Robert Renaldi Sr. Sisters, Mary and Eslie. Brothers, James and Robert Jr.
Gemstone: Sapphire
More: Eldest of the five children with a 18 year age gap between herself and her youngest sibling Robert. As Anya is the eldest, her parents plan on marrying her off to someone of their standards. Something Anya will do anything to change. Her parents don't approve of her writing, saying she should be looking for a husband and starting a family, that they would take care of her and anything she might need until her marriage, but Anya is far too independant to let a man do everything for her.


Height: Mid-Hight
Hair: Long brown hair
Eyes: Mid sized brown eyes
Distinguishing Marks: Has a scar on her left arm and another on her left leg from an accident.
General Appearance: Anya is the double of her mother, she's mid height with long legs, a slender body, deep brown eyes and soft pink lips. At times she can look rather petie and small, but she hates that, and usually makes herself appear taller and stronger, not wanting to look vunerable.
Strengths: Writing, Music, Ballroom and Latin Dancing
Weaknesses: Sports, except riding.
More: She's rather annoyed with the two scars she has, and often wears jackets to cover them or long t-shirt, very few know about them, and she would rather keep it that way.


Allies: Her Family/Friends
Enemies: Her mother at times
Current Goal/Purpose: To make her mother happy and marry someone that's up to her standards
Aspirations: Wishes to write more, prehaps write a book, but wants to bring up a family first.
Hobbies: Writing, Dancing, Listening to music, Shopping, Reading.
Likes: Jewellery, Good food, People with a romantic side, Travelling, Days out, Time with the family
Dislikes: People who try to come between her and the people she loves
Talents: Writing and Dancing
Inabilities: Sports, except riding.
Fears: Losing the people she loves, dying.
General Personality: Anya is confident and independant, ready and willing to work, or at least she appears to be. She can work on her feet and think up ideas on the spot. She's kind and caring towards her family and friends, even more so towards her Goddaughter, Melody, who just turned 1.
Inner Personality: Although she appears confident, it's simply a mask, something she's worries and let's things get to her head. She often ends up getting extremly stressed and run down because of her family, she often disappears for weekends to go and recover from her stress, otherwise she can be a raging bull.
Fondest Memory: The day her Goddaughter was born, Anya had been there in the hopsital and had been one of the first to hold little Melody.
Biggest Regret: Not attending her Aunt's funeral.
Secret: Three years ago, Anya was travelling to the airport with her aunt when their car was hit by a drunk driver, her Aunt died almost on impact, having been on the impact side, while Anya had been threw forward, the front window had smashed on her Aunt's side, sending most of the glass to Anya's arm, that thankfully was saved, she banged her head and was knocked out, placed into a coma until her body could recover, but missing her Aunt's funeral in the process.
More: Very few till no one knows about her accident, she tries to put it behind her, but she feels like it's her fault her Aunt died, if she hadn't of been going on that rip, then her Aunt wouldn't have been driving her that day


Special Items: She wears a long locket, usually hidding it under her clothes. It was a gift from her father on the day she was born, it currently holds a photo of Melody and one of her Aunt
Weapons: None
Magics: None
More: None


General History: Anya was born on September 19th, the eldest child to Cora and Robert Renaldi, her father was a wealthy lord, having inherited from his father, along with the money Cora had also inherited from her family, Anya never went without anything, but she never took anything for granted. Although Anya was born in Paris, she and her family moved to England to take over her Grandfather's old estate when she was 5 months old, so she considers herself more English than French

As Anya grew up, she felt that her mother was smoothering her, controlling her too much, though thankfully for Anya, as she grew older her mother seemed to lose control over her little by little until there was none left, she went against both her parents wishes and started writing after doing a short degree in English.

At the age of 20 she was heading towards the airport with her Aunt to board a flight to Paris when their car was hit by a drunk driving, the results being the death of her Aunt and her being placed into a coma, so after coming out of hospital the guilt became too much and she fell into depression, only being pulled out of it by the arrival of her Goddaughter, Melody.

Present Life: Anya lives in a townhouse in London, though spends much of her time in the English country side with her family, although she doesn't like them at times, they're her family and she knows she needs to forgive them for being over controlling, because some day she knows she's going to need them.

She currently is a freelance writer, writing articles for Vogue and a number of newspapers, as well as working on a few small projects of her own, but most of that is underwraps, with even her parents not knowing what she's writing. When she's not working she's taking care of little Melody when the young girl's parents are at work, something she enjoys more than anything in the world.

Special Historic Notes: None.

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