Any reference to Fallout will most likely be wasted :c

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  1. I'm Ato, and while I once played a bit of Fallout 3, I sucked at it and lost my digital copy, making my knowledge of the universe frankly lacking. I loved my peek at the atomic sciefi-ey part of things, however, and thus I adore the little clips where Vault Boy appears. Half of my life was passed in and out of the rp making business, and right now I'm seeking 1x1 partners in both the original and fandom sides of things. I play any type of characters needed, the more unusual the more of a blast I have shaping them into something worthy of playing.

    Favorite genre? Make a solid plot with me with hints or streaks of romance and you got me.
  2. Hallo there Jawbreaker. >:3 Welcome to the siiiiiite.
  3. That was fast!