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So if you could have any pet in the world and did not have to worry about customs or it killing/eating you, what pet would you have?

I found it hard to pick one so you all can feel free to go with the top three as well.

Number one is the New Found Land dog breed. Course it is one you can legally get but it is still one the top of my list to get cause I love big dogs and it is the biggest breed that I know of.

Number two is a raccoon. Once again, I believe with an exotic pet license, you can have a raccoon. I think they would be cool as hell. Knowing someone who had a raccoon I know that you have to put key locks on every drawer in your house.

Number three is a bear. Specifically I'd probably take a brown bear because of its smaller size in the category of bears that I want. But they seem to have a dog mentality and I believe that you could teach it all sorts of tricks. Also the face of people who approach your fence and see the bear plus the reactions to the, "Beware of Bear" signs.


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If I could have any any any any pet ever and not worry about them being a wild animal needing to be free, or eating me, I would pick something from the BIG cat family. >:D Snow Leopard, most likely.

Ike Sapphire

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Heh not much of a selection with me. Obviously it'd be a wolf. I'd like to own at least two of different breeds. I'd like to have a Arctic Wolf, and an Arctic wolf

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A Snow wolf would be cool.

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More realistically? I have always wanted a Blood hound, love those dogs, just never had the space.


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I really want a panda bear because that is my favourite animal...

But I'd also like a lion. A male one, so I can brush his awesome mane. The lion doesn't afraid of anything! >:3

Dawn Bringer Invictus

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Deep sea isopods, coconut/robber crabs, mantis shrimps, giant african ground beetles - that sort of thing.

Lovie the OG

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I'm going to have to do these in categories. XD

Sea/Water animals I would want:
Lionfish, Dragonfish, Sea Dragon, lion seal, a Killer Whale, Blue Dragon Sea Slug

Arctic/Snow Animals: Arctic Fox, Polar Bear, Snow Wolf, Snow Leopard, Penguin, Snow Tiger.

Normal/Hot climate animals: Lynx, Lion, Maned Wolf, Lammergeier

Insect: EVERY SINGLE kind of MANTIS. >:D

Reptiles: Komodo Dragon

Regular/Everyday pets: German Shepherd, Grey Hound, Great Pyrenees, Husky...I like big dogs. >.> I also want another turtle, and a ferret. >:3

Fantasy/Historic: Dragon; Prehistoric Sharks. <.<

Yar, I know I have more, just can't think of the names of the species. ]: <

EDIT: And I am totally with Stillbirth on those! >:3

EDIT EDIT: Honduran White Bats

Watch DIS! I want every single one of those insects/bugs! D: Except the Red Velvet Ant/Cow Killer and the Walking Stick. >>


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Can I just be the pet instead? Being pampered and cared for and all I have to do is affectionally rub a hand once in a while, what a life!

Cosmic Orion

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Yes Ocha, yes you can.

*Puts a collar on Ocha*

Also I would like a Polar Bear.

Or an Ocha.


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I have always wanted an otter. There is no reason why, I just want one.