Any Males Out There?

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  1. Well hello there! I am a female who is looking for a male to roleplay with.... I am on Tuesdays, Thursdays and on weekends. I have Tennis practice but around that, i'll be on. Now, can there be anybody who likes to play the dominant male. I have some ideas that revolve around evilness and then not to evil. :3
  2. Uhm... *wave* I would be interested, I still improve on the dominant role, but I can pull it of, would love to hear your ideas :3
  3. Hello Kaldoro!! Hmm.. Well lets see here...... What are you comfortable with.. Do you like to be like a band in which kidnaps its fans? and one day some other famous people are there... and they kidnap those girls? And we go from there... hehe. I am into kidnapping really bad right now.
  4. Sure, shall we talk out the details in a private chat?
  5. Hahaha anyone out there? I still looking
  6. *rubs chin* I'm interested, what kind of ideas do you have in mind?
  7. Well I would like to at least have kidnapping in there.. Hahah Do you like kidnapping?
  8. Hm...I've never tried it before but I'd be interested in giving it a shot. Its always good to try new things.
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  9. Wait, are you wanting do something evil? Or not so evil? Lol!! By the way, I am very sorry for the delayed response.
  10. How about something in the middle, so we can have elements of both types? You don't need to apologize, its alright.
  11. Hmm alrighty :3
  12. So, what ideas do you have in mind?
  13. Hmm bad boy x good girl?
  14. That could work, some characters I've had were based like that.
  15. Yeah so can you be my bad boy? lol
  16. Yay can you be more than one? I can be a good girl... and her sister that is a bad girl and their best friend :3
  17. Sure, I wouldn't mind playing as another character. Would you like my other to be a good guy who's friends with the bad boy?
  18. I'd prefer all your guys to be bad boys... Like one is the leader of the group.. who falls in love with the good girl :3 and then the others are the best friend of the leader and are dating the sister and the best friend?
Thread Status:
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