Any idea, any partner, just someone to roleplay with

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  1. I'm simply looking for a someone who wants to do a roleplay that is really just full of sex, of course I would love to have some plot in there, just the smallest bit. There is nothing that scares me or makes me uncomfortable, I'm pretty much open to anything, but I will not do a female dominating a guy. Sorry that's just preferences. So I would love it if someone let's me know that they're interested, and then we can go from there!
  2. I will. But can you Please play a guy? I'll tell you what I would like as the sort-of plot I would like
  3. Interested!
  4. OK just PM me and we will discuss it
  5. I'm interested, I'm just not good at pitching ideas.
  6. Pm mean and I'll give you my ideas and we can then discuss it
  7. I was talking to OP, but yeah I'm not so good with explaining my ideas.
  8. Ok
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.