Any Helpful Tips on Economics?

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I need help in Economics as I found out that I got 48% on my first test.

I really think that it's just a mistake, but there again it couldn't be... Which brings me here. I need helpful tips on ways to pass my Economics class. Math is my least favorite subject and Economics is full of it. GDP per Capita, Nominal GDP, and other things to confuse me. The math is easy and all, but there too much of it that it is confusing me. If I fail it, I will become an 'endangered senior' and not graduate.

Since I want to graduate, I need to pass it. I am not such how my teacher does retakes, but I think he allows. Also, please don't give me the 'study harder' advice. I already know about studying harder will help you out.
'GDP per Capita' refers to a nation's GDP divided by its population. The higher a GDP per Capita is, the more successful an economy. 'Nominal GDP' is just like normal GDP, but hasn't been adjusted for inflation.
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