Any cosplayers?

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    ^ Myself as Mileena from MK9. Anyone else here have some cosplay? :)
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  2. I used to; still have a few of the outfits; here's a couple old pics

    Yuuki Cross from Vampire Knight

    Konata from Lucky Star
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  3. I cosplayed Kaitou Jeanne from Jeanne and Naru from Love Hina when I was a young hot girl. O_O But I don't have any pictures cause I was also a very POOR girl with no camera and it was back before cellphones could take pictures. Not that I had a phone either. >:[

    Now I feel a bit too old to cosplay and hang out at cons. But if I ever do go to another one, I wanna cosplay as Kuroneko from Trigun or Kyo's cat form in Fruits Basket. >:3 It would be fun to be in a giant catsuit.
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  4. I was Jimmy Darmondy from 'Boardwalk empire' at Diana's wedding.

    That was the beginning and end of my cosplay career.
  5. Yay for cosplaying!
  6. I cosplayed once as fem!Karkat. Thinking of doing Meulin Leijon soon :D
    AQMQ1BKR_400x400.jpeg blehk2.jpg
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  7. [​IMG]

    ^ Lady Joker
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