Any ACNL bros out here

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  1. Hmmm I haven't posted much in a while because school has been kicking my butt, but does anybody play acnl? My town fruit is oranges ooo
  2. Hi I do (I'm also gay) my friend code is 4442-0666-8443 message me with yours
  3. What's sexuality have to do with this?

    And I haven't played in so long.. Oh gods.. Elizabeth.. I left that town in your capable paws..

    Just checked. 3DS is dead. I'll play. Game's super relaxing to play on break at work.
  4. Oh....right....I forgot....ummm it's been two months since I've played it? I've been playing smash and RF4.....I should get on that.......right.... *realization hits* OH GOD MY ROSES!
  5. My 3ds couldn't charge fast enough today so I could bring it to work. ;-;
  6. UPDATE: All my pink roses are fine. life is good. Haven't played for three months.... >.<
  7. Beautiful town ordnance is the best.
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  8. What are your guys' favorite furniture sets? I like the ice set.
  9. Quite partial to the modern set. It's been so long since I've played I've forgotten what I've got. Do remember my upstairs being plant themed with a pc and stuff in it.