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Anthro requests

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Mako Torriblaidd, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. Howdy all! I'm looking for some anthro play, this can be two anthros or a human and an anthro...
    I will be posting links to ( mostly NSFW) pictures for some of the ones I'd like to play as. Some male and most female.

    This can be almost any pairing, though I'd love incest, master/pet, ect... Also, we can do any sex pairings.

    Show Spoiler

    1 https://e621.net/post/show/614258/anthro-butt-canine-female-higgyy-looking_at_viewer
    3 (2-4 removed due to NSFW content)
    5 https://e621.net/post/show/692940/4_toes-anthro-anus-bent_over-breasts-clothing-fema
    6 https://e621.net/post/show/421718/anthro-breasts-canine-collar-female-fox-hi_res-hin
    7 https://e621.net/post/show/620852/2015-adam_wan-anthro-areola-arm_support-beach-brea

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    1 https://e621.net/post/show/701702/2015-animal_genitalia-anthro-blue_fur-blue_penis-b
    2 (removed due to NSFW content)
    3 https://e621.net/post/show/699548/balls-beach-blue_eyes-blue_hair-blue_nipples-felin
    4 https://e621.net/post/show/699698/anthro-collar-erection-eyewear-girly-glasses-human

    In all honesty I'm looking to play a more submissive role, I have a lot of dominant happening at the moment.

    If you have other reference pictures you'd like to put before me or questions please pm me!
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