Anthro Rat x Female Human

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  1. Has anyone ever seen the film Tale of Despereaux? This RP is Base around a What if to TOD. In which the Rat King(Botticelli)< didn't die, that the cat did not eat him. Instead the cat manged to escape and fled to the ally ways of Dor. There a young woman by the name of Mina Yule(a import to Dor, attending one of their finishes finishing schools) found the old rat and nursed him back to health. He quickly dubs her "My Angel", slowly becoming driven with lust for the young woman.

    Deciding he has recovered enough, seeks away. Upon returning his kingdom, and reclaiming his throne, he tells his subjects about the human girl who saved his life. His obsession of her only grows stronger, with each passing day.

    Mina quickly got over his departure..Kind still hurts.. But, she is unaware how he lurks in the shadows, watching her, lusting for her. She has removed the cobwebs from his black heart and brought it back to a steady beat. He shall go has far as he can. Try!...As hard as he can to open her eyes. To make her see, she was born to be his "Angel" To be his queen. After all he did..."Rat is a Rat, it doesn't matter where you come from"(..and seeing how she acts to her own humanity, first hand.. it's clear she is better off with him) Nursing him back to health has struck a nerve in him...And What Botticelli, wants he gets.. It's time for the King to take a Queen.


    Seeking Older Males expedience roleplayers. I want one on one, ' Hard Core Roleplayers', action. Ones that always need their daily fix, just like I. Who loves to escape reality, by entering their own words. Or ones wishing to add to already established already worlds, known as fandom.

    Seeing as I do ' One on One ' roleplays It goes without saying, that we both will have to play multiple characters.
    (I would play the females and you the males. I especially require you to play Despereaux and Botticelli)

    I only do long terms. I'm in this for the long run, while seeking long lasting friendships. And who knows, I know this may not be a dating site but things could/can happen down the road. You knows, right?

    No one liners. A love detailed paragraphs. And if you're on roll, all the better. I absolutely love it, when my partner ends up writing a “novel” gives me more to work with. I'm not a Grammar Nazi. I merely require your writing to be readable. Clear and understandable.

    If you like this, but still require to see the film, I can provide a link. <3 We can talk about the subplots (all stories have them) and my Do/Dont kinks from there. I hope you hear from one of you..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.