Another Vampire Story

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  1. So, a while ago I had obtained a partner for this story and we made it pretty kickass. However, she has since moved on to other things in real life, but I'm still in love with this idea and all the possibilities it has!

    Story Plot:
    Set in a modern-fantasy world, MC has just moved to a new city- that hides more secrets of worlds she only ever read about in books than she would ever know- as a follow up to a career opportunity: a nurse for the city hospital that has suffered a decline in professional medical staff. The pay is not terrific, but it pays the bills and keeps her comfortable enough with everything she needs. It takes her a couple of months to settle in and to familiarize herself with the new hospital, but once she's set, everything else is smooth sailing. One night, as she's walking home after a late shift and passing by a dimly lit alleyway, she hears someone groaning in pain. It's a man somewhere in her age group sitting on the cold ground with his back against the side of the building and he looks like he's sick, painful moans drifting from his mouth. The nurse in her kicks into high gear and she darts over to the man, externally checking his vitals to determine if he needs to go to the hospital for full medical treatment. Before she can even come to a conclusion, she soon finds herself leaning too close to the man who grabs her suddenly and then bites into her neck. She freezes in fear as pain shoots through her body, MC having no time to realize before she passes out that she had just been bitten, and marked, by a vampire who had merely gone too long without a proper 'meal', the first taste of her blood that now flows in her veins binding them together in a strong tie that seems almost unreal in how strong it is, in how much he lusts after more of her blood, and her blood only, after that. The next day, after waking up in her own apartment, the events from last night fuzzy in her memory, she returns to the hospital for another shift only to find herself running into the man she had found in the alleyway the night before and thus, their tale begins, one that forces these two strangers- a human woman who wants nothing to do with her new companion and a vampire male who can't stop thinking about the taste of her blood- together in an incredible way, their tale of love, lust, fear, mystery, drama, and fantasy.

    I'm looking for someone to play the vampire male as an assertive character who goes after what he wants unapologetically and who's more dominant than he is passive or uncaring; this is going to be a vampirexhuman love story not like Twilight. I would like for my partner to be very active, as I will be most days. I would also like for my partner to add creatively to the roleplay and not just wait for my signal or wait for me to take charge. This is a story that we are writing together so don't be afraid to add a plot twist here and there! I will love you immensely if you do! I'm not saying to control my character's actions aside from the little minor things, but you get the idea.

    Absolutely no one-liners; that is one of the quickest ways to turn me off from the rp. On top of that, I require, at minimum, one post a day if that is all you can do. I prefer to have a partner who is active daily- more than one post a day- but I can live with only the one if you make it good. As of late, I'm running a string of luck where I partner up with a new person, we hash everything out, I put up a thread and then! They're suddenly gone...or they can't reply until almost a week later. Yeah, don't do that. I have no more patience left for that.

    I may not be a Grammar Nazi, but proper grammar is important to me as is syntax, punctuation, and capitalization.

    I'm looking for a male vampire for my character, but that doesn't mean that the person playing the male has to also be male. If there are any female rpers that can play a convincing male, then by all means!

    If there is anyone that is interested, please send me a PM. If you reply here, I will not respond. Thank you.