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  1. As summer is quickly coming to an end (At least for me), I thought that it would be nice to post a new roleplay request. This is an idea I have been thinking about for awhile now:

    Your character will be 1 (Male)
    Mine will be 2 (male)

    Fairytale endings
    They don't exist
    But, that doesn't mean you didn't want to try to have one
    1 has been stuck in the same old routine everyday. He's tried to keep positive, but how can anyone when they are the subject of an intense research project hidden from the world? 1 was dropped off at the lab after he was found on the shores of a Hawaiian beach. Labeled 'project Cinder', he has a strange power of immortality, being able to withstand anything that the scientists do to try to kill him. Because of this strange ability, he has been transformed into an assassin, covering up the gov't dirty little secrets one by one. Some claim that 1 is too powerful and should be put an end to. So how do they control 1? Though a threat to kill the only thing he cared for at any moment: A small white cat named Snow and the only companion he had growing up in the lab.
    A simple, strange love for the odd creature keeps 1 vulnerable to be used. Then a twist is thrown into 1's life, a new victim for the scientists and possible 'mate' for 1. 2 is rumored to be the first naturally born hermaphrodite and is thrown into 1's living space in hopes for the two to become mates. What they didn't expect was for 2 to tell 1 everything wrong the scientists were doing.

    Looking for a male and dominant. I do plan to have violence in this roleplay and would prefer someone willing to write at least a paragraph with each reply. I would be willing to listen to your own ideas to add to the roleplay :)
  2. I might be interested :)
  3. Alright :)
  4. Ok! Do you have a cs yet or do you want to discuss the plot more?
  5. I have an age, name, and appearance. Do you prefer a more detailed character? Btw my power is going to be out for three to five hours tonight starting in a few minutes so I am sorry if I do not answer for awhile.
  6. I guess add personality and abilities and we should be good. And that's ok, I have to do Spanish work tonight. Btw, is being a hermaphrodite all my character does or is?
  7. No your character would be character 1 (The immortal person)
  8. OOOOOOOH ok *awkwardly rubs back of neck* my apologies >_< But I guess that cs will be good.
  9. That's okay. You will be making your own character sheet and I will make my own. You can message me if you have any questions ^^
  10. Ok. Any specific picture type? Or would you prefer just descriptions?
  11. If you want a picture or description, either way is fine with me.
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