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  1. Q: Are you searching for partners?
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    A: Yes! I'm pretty much always open and seeking something new and exciting.

    Q: What do you expect from your partners?
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    A: Well, I like those who can write first of all. At least a paragraph or more that have good detail. I really very much dislike one-liners / texting language.
    I also expect from you not to vanish! This is a biggie. Please tell me if you won't be able to reply for a while or loose interest in the roleplay we are writing together. So long as you tell me, you won't hurt my feelings. Just please don't drop off the face of the Earth like you got sucked into the Bermuda Triangle.
    I prefer partners who can play as both genders equally and have no problems in playing as multiple characters if need be.
    Be active! This is another biggie for me. I like multiple posts per day, or at least one post everyday minimum to keep the roleplay fresh and active.
    Someone who writes in third person. It just makes me uncomfortable when others write in first, so I would prefer if it you didn't please.

    Q: Do you roleplay via forum threads, PM's, or both?
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    A: To save you the trouble now, I only roleplay by PM's. Oh, I also do not roleplay outside the forum on social networking sites or by e-mail, so don't even bother asking me about that.

    Q: What are your thoughts on mature subjects and violence in your roleplays?
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    A: I'm fine with them. But like anyone, I do have my limits, and I also dislike that kind of stuff being the main focus of the roleplay, for I like plot to go with the meat.

    Q: Do you play as dominate or submissive characters?
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    A: 99% of the time I play as the submissive characters.

    Q: What are your thoughts on same sex roleplays?
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    A: I'm totally fine with Yaoi (male & male) and Yuri (female & female). Hetero (male & female), is just as okay with me too. Due to this, I only wish to roleplay with those who are 18 years or older.

    Q: What do you like to have in your roleplays?
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    A: Bloodplay
    Force / Abuse
    Angst / Pain
    Action / Drama
    Light Gore
    Light Fantasy
    Drugs / Alcohol

    Q: What are your favorite genres to roleplay?
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    A: Romance
    Slice Of Life / Modern Day
    Modern Day Fantasies
    Light Horror
    Occasionally Sci-Fi

    Q: What kind of character pictures do you accept?
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    A: I accept both anime or realistic pictures, although I prefer anime pictures, but really I'm too picky. It's just that anime ones you are more likely to find what you are seeking.

    Q: If I'm interested in roleplaying with you still, how shall I contact you?
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    A: Sending me a PM would be the best thank you.
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  2. Open and looking!
  3. Your interests are perfect for me, do you have any particular story you want to RP?
  4. B u M p . . . !
  5. PM me with anything particular you have in mind :D I'm open to working with some different ideas.

    Also you can add me on skype for faster chat. (perishlove)
  6. Anyone around that's active...???
  7. Really quite bored...
  8. Oh my I should have asked if you liked DuRaRaRa by your profile you do? maybe?
  9. I'd love to try something with you...
  10. Haha, bump... bump.... bu- Okay, hey. here are my answers!

    1- yeah, just want to get work off all the rust my brains been collecting.

    2- You just have to give a damn about your characters, you know, because loving your character is 60% of what matters to me.

    3- Any way to write, is right.

    4- I'm beyond shelter. So long as it's not really offensive or in bad taste it's good to go. Roger?

    5- Whatever the story needs to progress.

    6- No issue at all. Some of my favorite threads over my last few years were the adventures of a couple gangsters.

    7- I like when there is some level of seriousness and motivation to see the story through, and consideration of the guy or gal your role playing with.

    8- I'm a big fan of violent and horror based RP, but that doesn't mean I don't have a huge soft spot for witty banter and character development.

    9- Dunno, cant imagine there are may ways that aren't ok.

    10- Pm, email. Heck if I care.

    :D haha, dang that took a long time.