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  1. Hey everybody. I'm Miss Turret, as you can see.

    I used to be a huge RPer a few years ago, but unfortunately some bad experiences made me quit for a while. I've been wanting to get back into it for some time, but I've been pretty nervous. I'm hoping things go great!

    I okay with all kinds of RP, just not smut or romance or anything really boring. I like 1-1 RPs and group RPs, but I don't really like doing ones with tons of people in them.

    I'm looking forward to making friends here and meeting people!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku, Miss Turret!

    Iwaku is a great place for you get right back into roleplay. No need to be nervous! The site is pretty straightforward for ease of navigation, but don't be afraid to ask questions if you're not sure about how or where to do something!

    Feel free to hop into the chatbox sometime too and say hi! A lot of folks tend to hang out there. ^^

    Hope you enjoy Iwaku!
  3. Thanks a bunch, fatalrendezvous!
  4. Hey, welcome to Iwaku! If you need help navigating the site or want someone to talk to feel free to PM me :) I hope to see you around~
  5. Thanks, haliacalRebirth! :)
  6. Hello and welcome to Iwaku Miss Turret! I hope to see you around sometime! ^o^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.