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  1. So I have a somewhat (What I think) Good plot for this. It is called

    Rise of the Krogan

    Four hundred years after the Reapers were defeated, the Races prospered and grew. Humans became more influential in the Council, viewed more as the peacekeepers of the races. Slowly the Humans have been taking over without realization. This all started 400 years ago when Commander Shepard was made a Spectre. That shoved the foot into the doorway to power.

    That is not what this story is about.

    The Genophage is cured and the Krogans are breeding like rabbits once more and the actions of Commander Shepard are still respected by the Turians and Salarians. They are not trying to make another genophage, but concern for the Krogan have been increasing. Clans have been banding together, Krogan Mercenaries are becoming few and wide, all leaving to go back to their Homeworld. Tuchanka.

    The Krogan Newfound army with their ever building Navy has declared Tuchanka and their cluster their own. No one wanted to argue with them, so they allowed it to happen as the Krogan stayed and didn't start anymore rebellions.

    Now what was happening on Tuchanka was the rebuilding of it. There are no longer clans, there is only the Krogan Empire. The High Overlord, the Emperor, rules over all Krogan. The previous Warlords that ran clans were taken in as the Generals of this new Empire.

    Now, how did he get all the Krogans to cooperate and rebuild Tuchanka? The cure of the genophage and the promise of the destruction of the Council Races and any other race that rises up against them. The Krogan Empire remembers how they were treated in the past, they want revenge.

    Sooo. That is the Plot, once the Council finds out, they try and convince all the races to band together, etc. Of course they need a team to gather all the races together, just like Commander Shepard did for the Reapers.

    I will make a Character Sheet Template if people find this plot interesting enough.

    If anyone wants to help GM this, just ask and I might accept and you can help decide how far advanced the Humans, Salarians, Asari, Turians, Quarians, Batarians, Vorcha, Elcor, Hanor, Volus, etc. Have progressed in these 400 years.


    Name: (Pretty Obvious. Please make the names go with your race)

    Race: (Pretty Obvious)

    Age: (Remember on this one. Humans and Turians live to be about 100, Asari and Krogan about 1000, and Salarians are around 40.)

    Gender: (Obvious)

    Class: (A Mass Effect Class)

    Abilities: (Such as Armor-Piercing Ammo, Pull, Warp, Singularity, etc. A max of 3-4 Powers)

    Weapons: (You may only have two weapons. So if you are a Soldier, probably Shotgun and Assault Rifle. Etc. Like Mass Effect 3, only Shepard could have every weapon but his companions could only have 2)

    Personality: (Preferred but can be describe IC)

    History: (Also Preferred but can be revealed IC)

    NOTE: When traveling between clusters, they take a few hours to get to your destination after the Mass Relay. Tell people when you are leaving that Cluster IC and also don't appear at another planet in a minute or two. Make it realistic.

    Also, Spectres have to be asked for. Not everyone can be a spectre, depending on the Character Sheet and etc. I may allow one or two spectres.
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  2. Urdnot Grunt
    Geth would likely not be involved due to the Crucible's activation. However, considering the benefits the Geth showed during the very end of the Reaper Crisis, no doubt the Quarians rebuilt them, though likely in a far more advanced state. This in consideration, the Geth would likely not help the Krogan. You might want to try and involve some background races more, as many were more overlooked in the games. This does not mean take away the spotlight species, but maybe encourage a Vorcha character. Also, *Hanar. If you would like more advice and a potential player, respond. This does show promise. Get an ad out there, start spamming inboxes. In my experience and upon close observation fandom RPs last way longer and attract way more people on average than most original RPs.
  3. Hmmm. Yeah I agree about the Geth.

    On another note, I was going to have the Krogan, Vorcha and Batarian Remnants be allies. The Batarians may have aided in the fight with the Reapers, but they still hate the Alliance and Council for allowing their homeworld to be destroyed.
  4. Batarians= Understandable.
    Vorcha= Less understandable. The Vorcha were used efficiently during the Reaper Crisis. The galaxy would probably see them as more than just vermin now, and the species as a whole may be less vicious, particularly after 400 years of peace. No doubt they'd be used in large numbers (they have a close affiliation with the Krogan through the Blood Pack), but the species as a whole would likely remain neutral. If you want to add a real ally, I might recommend the Yahg. 400 years after the Reaper Crisis (a period in which they were developing their first spacecraft. And keep in mind, it took less than 300 years for humans, the late bloomers of the galaxy, to begin constructing ships like the ones seen fighting on par with Citadel designs and even Reapers), they'll definitely be an emerging power, and likely either a competitor or a close ally of the Krogan Empire. But this sort of alliance would definitely be realistic. Now tell me, where do the Quarians stand in the matter at hand? The Rachni?
  5. Mmm. I don't know on the Vorcha, I think they wouldn't be seen as Vorcha (Publicly) But they would still be...excluded from many things that give the feeling of still being vermin. Maybe the only Vorcha that aid the Krogan will be the ones in the Blood Pack.

    The Quarians will probably try and stay out of it, they are more neutral and obviously will join the Citadel Races if they need to. Same with the Geth.

    The Rachni...Mmmmm. I really don't know on them. The Krogan tried to commit genocide all at the commands of the Council Species. Soooooo. I don't really know on them.

    The Yahg. Almost forgot about them and they probably would have Space Flight by now. Hmmm.....On them....Well I forgot about them so I wouldn't really know which side they would be on.
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  6. Alright (to refresh, the Yahg are diehard vicious, so much that they butchered the diplomats sent to their world when they were discovered as the politicians considered they and the Yahg equals. This didn't go well with them. The whole planet Parnack was blockaded, and no one was allowed to land. The Shadow Broker managed to get one off the planet, only to be usurped by him later. The monsters are larger than Krogan, have four pairs of eyes, armored skin, and horns, and a triangular mouth filled with teeth). So, are we going to progress to open war between the Citadel and the Krogan Empire, or is the aggression still subliminal? What drove the Krogan back into their warmongering, especially after all the peace efforts of Urdnot Wrex? What decisions did Shepard make during the course of his/her life? (As in did Wrex live, were the Rachni and Geth spared, the Genophage cured, etc. Or are we going for the "perfect" ending, where the Reapers were destroyed, almost the whole galaxy united, and Shepard gets a breath in at the end?) And we must also consider technology. Obviously (while they may have a similar base design) the Geth will be completely advanced beyond their previous platforms. I have a feeling that ballistic weapons are almost if not completely obsolete, though not quite at the stage of Prothean particle beam weapons. More a combo of both, with short bursts of tiny plasma projectiles, like those the Covenant used (though significantly more badass, yet less streamlined). Thermal clips would likely be even more common to aid in the cooldown process. Barriers would be stronger. Ships would likely bear traces of Reaper-like modification due to races no doubt experimenting on and studying the vastly advanced technology.
  7. I know what the Yahg are, I just forgot that they would probably have Space Flight by this time. The Reapers only left them alone because of that reason (Not having a space flight)

    It will start out with tension, no war yet. The Krogan would have declared war on the Turians and the Salarians, still not forgiving them for the Genophage and they won't listen to the whole reason of them curing the Genophage. They say that it would of never happened if it wasn't for Shepard, so. They are going to declare war on the Turians and Salarians, now with the cured Genophage. They breed like rabbits and outnumber the two Races, so of course since they are Citadel races. They ask for the aid of the Humans and Asari. As well as other minor races.

    Urdnot Wrex wanted to rebuild Tuchanka and his people, he reveres Shepard and doesn't want to involve Humans in the war. So if Humans join, then the Krogan's can't help that the Humans joined in. Wrex still can't forgive the Salarians and Turians, and his Empire is demanding blood.

    About the Advancement in Technology. Yes, I'm sure that guns, ships, barriers, everything would be more advanced thanks to the Reapers after there deaths. Surely many races would have sent scavenging teams, and if Humans progressed so fast in 200 years from just Prothean Technology. These races are progressing even faster now with Reaper Tech.

    About the ending, I was going to make it were Rachni and Geth spared. Grunt and Wrex survive. Quarians have Rannoch back. Hmmm...what else am I forgetting.
  8. Genophage was cured (obvious). Virmire involving Ash and Kaidan doesn't really matter. Saving the Council wouldn't really matter. Loyalty missions don't really matter, though we can assume those were completed. If we insinuate that Reaper tech is being studied, it might matter whether or not Shep spared or destroyed the Collector Base (saving it left the Human Reaper "brain", the most powerful and dangerous piece of tech on the whole machine, and destroying it only left the "heart", a far less useful piece of tech) and influence how far along development of Reaper-like technology is. Now saving the Rachni Queen on Noveria is a major decision, as the Breeder encountered as a result of killing the Queen was extremely hostile and corrupted while the true Queen was respectful and compassionate. It could influence the attitude of the Rachni towards the rest of the galaxy. Salarian-Turian-Krogan relations could also be big, regardless of overall Krogan feelings. Small groups or individuals might feel the opposite, while others may just not care either way. Did we want Javik alive to spread the knowledge of the Protheans, and if so, how positive is he about life? Did he write a book with Liara (and no doubt eventually get into a relationship with her) or did he live as a demigod among the Hanar? Are there any half-Protheans alive from Javik getting around while he was alive? Is he still alive? Did Shep ever actually find him? Lots of little stuff. Also, for our hypothetical squad, will there be loyalty missions for our leader to try to coax out of us or for us to do alone? As well, a bit of personal preference and advice, bump up the power count a little bit. It would be better for power reliant classes (Adepts, Sentinels, Vanguards, Engineers), and a badass boost for Infiltrators and Soldiers. While not a necessity, I'm just proposing something.

  9. I didn't want Javik to be alive or anything in this. I don't want any Protheans because...well. I feel like everyone will be asking to be a Prothean and a Spectre.

    My several play through, I destroyed the collector base.

    If people wish to have a Loyalty Mission, then that is fine and the leader can aid or it can be left up to the person that has the mission.

    I feel like we should start a new thread, get new attention with a proper title and everything. After we hammer out all the details because this one is just full of clutter.
  10. Yeah, probably for the best. But no one could really play as a Prothean if Javik was alive. Say he did hook up with Liara. Their kids are Asari, because that's just how they work. Say he did it with a human. At best, if the spawn didn't come out as a mutant with half an arm, the offspring would be half-Prothean. And with an absence of other Protheans, it would mate with another species, further diluting the pool of Prothean DNA. No matter which way you go, no Prothean characters are allowed or could even exist. Javik's survival would just further increase the technological development. As well, have you considered the power count?
  11. Yeah I know Javik can't have children really, because no other Protheans but I get this feeling that people will use the excuse of. "Well, Javik was alive so why can't my Prothean character?" Etc. I mean, as long as we don't get that. Javik can survive and honestly I didn't know about the whole Liara and Javik thing because I personally never bought the DLC to get Javik, I wasn't interested enough to have a Prothean.

    The Power count, I will change after everything is said and done.
  12. Okay. So, do you have anything? I've been grilling you with questions this whole time, but do you have anything you want to throw out there?
  13. Nope, besides the obvious on god-modding and no playing the NPC Characters such as you know, Urdnot Grunt, Wrex, Liara, The people that would still be alive from the original Mass Effect and the leaders of people. Only the GM's can use them.
  14. Well, 400 years. Grunt and Liara would still be alive, and if you stretched it Wrex would be on his deathbed. So where would they stand on the matter at hand? And are you to be the only GM? And how is the Council doing at this time? Are there any new additions (Quarian, Krogan, etc.)?
  15. Mmm. I would like a Co-GM.

    Yeah, Wrex would be close to Death. I was only thinking he would be alive because Warlord Okeer was alive and he was in the Krogan Rebellions.

    Hmmm. The council...will have no new Races BUT. The Quarians, and Krogan have an Embassy on the Citadel. Batarians still aren't allowed to have one for their harsh aggression to the council and they still blame them, etc. The Vorcha might have an Embassy
  16. And one final question: Who are you, the Adopted Son of FemShep or FemShep?
  17. I am Urdnot Grunt! True Krogan!

    Something like that.

  18. Kewl. So, when will the new thing be up? Do you want me to start an ad campaign? Spam inboxes?
  19. Sure, also. If you want (Since you showed interest and blah blah blah) You can be the co-GM. If you want.
  20. Sho. Also, I'd like to pitch my character beforehand to get pre-approval. Human, a clone of Henry Lawson meant to be a sort of head security guy for the Lawson family, reaches the clich├ęd conclusion that as a clone, his life has no meaning (you know, clone finds the other clones in vats, confronts the guy responsible, and runs away crying). He leaves, joins the Alliance Navy, goes through N7, passes, and gets dishonorably discharged for murder of a superior officer and execution of captured Krogan mercs (his excuse being "They'll just grow more"). I'd be using this N7 Day artwork for him: b47e92042b25b2409fbf2e78cb12e373.jpg

    Yes, no, maybe in an alternate dimension?
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