Another League of Legends Roleplay Request. lol.

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  1. Hey you guyssssss...
    I saw this one League of legends roleplay and I kinda want to make one of myself too! I was gone from Iwaku for a while due to me trying so hard at school. (EWW TRYHARDS) But I'm back and I wanna roleplay with someone <3

    Champions I'm willing to play:
    • Ahri
    • Annie
    • Caitlyn
    • Jinx
    • Leblanc
    • Lux
    • Nami
    • Nidalee
    • Sona
    • Tristana
    I honestly don't care about pairing.. I'm really up for action or romance..just anything really to get my roelplay self back into the game <3 All I need you to comment below what champion you wanna roleplay as and what you want the plot to be(I'm soooo passive LOL) and the genre. Mkay? Mkay <3
  2. Well since my League of Legends roleplays seem to die out since people suddenly dissapear xD
    I would love to make any sort of pairing with Jinx or Ahri. I could imagine something action based with Annie (I don't think romance is a real option with her xD)
    I thought about possibly Jayce/Vi/Caitlyn X Jinx or eh.. I dunno who exactly would fit with Ahri, but we could discuss a mix of action and romance there maybe? :3
  3. I like the Jayce and Jinx thing!!
    For -Ahri, I always thought if -Ahri with Thresh, Var, or Zed. Zed just kinda clicked with me :3
  4. Oh, Zed sounds nice indeed! I'm a sucker of League of Legends I know whatever Riot ever threw out there...but Zed actually fits with the region...I should have come up with that! Damn you and your better idea!
    I would like either of them, or even both :3
  5. Hm..tomorrow or later, let's do AhrixZed :3 I gotta get some sleep in my system >.<
    I'll make the thread around 1-3pm PST! Mkay? :D
  6. Eh..I got the day off tomorrow so I should be awake at that time, but be warned...I'm from germany so I would be always up at that time :3 Though up until uhm...lets say 2 pm you can always count on me to reply if I got the time :3
  7. Haha mkay!! Cya til then!!

    Note to others who see this: I will still be open for other role plays :D
  8. I'd be willing to do something. I'll wait until I get home today to tell you what, since I need to think about it, but I'm fairly open to anything.
  9. Sure!! I'm willing to wait!
    Also Kaldoro..I'm gonna work on the beginning of AhrixZed right now while I still have free time in school k? :D
  10. Sure go right ahead, just don't stop paying attention to the class or anything just for me xD
  11. Okay, I'm home. Want me to pm you so we don't clutter this thread?
  12. I'm sorry tradigy just happened..delayed to tonight or tomorrow.. Sorry..
  13. Its all good, take your time.
Thread Status:
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