Another High School Love Story

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  1. [​IMG] Hey all! This is my first time posting a thread so I hope I'll be good at this *bows deeply*
    The school is Crystal High. It's like your everyday high school, with cliques, drama, all that fun stuff. We live in a fairly big, modern town.

    Janey Wright, an eleventh grader, stared out the window during math class. She already knew this stuff.
    Janey sat in the back, which made her seem isolated. She isolated herself anyways, since she was always quiet and never shows much emotions. She has been attending Crystal High for a year, and no one has really talked to her. They know Janey as the cold girl who gets one of the top grades in the school.
    Janey watched as the trees swayed slightly in the wind.
    'It's the same thing every day,' she thought.
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  2. NXhkXxHxzY.png Johnsie Corbitt was the human form of energy: she never died, but her form often changed.

    At this current moment, she was listening to the male teacher talk. She sat in the center of the room, and smiled at the teacher. Johnsie hoped her energy would reach the teacher, in some way.

    She believed her reason for existing was so that she could share her energy, with everyone.

    'Ah,' she thought. 'I'll always smile, no matter what!'

    Maybe it was her innocence and the fact that she was slightly naïve, that Johnsie believed that. But things couldn't go well for her, forever, because life just didn't work like that.
  3. Janey turned her head slightly and looked at one of her classmates from the corner of her eyes. Johnsie was smiling again.
    Why is she always smiling? Thought Janey. Whenever those two happened to stand by each other, Johnsie's bright light overpowered Janey's dull and gray one. It seemed to always be sunshine, rainbows and puppies with that girl. Janey didn't want to admit that she was jealous, but deep down she knew she was. Sometimes, before going to school, Janey would practice smiling towards a mirror. She smiled wide and beautifully, but when she tried interaction with other people, the smile never revealed itself and people always assumed she was being cold and walked away. Towards Johnsie.
  4. The pixel sound of a video game soundtrack occupied Johnsie's thoughts.
    The thought of being able to listen to her favorite music after she got home from school made her smile bigger; Johnsie always had a reason to smile.
    The entire time, she looked forward at her teacher, and beamed.
    The class ended, and the teacher turned around. Johnsie jerked her head to the other side, and grinned at her friend May, as if she were saying "meet me after class!" May was as ordinary as girls could get, kind and pure.
    The bell rang, and it was music to Johnsie's ears.
    Before she could meet up with her friend, the teacher spoke up. "Can Johnsie and Janey see me after class?"
  5. I wonder if anyone else finds Johnsie smiling throughout class a bit creepy, thought Janey as she turned her head back down to her blank notebook. She picked up her pencil and started sketching flowers. All other sounds but her thoughts died down around her. Finally, the bell rung.
    Time to go home to an empty house. Again.
    Janey was getting her stuff together when the teacher said, "Can Johnsie and Janey see me after class?"
    Janey paused. Her hand was halfway down her bag. Slowly, she turned her head towards the teacher at the front, and she noticed him shudder in fear.
    Well, she didn't blame him. She looked like some sort of ghost.
    After gathering her things, she walked up to the teacher.
    What did I do?
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  6. Johnsie yawned, and walked up to her teacher.
    She grinned, and asked. "What's the matter, Mr. Law?"
    The teacher frowned, and looked down at her and Janey. "You should be disappointed in your low test scores," he mumbled. "If you can't succeed in algebra, what will happen to you?" The teacher said this, as if algebra were more important than breathing.
    "What was my score?" Johnsie asked, full of curiosity. She didn't take note of Mr. Law's tone.
    "You got a 45," he adjusted his glasses. "And Janey -- are you even trying? A 30? My cat could do better than that!"

    (Good night!)
  7. Janey could see the shock clearly written on her teacher's face. She didn't know about Johnsie, but she did know that she bombed that test on purpose. Janey just wanted a change for once.
    "excuse me, Mr. Law. It won't happen again. I need to head home now."
    Just as Janey turned around to leave, the teacher said, "Miss Wright. Purpose or not, both of you will have to make up the test tomorrow. I won't let you leave until you retake it with a passing grade."
    Janey eyed the teacher. "Why do you want us to pass this test so badly?"
    " I need a reason?"
    Janey stared hard. She knew if she put enough pressure on Mr. Law, he would break.
    "The other teachers got all their students to pass this test, okay? I will be called a horrible teacher if I have two students who failed!"
    Janey sighed. "Just give me that test and I'll pass it right now."
  8. Johnsie shrugged, and looked Mr. Law straight in the eye.
    "If I have to retake it, I'll do anything for you!" She didn't notice the meaning of her words, and what they could suggest. Mr. Law stared at her strangely, without her noticing. "So, what should we do now?" Johnsie glanced at Janey for help. They didn't know each other at all, expect for a few glances during school hours.
  9. Janey raised an eyebrow at Johnsie.
    Well. That didn't sound wrong at all.
    "So, what should we do now?" Asked Johnsie.
    Janey stared at her, not sure if she should reply or not. They haven't even said two words to each other.
    "Take the test, I guess," Janey replied with a shrug.
    "You'll have to take it tomorrow," said Mr. Law. "I have stuff I need to do. See you girls later!"
    The teacher started packing his stuff up to leave.
  10. Ryland opened his eyes he saw everyone he sat by himself in the back of the class he rarely spoke and he was hostile towards others he listened to music and watched the others he had no friends and he didn't mind it was just him
  11. The teacher noticed Ryland still sitting at his desk. "Yo, Ryland! Class is over!" He called.
    Janey looked over at her classmate. She didn't know anything about him. Unlike Johnsie, who put herself out there.
  12. He looked directly at him almost as if he was staring into his soul he got up and walked out to his next class
  13. [​IMG]
    A very cheerful and friendly person, Peter Gambit entered the class in a rush, gently shoving the girls out of his way. "Mr. Law!" he exclaimed. "Sorry I'm late...I had to..uh.." he was thinking of a good excuse as he smiled awkwardly. "You're not late, Pete, you skipped class, again. If this goes on I will take drastic measures"
    He nodded "It won't sir!"

    Mr Law sighed and left the room. Peter got between Johnsie and Janey, he leaned and placed each hand on their shoulders. "So, what did I miss?". He knew the girls would sway away his arms but he didn't care. He was looking at Ryland leaving the room, as grumpy as ever. I don't remember ever seeing that guy smile..
  14. Johnsie winked at Janey, "Hehe," she laughed. "You're Janey, right? Do you like animals?" Johnsie attempted to make dull small talk, the type people pretended to be interested in to not hurt someone else's feelings. "Rabbits are so cute!" Johnsie squeezed her own cheeks, and acted like an innocent little girl.
  15. He bumped into Johnsie without saying anything he just walked to his next class world cultures once he entered the classroom and sat in his usual spot the corner like always
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  16. Janey tensed when Peter touched her. She felt slightly uncomfortable and backed away from his reach.
    I'm sure he thinks I'm some kind of freak now, she thought as she played with her finger nails and looked away. She looked back up when she realized that Johnsie was talking to her. Janey didn't catch the whole entire conversation, but she watched as Johnsie squeezed her cheeks.
    "Huh?" questioned Janey as she blinked twice, unsure what was happening.
  17. He was the first there the teacher hadn't even arrived he checked his phone was he early it was pointless for him he already knew a lot of the subjects he needs to know so why was he here "Don't act stupid" he said to himself it was the law to go to school he sighed and pulled out a novel
  18. Johnsie coughed, and sighed. "Your," she said this loudly. "Janey, right?"

    Of course, nothing she said was in a cruel manner, it was always nice and kind, a way to play it safe.
  19. Janey's eyes always made her look like she was glaring. She just hoped that it wasn't the case that moment.
    "Yes," Janey finally replied. "And you're Johnsie, correct?"
  20. "Yeah!" Johnsie loved the sound of her name, when it was said by others. "Ah," she grinned. "Baby rabbits are so cute!"