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  1. Hi! So, a while ago, a posted a question about how some people, when you click their username, it shows their current or most recent activity, and it doesn't for others. I got an answer for that, being it was a setting you can choose for yourself.

    Well, once I got the answer, I changed my setting so my profile won't show what my last activity was (but it will say when I was last active). But whenever I click on my name, it still says what I'm currently doing.

    It's not a huge problem for me, but I was just wondering if it's different to other people, or if it's still showing everyone.

    Thank you! :)
  2. Nope! All I see is when you were last active. :D For some reason, it seems to be the standard that people can always see their own last activity and current location, even when it is disabled.
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  3. Oh, yay! Cool, thank you! :D
  4. You will always see your own activity.
    One way to check is to log out and click your own name. It should show correctly then ^_^
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  5. Technically speaking, everyone is from somewhere xD
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