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Because the ordeal of being known is terrifying.

Do you stalk the threads of members you've never interacted with because you admire their work, but feel too awkward to message them your compliments? Does the public nature of our various appreciation threads make you uncomfortable? Well, now you can send your compliments anonymously!

I've created a few different Valentine's Day 'cards' that you can use to pay your respects:

To participate, PM me:

1) The member to whom you'd like to send a card.
2) Your choice of card.
3) Your anonymous message.

I will be accepting messages until February 29th, when I will then send them out.
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This is very cute.
I absolutely love this event....

Just gotta remember to do it. xD
DO IT. SEND THOSE VALENTINES. (I gotta send one, too)
Send out those Valentine's 🥰 we all could use a little love every now and then.
Only two weeks left to send me your card requests! c:
One more week to send me those your cards! ❤️
Last day to send me your messages! c:
Cards have been deployed! Since I'm feeling 'in the spirit,' I've decided to extend this to February 29th and will send them sporadically. That way anyone who missed out, or those who received cards who wish to spread the love, can have their fun.
I require to know who sent me a card. Hints dropped in the card were insufficient.
This is a very cute idea, and I wish I had peeps to send anon Valentines to. :'3
I think I know who sent mine. :devil: