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  1. Timeline
    -5 January, 2020
    As space exploration is further researched and new technologies are developed, NASA is replaced the United Earth Space Council, An organization that brought together the brightest minds in space exploration technology,
    thus shooting our planet forward into a new era of astronomical discoveries and new technological innovations.

    -5 January, 2021

    On the first anniversary of the founding of the UESC, Earth launches a successful mission to Mars, where researchers learn that there are livable air pockets on the planet.
    -3 October, 2021
    Earth sends newly invented manned robots to Mars to begin building research centers on the planet. The robots are known as Mechs by popular culture. The UESC plans to use the planet as a base of operations for future exploration missions.
    -15 December, 2021
    As living spaces and jobs open up on Mars, research on space-ship technology begins to peak, and in doing so, a plasma-based engine capable of reaching Warp One, or light-speed. With this discovery, the UESC begins building a colony ship for further exploration, possibly of other Galaxies.
    -17 February, 2022
    Transmissions sent from a previously uncharted planet just as the colony ship is being finished. Before sending a full scale habitation mission, The UESC decides to send a scouting ship.
    -19 October, 2024
    After a two year long flight, the scouting mission arrives on the strange jungle planet.

    This roleplay will be taking place on the jungle planet where the transmission was sent from. The ship was about medium sized, and has enough food, water, and oxygen on it to sustain life for another year. Each member on the crew had a custom Mech made for their particular occupation. Each of these specialized mechs are equipped with weapons, although some occupations call for more firepower, while others ask for less. The mission given to the team was to find the origin of the transmission, and to find out whether or not the planet has the necessary resources to sustain human life.

    I know that this is fairly straightforward, but it is only and interest check. If you are interested or have any questions, please post them on the thread or private message me.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.