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  1. [blockquote][blockquote]There is a legend that speaks of how our precious Lake Vesta was created, of how a giant rock from somewhere beyond the sky crashed into our land and caused it to quake in grief. It speaks of how, over the years, the rain and melting snow of passing seasons filled in the gaping hole and created the lake, which has saved our Homeland from droughts too many to count.

    It was the amphibians and the fish that showed us the first signs that something was wrong, but we were too naive to notice. Two-headed salamanders, three-legged frogs, and fish with sharp teeth and long spines were just a preview of what was to come.

    For years we have populated this land and for years we have drank of the refreshing waters of Lake Vesta. Yet no one ever expected the strange anomalies of the fish to become our own...

    They have.

    Welcome to Anomalous.