Annnnnnnnnd HIYYYAAAAAA!!!! :]

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  1. Hello everyone!!! Ch0sen1 here and I'm new to this site! I'm an avid rper and I just love the experience and feel of it! I'm glad to have joined this great community and hey I'm open to rp if anyone wants to my profile has my preferences ^_^

    uhhhh yeah! Tis all! Laterz! *instant transmissions away*
  2. ~Crawling into bed. Alarm decides to be a jack-ass and go off~ Shiro smash! -Hammer hits alarm on other side of wall- :3 You are the first ever not to get my Iwaku warm welcome when I welcome thee. So welcome. ~Turns light out and dies~
  3. Lol thanks!!
  4. Greetings oh Chosen One. >:3 Welcome to the community!
  5. Hey Diana! Pleasure =}
  6. Are you here to bring balance or destroy it?

    ... because I don't mind either way. :D
  7. Lol perhaps both ;]
  8. Heya! Domeki Sato here welcoming you To Iwaku! Need a buddy gimmie a shout.
    Hope you don't mind Insanity.
  9. Insanity in itself is nothing but sane for the one who dwells in it! :D
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  10. Should I tell you the Definition of Insanity ? My dear.. You couldn't handle it yet ..~

    Welcome to the other side of the Fence, where the Zombies lurk around, the flying in Flames Marshmallows and the Giant Bunnies.~

    Enjoy your stay ..:3
  11. That's so rational when it comes to a world of sludge composed turtles eating liquid cosmic matter while spinning rapidly about a black hole that disintigrates them into confetti as opposed to sucking them in! =S
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  12. Hey ch0sen1! Nice to have you in this community. Make sure to read the rules of this community, maybe practice your skills at the role-play institute, and join some Role Plays, otherwise, have fun!
  13. Hello Dark Knight *bows*
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