Animus Veritas: Humanity's Last Home

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  1. Status: Not full, but not at an opportune moment to recruit new players! (14/15 Player slots.) (You can find additional mission information here. <- Outdated, will fix later.)

    Chapter 1: A Call to Adventure.

    It has been three centuries since the Great Cataclysm rocked the cradle of mankind, and sent rocks of fire and fury raining upon the unready populace of the world. Like an endless storm of bullets, chunks of the moon and several large asteroids--as well as ancient platforms of the sky--came raining down on a utopian Earth. The wondrous, shining cities of man fell, and the environment was changed forever as most of the world’s life was wiped out. All that was left behind were remnants of mankind that had crashed aboard an ancient ship, who awoke to find they had no memory of themselves, or of the barren, alien world around them.

    Over the past three centuries, humanity did its best to survive in the irradiated, barren ball of a planet that they once called home. The ship around them kept them safe in ways they did not understand as it slowly, but surely, awakened more and more with each passing year. Approximately fifty years ago, the ship’s artificial intelligence flickered to life within the ship’s core in the midst of a meeting of all the tribal elders. It didn’t take long to discover the fact that the ship had a soul, and that its name was Animus Veritas. It had been protecting them the whole time, using its power to deflect away as much radiation as was possible, and growing food in makeshift hydroponics gardens for them to feast upon.

    However, as time wore on, it became eminently apparent that, after centuries of protecting and feeding the last remnants of humanity, Animus Veritas was struggling to remain functional. Parts started to wear down, and despite self-repair mechanisms that struggled to keep the ship alive, more problems arose than were fixed by itself. The people within the ship, with their limited, backwards knowledge, began working to alleviate the ship’s needs: Hunters left in packs to kill what few animals of the sands they could find so the ship didn’t have to grow as much food, and an entire class of people known as ‘Techies’ arose, dedicated to learning how the ship worked so they could fix it.

    This kept the ship intact for several years. It remains this way to this day. However, as the ship has awakened further, it has realized that further degradation of its components is inevitable: Given another few years, the ship will die. Yet, this could not be allowed to pass, as the ship was also responsible for terraforming the planet slowly over time and making it habitable once again, as well as curing the great deal of genetic damage caused by constant exposure to high levels of radiation for several generations.

    In short: Humanity needed the ship, and the ship needed humanity.

    So the ship’s AI—Veritas—came up with a plan.

    Animus Veritas, a vessel of several miles in size, was capable of feats that none aboard the ship were capable of understanding. One such feat was the capacity to create gateways to other places in the galaxy, that could serve as two-way doors for groups of people to step through. Such places could be asteroids, ships, space stations, planets, the surface of a sun, a black hole—anywhere that Veritas decided. Through these gateways, groups of volunteers could step through to find parts, materials, and anything else that Animus Veritas needed to keep functioning. It was likely dangerous work: With or without aliens, the environments themselves would often be quite deadly.

    You are one such volunteer.

    Will you answer the call?

    • Here’s the sweet and simple list of rules to remember about this role play.

      1. First and foremost, I am the GM, and my word is final. It’s fine to discuss points and ask questions, but when I make it clear that my answer is final, that’s it: It’s final.
      2. To prevent godmoding, I (the impartial GM) decides who gets hit and who doesn’t get hit in combat. This is to prevent people from constantly auto-dodging every attack, or always sniping everyone in the head without fail. It also makes for some suspense when your character has to take risks and doesn’t know if they’ll pay off! :ferret:
      3. Your character is not immortal, and can die a horrible, painful death. To mitigate the odds of that happening: Work with your team, use cover or heavy armour, avoid behaving like Rambo, and don’t be afraid to ask questions in the OOC. I’m evil, not malevolent.
      4. At the same time, no NPC is immortal either. From the quest givers to the big bads, if you outwit the enemy in such a way as to prevent escape, you get to end them. There and then. No invincible villains!
      5. The RP will advance every two weeks. This gives you time to pursue other hobbies, do your homework, work at a job, and generally have a life. At the same time, you’ll always know when the next IC post is coming from your GM, so you never have to ask if the RP is dead. Because so long as you keep posting, I will too, at a predictable, set date. :ferret:
      6. To show you read these rules, type “I am the Walrus” somewhere in your sheet.
      7. I only ask for one paragraph as a minimum per post. The paragraph itself doesn’t have to be any longer than three sentences, so long as you give me something to work with. If you can write more than that, I’ll welcome it, but I keep my barrier to entry low, so if you’re new to role playing or writing, and want to learn more, I will happily teach you.
      8. Finally, and I cannot emphasize this enough, if you have any questions, feel confused or upset, or need help for any reason, ask me in the OOC, via a PM, or over an instant messenger! I’ll do my best to help you if you ever feel lost!

      Thanks for having interest in my RP! If you’ve gotten this far, then next up you’ll get to the fun part: The character sheet!
    • Simply copy-paste the character sheet below to start working on a character!

      [b]Name:[/b] (Your character’s name.)
      [b]Age:[/b] (Your character’s age. No younger than sixteen, no older than fifty.)
      [b]Sex:[/b] (Your character’s biological gender. Male, or Female.)
      [b]Appearance:[/b] (Your character’s appearance. An image, text description, or mix of both are acceptable.)
      [b]Biography:[/b] (Your character’s history & personality rolled into one. Minimum of one paragraph of history, personality description entirely optional. It’s likely best you save this section for last, as there are other things underneath that affect your character’s backstory, like their profession! Keep in mind they will be working with a team, so being foreverloneredgyguy420blazeit will get you promptly killed unless he or she can work with allies to achieve objectives.)

      [b]Background:[/b] (Read Chapter 4 for details.)
      [b]Profession:[/b] (Read Chapter 4 for details.)
      [b]Combat Role:[/b] (Read Chapter 4 for details.)

      [b]Unique Abilities:[/b] (All characters have unique abilities. These are abilities you create, for your character, which are then reviewed and approved by the GM! You start with five, and gain more over time!)
      [LIST][*]Slot 1: Use these to create items, abilities, biological modifiers, technological modifiers, skill sets, and so on, that are unique to your character.
      [*]Slot 2: Abilities dedicated to one effect, item, or modification, will be more effective than abilities dedicated to several at once.
      [*]Slot 3: Don’t be ashamed or upset if your unique abilities are not immediately approved. Most people will likely have to adjust their abilities a little here or there before they fit just right for both the GM and you!
      [*]Slot 4: There’s no tool-tip here. Really, there isn’t. Stop clicking on me.
      [*]Slot 5: I am a bullet point, though if you want to turn your bullets into a numbered list, add =1 at the end of LIST, within the brackets. So it should be LIST=1 enclosed in brackets.[/LIST]

    • In this chapter, you’ll be able to find all that you need to know about backgrounds, professions, and combat roles. These give your character bonuses towards tasks which they’ve been trained in. At each stage, you will have three choices. These are skill sets which other PC’s and NPC’s can share.

      Backgrounds detail which caste your character grew up in. In general, there are three castes other than the elders: Techies, Hunters, and Caretakers. Techies have dedicated their lives towards the maintenance of the ship and the equipment people use. Whether this is by scavenging and cannibalizing old components, repairing broken computer code, remotely repairing distant areas of the ship with drones, et cetera. Hunters specialize at survival and perception, and naturally as a result become scouts, big game hunters, protectors of children, and so on. Caretakers are the ones that generally take care of the people within the tribes, as gardeners, therapists, entertainers, doctors, and so on. In practice:
      • Techies: Gain bonuses when using technology.
      • Hunters: Gain bonuses to perception.
      • Caretakers: Can mend the injured and calm tense situations.

      Once you’ve chosen a background, you’ll need to choose a profession. This further specializes your character’s life choices and training. Keep in mind that your profession is a loose definition: Just because you may be a medic doesn’t mean you learned it in a standard manner. These bonuses stack on the ones you already have, so a Techie Scavenger gets both the bonuses using technology and the bonuses granted by the Scavenger profession.

      Techies can choose from...
      • Scavenger: Bonuses to disarming explosives, looting useful gadgetry/equipment from enemies, and repairing badly damaged equipment.
      • Hijacker: Bonuses to breaking through computer defenses and jamming technological devices (ex: Radios), as well as using vehicles.
      • Puppeteer: Bonuses to using things with remote control (ex: Drones), and rapidly modifying equipment to be remote controlled.

      Hunters can choose from...
      • Sniper: Increases accuracy and precision of any weapon or ability used. Includes thrown weapons & melee weapons.
      • Sneak: Increases odds of being ignored in combat by NPC's, and slightly increases the odds of hitting a target with maximum possible force/damage.
      • Extra-sensory: All senses are refined and work in tandem, increasing odds of spotting people or things through sight, smell, or sound. Slightly increases evasion odds against ranged attacks.

      Caretakers can choose from...
      • Medic: Increases healing capacity, making it possible to rapidly treat someone in the middle of combat. Also renders the Caretaker immune to poisons and highly resistant to venoms.
      • Therapist: Better able to manipulate NPC’s and read the emotional state of humans & non-humans.
      • Heartfelt: Charisma bonus that increases the odds of success to yourself and your allies whenever you cooperate on tasks together. (Ex: You and two allies attacking the same target will all get small bonuses.) Does not stack on itself.

      Finally, every character has a combat role. Since the total human population is under one hundred thousand, everyone is taught to be self-sufficient in one manner or another, and one of the most common and best ways to do that, is to teach some useful role for combat. There are three primary roles that people can learn, which have bonus effects tied to your background. Choose wisely, as these will help your character solve problems and decide how they can tackle combat scenarios.

      Warrior: These members of the tribes wield small but efficient power suits, which are made out of extremely high quality metallic materials which can resist a great deal of harm. Essentially: Heavy armour in a light enough package to allow the user to run and even dash, albeit prolonged use in combat can quickly fatigue the user. Outside of combat, a user can exit their power suit, causing it to compartmentalize using incomprehensibly advanced technology to be the size of a backpack or suit case.

      Due to the exhaustive and expensive nature of the power suits, unless one expends multiple custom traits, warriors are melee-locked by default. Ones that choose to embrace ranged weapons with custom traits should expect to be a high priority target by enemies. However, they’re also capable of high speed dashes to get into melee range, and typically wield some form of personal shielding, either physical or energy-based, that can aid in resisting ranged weaponry. Without such shielding, they do still have the heavy armour itself.

      Their armament and tactics vary, but in combat, warriors typically either push a front line, or protect rangers and artificers from harm. Along with the power suit, the Warrior also gains something based on their background.
      • Techie: The power suit has a deployable energy shield that can be placed on the ground to stop—and sometimes reflect—nearly any weapon fired at it, completely protecting the people behind it. Compare to a medieval Pavise shield. Projectiles cannot pass through the shield from either side. Moving it while it’s on slows the power suit down immensely. Only has enough space to protect two power suits or four people at a time by default.
      • Hunter: Reaction times increased inside power suit, which ultimately results in faster movement speed and better performance in melee combat. This also increases evasion against melee weapons slightly, and makes it harder to perform successful sneak attacks against the Hunter-Warrior.
      • Caretaker: The power suit is infused with nanobots operated by an automated script that tracks the user’s current health. Upon injury, nanobots quickly regenerate tissue to prevent bleed-out and keeps the user on their feet. Does not prevent critical organ failure or other instant life-ending injuries. Anything short of that however, is quickly regenerated in the midst of combat.

      Ranger: These members of the tribes forgo the usage of power suits to stay consistently light on their feet. As a result, they don’t have the survivability of their counterparts, but they don’t suffer the same level of fatigue. Being highly disadvantaged in melee combat, they instead opt for what their name suggests: Ranged weaponry. Typically in the form of slow-firing, slow-reloading explosives, or high-powered laser rifles that hit hard with each precision shot.

      They’re best kept away from harm, preferring to stay behind warriors. They do, however, have the advantage of ranged warfare: Which typically allows them a chance to hit a target before it can wish them harm. Atop their high powered rifle, the Ranger also gains something based on their background.
      • Techie bonus: Having more time and experience to spend on their equipment in general than most, Techies increase the power and accuracy of their rifles passively. This translates to bonuses to accuracy and damage.
      • Hunter bonus: They can more easily spot weaknesses in enemy defences, and better discern important enemy targets from groups of enemies. This translates to greater odds of hitting a target for maximum damage, and passively understanding enemy strategies.
      • Caretaker bonus: Comes with a mechanical combat pet, able to defend the Caretaker, her allies, or attack targets of his/her choosing. Such mechanical combat pets often take the form of animals of Earth before the cataclysm, such as wolves or bears.

      Artificer: These members of the tribes often retire to become lore masters and story tellers in old age. They typically understand ancient artifacts, their origins and purposes, and how to use them. They carry with them one of the most intriguing and potentially powerful devices Animus Veritas has to offer individuals: The Materializer Box. An energy-matter conversion device that allows the user to mentally or verbally command it to produce items they need: Drones, ammunition, medical supplies—if it can be imagined, it can be created.

      The larger the object, the longer it takes to produce it. The same applies to complexity: It will take longer to produce a several hundred page manuscript than it will a blank book. Therefore, Artificers are highly vulnerable in melee combat, and would do best to stay back with Rangers to supplement their allies with whatever their imaginations can bring to bear on the enemy. This is also the hardest combat role to play by nature, as it requires imaginative, out of the box thinking, and some trial and error, to truly wield effectively.

      As with the other two combat roles, this one gains additional bonuses based on the background of the character who pursues it.
      • Techie bonus: Objects created can include explosive compounds. This essentially allows the Artificer to produce a limitless number of grenades and other explosives.
      • Hunter bonus: Carries with them a visor that allows them to control several aerial/submersible sensor drones which the Materializer Box can create simultaneously. Sensor drones can be modified with uniques to include other abilities or effects.
      • Caretaker bonus: Can use the Materializer box to not only reconstruct organs and other tissues, but artificially resuscitate the recently deceased. In essence: So long as the brain isn’t destroyed, the Caretaker can bring back the dead.

      As always, if you have any questions, ask in the OOC!
    • Here, you can find additional information on the world above and beyond what is found in the previous four chapters. This content is entirely optional, but if you like the world and want to know more about it for the sake of immersion or character building, you can find it here. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, ask me in the OOC.

      Veritas: The crashed ship's artificial intelligence. It often communicates with several people at once, and typically keeps a demeanour dependent entirely on the situaton: Depressed people get comfort, lonely people get a friend, orphans get a parent, and so on. Many people aboard the ship boast an interpersonal relationship with it, though any attempts at romance are typically rebutted by the AI stating that it is incapable of pursuing something that intricate.

      It should be noted that Veritas is the name that people gave the AI. The AI itself doesn't appear to care much for such names or titles. She is capable of being contacted anywhere, at any time, over any distance, so long as nothing is jamming the signal.

      Katrina Molnya: A short, blonde mechanic and troublemaker with a heart of gold, who’s idea of a good day is spent hammering away at power suits. If you’ve ever had someone else involved in modifying or repairing a power suit or laser rifle, this woman is probably responsible for making it tick in some way. Especially now that she’s volunteered to the effort: Consider her your primary mechanical genius.

      Katrina Molnya can aid with any mechanical issues your characters may encounter through the story, or simply provide her company and expertise. Unlocking locked doors and deciphering alien technology or languages is something she’s also quite capable of, though she will not survive long on the front line of combat.

      Marcus Vanderfeld: Tall, brown hair, sharp blue eyes, long blue coat and matching fancy hat. Tank Battalion Commander. While he hasn’t seen much action beyond fighting against the occasional raiders or going on search and rescue missions for people who disappear in the desert sands surrounding the ship, he keeps his men well disciplined, and his tanks “purring like cougars.” Known to appreciate a fine whiskey.

      Marcus Vanderfeld can be called for assistance at any time, bringing his precious firepower with him. He can also be kept around as a politician, capable of speaking on behalf of humanity, as he has that authority granted to him by the tribal elders. He’s also a capable tactician, though his combat expertise is limited without his tanks.

      Zeetch Vanderfeld: The younger half-sibling of Marcus, whose darker skin comes from a different, less abusive father. Zeetch is a medic through and through, and spends his days teaching others how to treat basic wounds with bandages and splints should technology ever fail. His chipper attitude and brown eyes never seem to falter, even when his occasionally pale look implies genetic issues not even Veritas was able to fix.

      Zeetch Vanderfeld can obviously mend any wounds your characters sustain as the result of accidents, combat, or otherwise. He is even capable of bringing back the recently deceased so long as the brain remains intact. He also makes for fair company, though his severe health issues make him a poor combatant.

      Marietta Cowen: A sharpshooter of wide renown that can pick off targets as small as rats from hundreds of feet away, though grew up an orphan. Short black hair and of Caucasian-Mongoloid mixed descent, she is friendly enough, though is a very private person, and not much is publicly known about her as a result... Though she does have a sweet tooth, and loves pastries and cookies.

      This woman can snipe out priority targets and bring precision support from miles away. She’s a capable combatant and tactician, but little else.

      Egidia Fullcrum: Child of multiple generations of Techies on both sides of the family, became a Techie Ranger as a result. Smart, typically optimistic. Irish ethnic background, and one of the few to show interest in the Earth of old, despite information on it being limited due to non-essential data servers being shut down years ago. Enjoys a good cup of tea.

      Egidia, should she be rescued and kept alive, is a useful scout and combat intelligence asset. She's typically the person to go in even before players, so the longer she stays alive, the more information you'll get. In combat, she's a competent sharpshooter, but is best left to staying away from the front line, as she's prone to panicking when under heavy duress.

      Derringer: A power suit user who is presumed dead as a result of contact with unknown species in the middle of a scouting mission. He leaves behind three adopted children and a husband.

      Worlds & Locations
      Earth: A largely barren world that appears to be undergoing some transformative process which Animus Veritas labels as "terraforming." While the surface is nothing more than stretches of deserts, tundras, and patches of irradiated soil, the underground caverns which comb around the planet are humid jungles filled with bountiful fruits and plentiful game. Given another century or so, and Animus Veritas claims it will have the world restored to what it once was, save for the missing moon.

      Animus Veritas: The name of the ship which the remnants of mankind call home, though also refers to the name of the AI that inhabits the ship and cares for the people who live on it. The ship has a Latin dictionary on board, which offers multiple definitions for Animus: Willingness, Mind, and Heart being the prominent three. Veritas translates simply to Truth. It’s several miles in size, with several thousand cryo-tubes implying that it was perhaps a colony ship, a mobile laboratory, a space colony, or something similar. Animus Veritas always avoids answering the question of what its purpose was before the Great Cataclysm when asked.

      The Moon Remnants: The Earth's moon was shattered into millions of pieces by an unknown cataclysm which struck the planet. All that remains of it are the thousands of pieces of debris still in orbit, which will likely cause long-term Kessler syndrome until such a time as the people of the Earth can devote the resources to clearing the night sky.

      IPS: The largest space station still orbiting the Earth, which appears able to prevent mid-orbital collisions with the debris orbiting the planet by maintaining itself at MEO (Mid-Earth Orbit) and making automated adjustments. It can be seen from the Earth as a light in the night sky, and with a telescope, details can be made out that imply a level of engineering and industrial genius that the remnants of mankind are nowhere near obtaining. Animus Veritas refers to it as a sister-craft.

      There are attempts being made to construct a ship capable of resisting impacts with debris in LEO to reach the station at MEO orbit, but so far the materials are proving too expensive to manufacture, as it’s more important to devote such resources to keeping the ship alive, rather than provide energy-saving alternatives for the ship’s portal device.

      Alvalossa: A planet several thousand light years from Earth, located in a system with a green star which shines in a pale, almost sickened way upon the planet below. With two moons, it suffers wild tidal shifts at the coasts, making them unsuitable for human life. The high degree of CO2 will poison humans without gas masks that can filter the outer atmosphere. Thankfully, thanks to advancements in technology, gas masks can be as small and unobtrusive as the user desires.

      The planet is covered in a thick, green mix of jungle and marsh, even at the north and south poles, which contain a myriad of bizarre, inhuman creatures--primarily giant lizards, insectoids, and arachnids. It's comparable to the late Cretaceous period on Earth. In a small clearing, there is a military outpost temporarily established to scavenge a nearby, crashed ship which has components that Animus Veritas requires for its core.

      Overall, it is an ugly and muggy planet, and if there is any semblance of civilization on such a world, it was not one that humanity would have considered in high standing to its values of order and peace.

      Culture & History
      The Great Cataclysm: Refers to the event which ended the futuristic, utopian society of mankind. If other societies out in the stars have similar events, they will likely refer to it in a similar manner as this. Regardless, this led to many stillborn over multiple generations and a massive spike in cases of cancer, as radiation choked the planet, even as the ship attempted to protect the humans living within it.

      Society: The society which lives in the ship can be described as that of star-gazers and tribal nomads, with a loose caste-based structure that is not enforced though typically expected. Each section of the ship has a tribal elder—typically someone with a significant background in science or medicine—who meets at the Heart of Veritas to discuss matters of interest to all the tribes. At present, there are twenty tribes, each with a population between 1,000-15,000. (Minimum population: 20,000. Maximum population: 300,000.) Populations closer to the centre of the craft have greater protection against exterior radiation, resulting in larger populations.

      Veritas reports a thriving population of 83,491 people, with a greater birth rate than fatality rate over the past twelve years straight. An achievement, given the slow rate of decay from the radiation outside, though the radiation has lowered to levels that are survivable for humans. (Still, however, not healthy outside of the ship for prolonged periods of time.) Veritas believes that, alongside the terraforming going on, the radiation in the world will have decreased to tolerable levels for human habitation in the next century.

      The Twenty Tribes: There are roughly twenty tribes within Animus Veritas. It started with five and grew out from there as the population slowly increased over time, with the twentieth tribe having formed approximately sixty years ago—just ten years prior to the awakening of the AI. The tribes operate largely on the same caste-basis, though as mentioned before, it’s not enforced: Someone can become something different than what their parents were, it’s simply expected that they’ll likely become what their parents were. (Ex: Labourers usually breed labourers.)

      Overall, living conditions are fairly similar across the board, save that tribes further from the core of the ship rely more on hunting than hydroponics to survive, whereas tribes closer to the core, rely more on hydroponics than hunting. As a result, meat products are a luxury at the core, and fresh fruits & vegetables are a luxury at the outer edge, traded with civility and by some hagglers. Scavengers comb the hundreds of decks looking for any components still available which Animus Veritas reports it doesn’t need for day-to-day living, and there are still sections of the ship too unsafe for children to traverse.

      Shared living spaces are the norm, akin to apartment living: Most people typically get their own room, but beyond that, space is a luxury. It’s generally appreciated to share living quarters with children until they’re old enough to care for themselves.

      Heart of Veritas: Refers to the energy core at the centre of Animus Veritas that powers the entire ship and which houses the computer core. The ship spoke to people here first, and appears to have an intentionally limited personality. It claims to be in spiritual chains, but does not specify at this time how it can be eased from them, often to the distress of those who work closest with it. Some have taken to worship of it, though the ship often denies godhood, despite seeming to wield godlike powers.

      Ancient Bloodline: While it was primarily humans that were aboard the vessel when it crashed on the planet, there were a few aliens aboard as well. Some were genetically compatible with humans and had offspring with them. After three centuries, some telltale hints of non-human ancestry can still be found in certain individuals, and these are known to have an Ancient Bloodline. Most generally see it in a positive light, a hopeful spark that humans weren’t the only ones to survive.

      Genetic engineering can also achieve similar results for those without Ancient Bloodlines, and is something which Animus Veritas seems fully capable of performing.

      GenSyn Syringes: Manufactured by the ship, these treat early stages of cancer by destroying the tumours, as well as slowly repairing genetic damage over time. The vast majority (90%+) of the population, especially those living further from the core of the ship, require them to survive. Going several weeks without at least one dosage starts causing the DNA within each cell to fall apart, causing a slow, agonizing death to the victim.

      There are small portions of the population which no longer require them to survive, but women in this category do still require them to have safe pregnancies.

      Insignia: The insignia of Animus Veritas was discovered long before the AI even awakened on several deck plates and damaged uniforms. It is also the first time people got the hint that the ship had a female gender. The insignia is shaped like a feminine woman wielding a blade in one hand, and a beaker in the other. Recently, through magnification of the image and Latin translations, small words found inscribed on the blade and beaker were translated to English. Upon the blade it reads "Bellum", Latin for War. The other word is "Scientia", Latin for Knowledge and Science. This insignia is often inscribed anywhere appropriate: On tanks, on uniforms, on firearms, on power suits, and so on.

      There may be further words written along a ribbon wrapped around the feminine woman's waist, though Veritas has requested they remain untranslated, and so, by request, they remain untranslated.

      Caste Colours: Each Caste has a colour for formal dress, for occasions such as dating or funerals. Hunters wear dark red dresses or suits, often satin or polyester. Techies wear light blue, like that of a species of bird once known as a Blue Jay, as a dress or suit. Caretakers wear green, like that of grass, also as a dress or suit. It's not uncommon for members of a Caste to wear an identifying bandana, armband, headband, coloured cloth wrapped around the arm, et cetera, which signifies their place within society at a glance.

      Firearms: The traditional sense of the 'boomstick' has been largely replaced by laser rifles and explosives-tipped ammunition. Laser rifles are by and far the standard, able to hit targets at long distance and cause lasting damage that nanobots cannot immediately repair. Larger calibre, higher power output, or otherwise harder hitting weapons, tend to be more effective on the battlefield: It's better to get one solid hit than a rapid succession of pointless automatic fire that cannot even pierce the shell of a power suit. Flamethrowers still see some niche use, but against power suits they're largely irrelevant unless a target can be pinned down.

      In short: Automatic firearms = terrible. Automatic turrets may still see some use in certain situations, but certainly not firearms. The more damage it can do in one shot, the better your odds of being able to do something in a fight with it.

      Power Suits: Potent pieces of technology that service as full body suits that cover the user head-to-toe in incredible potent armour. The armour is strongest at the front, so remember when engaging power suits or using one: Your sides, your back, your knees, your elbows, your shoulders, and your neck, are all weak points for rangers to hit. As such, it's most common for power suits to protect their neck first and foremost, and to wield shields of several different varieties to be able to absorb blows. Power suits come with shock absorbers to allow the user to withstand hard hitting blows and come out of it in one piece, though the shock absorbers aren't perfect: Bruising and cracked bones are common injuries after heavy firefights, or especially violent sparring.

      Because it's awkward to wield a Power Suit, the essence of ranged combat is lost on the majority of them: The level of precision necessary to wield a rifle, simply isn't there without severe levels of modifications that draw great attention to the user. Plus, whilst a power suit uses a ranged weapon, it cannot put up a proper defense, becoming extremely vulnerable to ranged sharpshooters. Melee weapons are common, as it's easy to imbue a great deal of power into a melee weapon, and complements a kit that favours wielding shields as well.

    • Here you will find various lists of extra content, like the Player Character list, or the Q&A section. Speaking of which...

      Q. I have a question!
      A. Ask me in the OOC!

      Q. Is this about saving the universe as Commander Shepard?!
      A. No. This is about the aftermath of a catastrophe which struck the Earth, and possibly (likely) many other parts of the galaxy as well, for reasons unknown, by means unknown. In short: 300 Years after the good guys or bad guys saved/doomed the universe, in a conflict that died long before you were born. You do have to try to keep the ship alive though, because if it dies, a lot of people will suffer from the radiation. Including you!

      Q. ALIENZ?!?!?
      A. I can confirm they exist, but the closest you can get to being an alien is having some alien in your otherwise human bloodline. Sorry, this RP is about humans being, well, human.

      Q. SPACESHIP?!
      A. SPACESHIP!!!

      Q. So what do you do if you don’t save the universe and bang green chicks?
      A. To begin with, you find parts across the galaxy which Animus Veritas needs but cannot manufacture herself. From there, the RP will expand based on what players do. Who said anything about not banging green chicks though?

      Q. Can I chat with the players and you in the OOC even if I don’t join?
      A. Of course!

      Q. Is there romance in this role play?
      A. Yes, you can romance most of the NPC’s you meet, and romance is always something I’m open to discussing. Keep in mind to keep such content PG-13 however, especially raunchy or smutty material should go to private channels. Sex will be fade to black. Also, while romance is welcome, it’s a side plot. The main premise is still to seek out things the ship needs in order to survive.

      Q. Can I take this idea, or parts of this idea, for my own RP?
      A. Go right ahead. All I ask is if you do so, send me a PM so I can see it for myself. Otherwise, I don’t care: Go wild and take all the ideas you want from me if you’ll have fun with them.

      Q. So how will the IC start? When?
      A. It'll start with a description of the mission as your intro, followed up with your characters stepping out to their destination. If there are further inquiries, I'll be happy to answer them. I'll start the IC once a sufficient number of characters have been completed, then switch to a two week posting cycle from there, as mentioned in the rules!

      Active Characters: 16. (Two players have two characters each.)
      Inactive Characters: 0.
      Dead Characters: 1.

      Active Character List
      Varsel Crossford. Author: Jakers.

      Kiera Hanlon. Author: Jorick.

      Steven Jones. Author: PCSutfin.

      Kain. Author: Atlas Child.

      Alkazar. Author: Kadaeux.

      Nolan Belle. Author: Hellis.

      Thoko Ekhinos. Author: Helios.

      Kyine. Author: Tempest.

      Aimee. Author: Tempest.

      Ruth Tobias Sampson. Author: Griffyndore.

      Linus Umber Kristoph Agatha 'Screecher' Love. Author: Snakey.

      April "Anthony" Abel. Author: Expllo.

      Irving "IV" Forfax. Author: Foxxie.

      Sade Bilbrey. Author: Foxxie.

      Gerrit. Author: CAS.

      Morris Heller. Author: Zombehs.

      Inactive Character List
      None, yet... Will yours be the first?

      Dead Character List
      Kholar Lherox. Author: Ozferatu. Death: Hubris.

      Demographics: Which characters took what roles as what sex. In essence: How many men and women there are, and what the most popular class choices are. Note that inactive characters don’t count towards the totals in demographics.

      • Males: 9. (One is also playing a female.)
      • Females: 6. (Two by the same player.) (One is also playing a male.)
      • Techies: 5.
        • Scavengers: 2.
        • Hijackers: 2.
        • Puppeteers: 1.
      • Hunters: 5.
        • Snipers: 2.
        • Sneaks: 1.
        • Extra-sensory: 2.
      • Caretakers: 6.
        • Medics: 3.
        • Therapists: 2.
        • Heartfelt: 1.
      Combat Role
      • Warriors: 6.
        • Techies: 0.
        • Hunters: 3.
        • Caretakers: 3.
      • Rangers: 7.
        • Techies: 3.
        • Hunters: 2.
        • Caretakers: 2.
      • Artificers: 3.
        • Techies: 2.
        • Hunters: 0.
        • Caretakers: 1.

      That’s all, folks!
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  2. Name: Alkazar
    Age: 27
    Sex: Male
    Biography: Alkazar was raised to worship the machines. Not simply to respect and revere them, but to worship them. And so he does, Animus Veritas being the utmost example of the machine god. Protector of mankind. Though confused by a sign on the wall of his clan's enclave that declared simply "I am the Walrus" he manages to keep his head down and do excellent work. Though some shun him because he elected to undergo cybernetic uplift (as his tribe calls it) far more than any other, to bring himself closer to the Omnissiah.

    To bring himself closer to the Animus Veritas.

    And his dedication has been rewarded, though he does slightly regret that it's harder to pick up women who are interested in more than what his techtacles can do for them.

    Background: Techie
    Profession: Hijacker
    Combat Role: Artificer

    Unique Abilities:
    • Slot 1: Cybernetic Uplifting; Alkazar volunteered for excessive cybernetic enhancement, repeatedly, little remains of his human body that isn't critical to living or reproduction. This cybernetic mantle was designed to allow for his techtacle enhancements.
    • Slot 2: Cybernetic Mask; This isn't actually built in due to the need for it to be able to be removed to feed, though he does have data ports in his skull they connect to when the mask is worn giving him rudimentary vision enhancements, thermal, low-light and binocular functions.
    • Slot 3: Techtacles; Six cybernetic tentacles and servo arms designed to allow him better control and modification over machinery, clamps, drills, dataport probes, cameras and other minor tools.
    • Slot 4: Minor Weapons; In his hands he carries a polearm of unexplained construction capable of releasing a blast of energy to someone it hits acting as an oversized tazer with a sharp edge. On one of his techtacles lay a painting laser.
    • Slot 5: Mortar; Behind his back is concealed his cyber-mortar, in combat it rises to a position on a small techtacle using advanced servos to maintain its targeting whereupon, using his creation engine, Alkazar can keep it loaded with shells.
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  3. Name: Kiera Hanlon
    Age: 23
    Sex: Female
    Image borrowed without permission from Anathematixs on Deviantart.

    5'3" tall, facial features as seen above, slender build with a bit of stringy muscle and not much fat. No preference in style of clothing so long as it's functional and has a lot of pockets for holding useful things. Almost never seen without a plain brown messenger style bag that's empty at the start of scavenging trips, meant to hold things too bulky to fit in the aforementioned pockets.

    Biography: Kiera was made an orphan upon her birth, as so many were due to the health problems that plagued pregnant women of Animus Veritas. Her mother died on the birthing bed, and her father had already been three months dead due to a wasting disease. This was far from uncommon in their tribe, living farther from the core of the ship than most, and so others took care of the orphaned baby girl through her childhood. Along the way she was named by Veritas for her family and her Earthly heritage: first name Kiera from an Irish name meaning dark-haired, and surname Hanlon from her parents.

    Kiera showed an aptitude for technology and hunting for useful trinkets from a very young age, and she learned things with less trouble than most. In her childhood pursuit of both using and improving these talents, she was able to get into some previously unexplored areas in her youth thanks to her persistence, problem solving skills, and small frame. Kiera continued pushing boundaries of what was safe to explore on the uninhabited floors of Animus Veritas as she grew older, and she paid for some of that with deep cuts and broken bones, but other times she made great discoveries. She found tools and books and baubles of all sorts over the years, most of which was next to useless for anything but historical appreciation since Veritas handled most of their needs, but Kiera enjoyed the search nonetheless. She made use of some of them herself, particularly one of a set of strangely modified Materializer Boxes that she found in a ruined laboratory near the exterior of the ship. Due to making that discovery and her desire to keep one of the finds, she was taught the ways of the Artificers and was able to make use of the skills in further explorations.

    Now, with Veritas in need of assistance to continue functioning, Kiera has volunteered to be part of the group that helps. She has always looked toward the ship as a mother figure, and just like any child she wants to make her ailing mother feel better. She is far more motivated to help the ship itself than to aid the survival of humanity, but given the direct alignment of these goals she sees no problem with this line of thought. Also, I am the Walrus.

    Background: Techie
    Profession: Scavenger
    Combat Role: Artificer

    Unique Abilities:
    • Tech Savvy: Kiera has a natural knack for figuring out how technology works, which gives her a leg up over the average Techie. (Bonus to discovering things about technology she does not already understand.)
    • Scavenger's Eye: Kiera has a keen eye for detail that helps her spot things that others miss. (Bonus to spotting important and valuable things.)
    • Hyperdrive Materializer Box Mk I: This box is a remnant of some experimentation that was performed before the Great Cataclysm befell Earth, found by Kiera in her scavenging exploits high in the uninhabited floors of Animus Veritas. This Materializer Box is slightly faster at creating things than a normal Materializer Box without any noticeable negative sides to the improvement; Veritas has said it is just slightly more efficient than the normal model, thus the slightly higher speed. (Kiera can make things slightly faster than those with normal Materializer Boxes.)
    • Demolitions Expertise: Among a collection of books Kiera found on the Animus Veritas was a guide on various kinds of explosives, which explained lots of cool things about how they work. As such, not only is her repertoire of creations from her Materializer Box widened in this area thanks to greater knowledge, she also figured out how to pack more boom into the same sized package without sacrificing stability. (Can make enhanced explosives with the Materializer Box that have roughly 50% stronger explosions but also take about 50% longer time to create.)
    • Child of Veritas: Looking up to Veritas like a mother figure meant Kiera spent a lot of time just hanging around the core workings of the ship (if only just to be closer to a source of comfort), watching others at work, and over time she developed the fine art of learning by watching others, making her far more adaptable than the average human. (Bonus to performing any action she has seen another person perform successfully.)
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  4. Hmm, so we're tagging posts now?

    Then the fourth post is mine, it has a spot left for the pet!

    EDIT: Since someone has already taken Caretaker Ranger it's up to @Brovo if I can do the second one.

    If not then I'm calling dips on Hunter Artificer with the profession as Sniper
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  5. Here and Able!

    Hunters my jam :D
  6. Original Post for Posterity (open)

    In as Warrior Techie! Debating between Puppeteer and Hijacker though.

    That Pavise Shield gives me an idea though...@Brovo, when you say you have to expend multiple traits to get a ranged Warrior, can you elaborate? Obviously I'll have to expend one on actually getting the ranged weapon, one on fighting effectively in Pavise cover, and probably one on better shielding to avoid getting munched, but what others do I need exactly? know, since I couldn't get into Last Bastion, maybe I'll revive and refresh that character for this roleplay. Hilariously enough the two aforementioned specializations were ones I was considering for that roleplay as well, so that works very nicely.

    And then a Caretaker Artificer or Warrior is my second choice if my character gets shot down or shot down.
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      • Kyine Lherox Name: Kyine Lherox
        Age: 24
        Sex: Female
        Appearance: Kyine stands roughly 5'8" and is of an athletic build. She bears a number of scars over her body of various sizes and depth and while some may say it detracts from her natural looks, she swears they only enhance them, marking her out as a strong woman. Her hair reaches down to her shoulders and is a light brown in colour and her eyes are a pale hazel. Her skin is bronzed and healthy in colour.

        Biography: Kyine grew up near the outer edges of Verites amongst a tribe with her brother and father. Whilst her and her brother shared the same father, she held a different mother who belonged to a different tribe further inwards along Verites, who, according to her father accounts for her more peaceable nature.

        Kyine grew up alongside her half-brother, Kholar and the two hold a deep bond. While Kholar was the more warlike, taking after tribe and father, Kyine tended to take to take to the sidelines and attempt to disarm situations with words rather than fists. That is not to say she is incapable of the rough and tumble life her tribe demanded.

      • Background: Caretaker
        Combat Role: Warrior

        Unique Abilities:
        • Sibling Bond: Whenever Kholar is present, Kyine receives a slight general bonus in all areas, feeling at ease and knowing he has her back.
        • Nanite Overload: Kyine's suit is jammed pack of nanobots far more than other suits, resulting in a heartier individual overall and far superior healing capabilities overall.
        • Nanite Might: Kyine's suit is defaultly programmed in order to be able to utilize the internal nanobots in alternative manners, either utility-wise in slow deployment in order to rip through constructs of steel and other armoured defenses or through rapid-release offensive deployment that can be deployed through her attacks, that tear through flesh and light natural armouring
        • Intimidation Tactics: Kyine is just a bit rough and tough when she wants to be and she knows how to apply pressure. Bonus to attempts to intimidate and chance to inspire fear in combat.
        • Powerfists: Kyine's power armour is equipped with strengthened, clawed gauntlets that can rend armour and hit harder. Applies bonuses to hand-to-hand melee combat.
      • Aimee Vera Name: Aimee Vera
        Age: 19
        Sex: Female
        Appearance: Aimee stands roughly 5'2" in height and ultimately appears soft and small in nature. Overall, she tends to have a cheery smile that brings crinkles to the corners of her eyes, lighting up her whole face. Aimee's ethnic background is a bit ambiguous and her skin is best described as olive. Her hair is a dark brunette, wavy and often decorated with braids as it cascades past her shoulders, though she often draws it back in a ponytail. Her eyes are a a similar dark brown colour.

        Biography: Growing up closer to the core of Verites, Aimee's life was a lot simpler, having the ship take care of her and her tribe. Her life involved far more adventuring throughout the depths of the ship and led her to attempting to excavate its secrets. While she had little skill for scavenging anything of use from the old days and little interest of what was involved in upkeeping the ship, it was quite apparent that Aimee was quite skilled in the matters of getting access to places other people seemed to have issues, be it a door that just would not open for anyone else or finding her way into another tribe's supply rooms.

        Aimee's family life is relatively simple, being one of three children to her mother and father. Her father worked primarily as technician attempting to repair the ship as her mother was a scavenger, looking for parts in order to assist her father. Of the three siblings, Aimee is the only one that has truly managed to disappoint her parents with the way they have turned out.

      • Background: Hunter
        Combat Role: Warrior

        Unique Abilities:
        • Keys to the Kingdom: Whether it is the magic of technology or simplistic tumblers, Aimee has the tools and capabilities to fanagle her way through just about any locked door.
        • Punch Daggers: Aimee's suit is equipped with a long reinforced blades that can retract on a whim. They are reinforced and capable of penetrating armoured surfaces.
        • Injector Systems: The suit is equipped with a weaponized injector system, that upon penetration is achieved with the punch daggers, a neurotoxin is released into the target causing a weakening in motor-functions and capabilities, making them less dangerous and more susceptible to further attacks.
        • From the Shadows: Aimee's powersuit is enhanced with a stealth-mode that cloaks her presence, making her far harder to see and quiets her movements.
        • Serpent's Strike: And from the shadows she strikes like a serpent, fast and deadly. Increased damage and chance of success on attacks from stealth.

    • Additional information currently unavailable.
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  7. Name: April “Anthony” Abel
    Age: 17
    Sex: Male
    Appearance: Anthony is a skinny male standing at the height of five feet, six inches. His skin is brown. It just so happens that his eyes are also (light) brown, as well as his short curly hair. His clothing style tends to be rather simple and plain. There’s nothing interesting about his appearance.
    Biography: Ever since Anthony was younger he could be described as someone too kind for his own good. He was kind to everyone, even people who were mean and disrespectful to him. It’s one of the reasons he didn’t work out as a Hunter like the rest of his family, too kind and unwilling to hurt a fly, therefore spent most of his time in the garden helping lessen the work of Veritas. It was noticed that he would visit the garden daily yet no one knew who he was until he told them. One of the people working there, Josephine, would offer to teach him the ways of healing since he didn’t like the ways of hunting, and he would accept. His family would support him in his decision even if they were a little disappointed. As the years went on Anthony would eventually move in with Josephine and her son, Joseph, who would constantly state how he was the walrus. No one knew what that was about. Moving in with the two made lessons a lot easier and he felt closer to the two than he did his own family.

    Joseph was Anthony’s only friend aside from Veritas who, in his alone time, would often visit the core room to better speak to her. He felt speaking to her there made her feel more human; their relationship would be a friendly one. Anthony and Joseph would eventually drift apart, and as Anthony became more focused on bettering his healing would stop his visits to the core room. In recent years, Anthony has become more open to combat, although he still doesn’t like it he understands the necessity.

    Background: Caretaker
    Profession: Medic
    Combat Role: Artificer

    Unique Abilities:
    • Healing Drone - These drones resemble flies the size of butterflies. These drones fly to a set target and attach to them before injecting them with a healing medicine. What makes up this medicine is unknown, what is known is that it can heal minor wounds instantly. Medium sized wounds are doable but take more time to heal while larger (Fatal) wounds are near impossible. To heal fatal wounds all drones are required to give up their medicine at once. These drones can be destroyed, quite easily. [Four drones allowed on missions only. Only able to recharge/restore drones after missions]
    • Tranquilizer Rifle – A rifle that shoots darts filled with tranquilizer that, when injected into a target, sedates them. It causes slowing, staggering gait, and poor judgment. Depending on the target and/or dose of sedative, can also render a target unconscious and may cause death. [Only five darts may be loaded at once. Prefers having ten darts on him, may create more with The Materializer Box]
    • Healing grenades – These grenades look just like regular ones. When the pin is pulled it releases a cloud of nanorobotics that restores biotic organisms to their optimal health. These grenades are designed to heal multiple people at once. The cloud can spread up to ten feet. [Five grenades per mission]
    • Innocence: In a fight enemies are less likely to go after him simply for the fact that he doesn’t look to be hostile so they instead direct their attention to those that do. Alternatively, this increases his chances of being attacked by those that instinctively prey on the weak.
    • X-Ray goggles: Goggles that allows the wearer to see through solid objects and organic matter for whatever desired reason. Be it to see inside a closed off space, survey a person for medical purposes, economic studies, or even for more…deviant purposes. [Range is only a couple feet]
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  8. Hunter Sniper Ranger is what I am thinking.
  9. Name: Arida “Ari” Bhoaz

    Age: 29

    Sex: Female

    Arida "Ari" Bhoaz (open)

    Ari stands at about 5’3” tall, with dark brown hair and eyes. She is quick-moving, quick-thinking and quick-speaking, flitting like a bird from moment to moment, person to person, energetic, tireless and devoted to her life's work.

    Biography: Arida Bhoaz was born to one of the interior tribes, in a sense a child of privilege – or at the very least, what might be considered “privilege” in these perilous times. There are whispers that the Ancient Bloodline can still be found in the Bhoaz clan, though if true? This is nothing any of them has the time to bother exploring further. There is too much to do in this life to worry at the tenuous threads of genealogy.

    The eldest of three siblings, Ari learned responsibility – fast – at a very early age. Her mother passed when she was 8-years old, giving birth to male twins Dior and Liam. Her father Rafe, also a Caretaker, leaned heavily on his young daughter to help raise the boys to a vigorous adulthood. Ari took to mothering her little brothers easily, though Rafe does regret that in all the time she raised her brothers and undertook her own studies as a medic, she took no time or thought for a family of her own, even now when the twins are grown adults themselves.

    Ari does not consider Veritas a god, though she certainly does love it dearly, admiring its seemingly endless grace and lovingkindness to all humans. In that vein, she strives to emulate Veritas by often trekking out to the furthest reaches of the ship, offering her considerable knowledge and skills freely, foregoing sleep and comfort to tend to the humanity Veritas cherishes.

    Background: Caretaker

    Profession: Medic

    Combat Role: Ranger

    Unique Abilities:

    • Immediate speed-of-thought interface with her companion Baku, a wolf-like she can use not only in combat and for protection, but also to retrieve whatever items she finds needful and as a “rescue dog” to pull people from combat.
    • Ari has an intrinsic affinity for biochemistry and is one of the few people who understands – or comes damn close – the composition and therapeutic effect of GenSyn. Considering how she lost her mother (as did so many others), this and cybernetics are something of a passion for her. She is also well-versed in the manufacture and use of anti-venoms and poison antidotes.
    • With her preternatural eyesight and hand-eye coordination, Ari can perform surgery if need be, including shrapnel extractions and/or amputations as needed, all without the use of any medical “high tech” but with scalpel and blade alone.
    • Ari is a subject matter expert for the development and repair of cybernetic prostheses, as well as the development, maintenance and repair of the biomechanical material that makes up machines like Baku.
    • Ari is both light and fast on her feet, agile and swift enough to outrun most grown men, with the endurance to keep-on-going-on for marathon-length periods of time without sleep, food or rest (though of course the crash at the end will be long and hard).

      ***I am the Walrus, against my will. I might be the only person on the planet who cannot stand the Beatles. Oh, and no, I will not be butt hurt at the modification of any and all of Ari’s abilities – I’m still testing out the limits of this world after all.
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  10. Name
    Varsel Crossford
    "Come, my brothers and sisters! Take up arms and repay our saviour ship by giving it life! Hold your heads high, and scream! With all your fighting spirit: FOR ANIMUS!" -Varsel
    Age: 29
    Sex: 100% Certified Male
    Varsel is a tall man with a slicked back brush of silver-dyed hair, with a golden strip going down it. His skin isn't quite white, but it's only slightly tanned. His eyes are a bright gold due to contacts he's put in himself, and on his left cheek he has a large deep green tattoo reading 'A.V.' - which stands for Animus Veritas. He's particularly muscular, but still wears a slim face that is accompanied by some rough stubble. A huge tattoo drawing of the Animus Veritas is worn proudly on his chest, along with a subheading quote: "OUR TRUE SAVIOUR"
    Varsel had always admired the Animus Veritas, hearing stories from people around him how the ship itself was rumoured to have a soul; the whole reason the ship had been protecting them this whole time. Not many believed it, but Varsel grew up to believe this rumour more than most - and he even began treating the ship like a God, writing many books and changing his whole appearance in admiration for the ship. He spread his teachings through the Animus; some listened, some didn't, and others said he was crazy. Nonetheless, when the opportunity arisen to try and save the Animus, Varsel was one of the first to stick his hand up.
    Despite his strong religous feelings, Varsel's likeable, caring and selfless personality has led him to try to cheer up and care for people who are ill or depressed upon the Animus. He lives in the same way the Animus does: to protect others, and he does his best to try and make others feel better. He doesn't bring his religous belief of the Animus into everything he does; he keeps it quiet at most times, but when he's feeling particularly fired up by a situation, he often spews things in Animus' name.
    Overall, Varsel is a kind and well-muscled man, who lives to serve the Animus Veritas and do whatever he can to help the situation.

    Background: Caretaker
    Profession: Therapist
    Combat Role: Warrior
    Unique Abilities

    >For Animus!<
    Once a battle, Varsel gains a surge of adrenaline that gives him a short burst of speed and strength, and pain doesn't affect him as much in one turn. However, the next turn, his speed and strength is largely reduced as the adrenaline wears off.

    >Courageous Fighter<
    Varsel can shout a battle cry to inspire others fighting around him, allowing them to deal a little extra damage whilst they're near or next to Varsel in combat when they're attacking the same target. However, this gives him the risk of a sore throat, and he may need a Ricola afterwards.

    Varsel is particularly good at wielding a shield, allowing him to be less likely to be displaced by an attack, and it gives a higher chance of him successfully blocking an attack. He's slower than most, however, and this doesn't mean that he can block missiles.

    Varsel can endure through pain, sickness, creatures hanging off him, and most annoyances more than most people, allowing him to perform harder tasks for longer, and still thrive in battle when under a lot of pressure or pain. This doesn't mean he's immune to pain/sickness and he can still die for similar reasons. However, this also makes him a lot slower than most people, and his attacks can easily be dodged by quick enemies, whilst Varsel himself rarely ever dodges - not that he'll even try. FOR ANIMUS!

    >Veritas Blade<
    Varsel carries a long, sharp and broad sword that is able to cut through strong materials in his hands. It's a slow weapon, but delivers a punishing hit. In an emergency, the Veritas Blade (he only called it that in honour of Veritas, it isn't literally made by Veritas), is able to fire the blade of the sword at high speeds. Whilst this is a good emergency attack, it's very slow to put back together afterwards. Also, you might as well give a ranged weapon to a chimpanzee; Varsel is awful with ranged weaponry, making the large sword perfect for him.
    (Also, please tell me if there is an OP ability/this character sheet is too ridiculous.)
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  11. "We exist by mutualism, not benevolence."

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Name: Thoko Ekhinos[/BCOLOR]
    Age: 24
    Sex: Male
    Thoko is slight of frame at 5'1" but built coarsely with ligamented muscle and tan olive skin. His hair is often kept in a top bun while tinkering or at work, often with a few spare strands lazily finding their way out. Scars mar his body from close calls in the pipes through welding or stabilizing precarious systems as well as a rare encounter with a walrus. He is not a fan of cloths and can often be found barefoot with a grease ridden jumpsuit peeled down to waist level. Dirt, abrasions and bruises seem to constantly tattoo his arms and torso. He smells slightly of nutmeg, cheap wine, and anti-freeze.

    Thoko Ekhinos was born to a highly prominent family from the inner core clans. His father was once on the elder council of the most powerful tribe for a short time. Life changed after his mother’s death to cancer. Animus Veirtas, in her objective allocation of resources refused to provide Thoko’s mother life-support when she slipped into a coma. Thoko answered this betrayal with distrust; his father answered it with foolhardy plans to escape to IPS, Veritas’s sister craft. These designs have since consumed Thoko's father. The veracity of his obsession has led to the hushed removal of the Ekhinos clan from tribal leadership and public spotlight.

    Though Thokos life was molded by his family’s eminence in early years, it has been equally impacted by their and his irrelevance of late. As the third of 12 offspring—with the older two pursuing much grander roles—Thoko became the primary caregiver of his siblings after their mother’s death. He juggles this role with work as a plumber for the hydroponics operations of the core. Thoko adores the vibrant ecosystem of their mock earth. In many ways, it is often his only escape from the sweaty, crying, laughing germ bags he shares a bloodline with.

    His role as a volunteer is highly conflicting. He is torn by his need to be present and care for his siblings and father’s deteriorating mental health. However, his skill at disarming explosives set by raiders is well known and he has a keen eye for what extraterrestrial flora the hydroponics could sustain. Perhaps his most driving reason for exploration is to find a place where he feels in control, where there is not an omnipresent god which dictates morality by numeric algorithm.

    Background: Techie
    Profession: Scavenger
    Combat Role: Ranger

    Unique Abilities:
    • Bomb squad: Thoko is proficient in the art of disarming things that go boom. Whether that thing is designed to explode or plans on doing so by happenstance, Thoko is the person you want to decide which wire to cut. As evidenced by his fairly intact body, he has been successful with most of his endeavors. He used to carry a small box of trigger mechanisms which almost killed him but then realized it was very cliché and recycled the useless junk. Increased explosive ordinance disposal.
    • I’ve got a bad feeling about this: He can smell booby-traps. Not really. But kind of. Metaphorically…ish. Increased ability to detect trip wires and other form of detonation devices/traps.
    • Tinker toys: Thoko was born at a young age, as most of us; however, he never lost that youth. He loves to remain a child. Anything from mechanized pranks to interactive teddy bears a smattered about his shared quarters filled with siblings. Increased in ability to win favor of children both human and alien.
    • Shoulder Propelled Ohfukshiitboom: Sometimes you just need a big gun to win a fight. Thoko sports a man-portable, shoulder-fired, directed energy weapon capable of delivering an energy bolt through most functional armor. In the essence of green energy, it is self-renewable and takes 60 seconds to recharge between shots. Proficiency with light anti-tank weapon.
    • Grease monkey: Quite the small spry fellow, Thoko is able to get into and through places that others would seldom imagine. This trait has come in handy through his years of plumbing and ship repairs. However, just because he can fit doesn’t mean he is comfortable. Stabilizing a shorted reactor line in a backbend is still as nerve-racking as it sounds. Increased dexterity for precarious climb, clamber, and hide checks.
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  12. Name: Nolan Belle
    Age: 32
    Sex: Male

    Image (open)

    Standing 5'8, there are certeinly taller people in the world. But for Nolan, who cherishes a small profile when he is out scouting and hunting, it's to be preffered. His eyes are grey, sharp and attentive at all times. His skin is somewhat worn of the very active life he leads. His body is one of light but hardy muscle, meant for running and agility. He can always be identified by his green cloak.


    Nolan was born into his work. His parents where hunters, story has it he was conceived on a hunting trip. All his life, he has known two things. Hunters are the life blood of the world, gathering food and materials and that Veritas is it's heart. His parents lived and died by this motto. He looked up to them like only a child could. He idolized the hunt, the pursuit. In his heart he knew what he was meant to do. Who he was meant to become. Nolan was a tough kid who was taught to fend for himself and how to track and hunt from a early age. His parents recognized the fire that burned within him, and did what they could to guide and nurture it.

    Facing down bullies taught him to keep a calm and unnervingly stoic manner. He was a gritty, no nonsense person from a early age and was always aiming to make the hunting teams. His ambitions and it left him with few friends.

    He mellowed out a bit in the later years, becoming a reliable man who lived for the hunt but none the less understood the value of comrades. He has the type of personality that questions but do not undermine authority, who will try and be a guide if he can. This has made him a trusted hunting partner to many fellow hunters, even if he isn't the talkative type.

    Background: Hunter
    Profession: Sniper
    Combat Role: Ranger

    Unique Abilities:
    • Slot 1: Breathe Control: Being capable of reigning in your breathe and calming your own pulse is very useful when you are aiming down a scope on a moving target.
    • Slot 2: Nerves of steel. Even with winds roaring in his ears or fires raging around him, Nolan keeps a level head.
    • Slot 3: High Energy Pinpoint Rifle. The HEP rifle is a sturdy piece of equipment, fitted with a tripod and a big, powerful energy cell. The rifle fires a very fine but but focused energy ray that doesn't disperse as quickly, making it ideal for a sniper rifle. The long range and highly focused target area makes it necessary the shots to be precise.
    • Slot 4: Nolan is a apt tracker from his many hunts, able to distinguish predator from pray by remains and trails left by creatures.
    • Slot 5: Active Camouflage; Having come across a rare, functional set of tech, Nolan posses cover of sorts. The "robe" comes with a hood, and if he lay flat against a surface or press against a wall, the robe will warp light as to make him "blend" with his surroundings. This mirage is cancelled the second he tries to move to any greater extent.
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  13. The four theme types makes picking colours a bit hard, BUT someone super cool and awesome made this!
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  14. Yes, you can do a second one. There's no role locking in my RP's. If there was, I'd play those roles. :ferret:
    In general: You will need at least 1 for the weapon, 1 to be trained in using it properly with a power suit, and 1 for up-sizing the weapon to something a power suit could actually use. (Which would also upgrade the amount of power output it has, as well as cause it to have recoil.)
    They do, primarily in the underground jungle caverns which Animus Veritas terraformed, but occasionally out on the surface too.

    First three are fine, but these two we should look at.
    1. Describe further what you want out of cybernetics?
    2. You don't need a unique trait to be an artist in this. :ferret: Think of your unique traits more of the purposes of giving your character a distinct edge in some way: Be it by problem solving or combat enhancements, or some piece of advanced technology, et cetera.

    Going through more now, will post a second time. Just accidentally hit the post button like a fool.
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  15. @Jakers Congratulations you beat the average. Approved on first read.

    Your appearance is broken. :ferret:
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  16. Name: Kholar Lherox
    Age: 27
    Sex: Male
    Appearance: Stands 6'6" with a muscular build. Tan skin with various scars covering his body. Angular face with piercing green eyes. Brown hair in a buzz-cut.
    Biography: Born into a tribe of hunters and warriors, Kholar was trained for violence from day one. He was hunting by the time he was ten and fighting off raiders by sixteen. His numerous successful hunts earned him the respect of his tribe and several others. He spent most of his off time either training or seeing to it that his equipment was in perfect working condition until his sister, Kyine, got him to relax and enjoy life more as she was worried he was working himself to death. At home he was also a sort of enforcer within the tribe. Where his sister was the peace keeper he was the hammer when it needed to be dropped.
    Not much has changed for him in the past ten years as all he really cares about are his tribe, hunting and above all his sister. However he has been itching for a real fight lately.

    Background: Hunter
    Profession: Extra-Sensory
    Combat Role: Warrior

    Unique Abilities:

    • Slot 1: Can't Be Stopped: Through sheer force of will Kholar is able to keep moving and fighting despite injuries and fatigue while not letting it effect him. However if he pushes himself to much and doesn't see to his injuries or physiological needs this could kill him. (Debilitating and extreme injuries such as loss of a leg or massive blood loss would bypass this ability.)
    • Slot 2: Brother/Sister Duo: Kholar performs slightly better in all fields when he's with his sister, Kyine, knowing she has his back.
    • Slot 3: Swiss Army Armor: An advanced set of power armor acquired years ago filled with weapons and useful tools. Retractable blades in both fists, flamethrower with a range of thirty feet in the left arm and a grappling hook with a range of fifty feet in the right.
    • Slot 4: Carving A Path: Having been using bladed weapons since he was a child, Kholar wields them as an extension of his own body. (Bonuses to bladed melee weapons.)
    • Slot 5: Fluffy 2: Fluffy Harder: Acquired shortly after his armor Kholar uses a forearm mounted riot energy shield that he activates when defense is needed. The trade-off for being movable is that it's only tall and wide enough to cover him.

    I live in a yellow submarine. Wait...
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  17. Name: Steven Jones
    Age: 24
    Sex: Male
    Appearance: Black, tall, lanky, always in a jumpsuit with various tools hanging off of his belt. I am the Walrus.

    Biography: The son of a scavenger and puppeteer, Steven grew up around computers and machines, and was fascinated by the processes of their inner workings. When he wasn't helping his mother fix broken things or repairing appliances for his neighbors, Steven was learning how computers worked and what applications and programs were made up of. He liked to see the gears turning, and strived to learn how each individual cog worked.

    Steven was also mute (a birth defect), which made him a perfect follower of instructions. When his father got a crippling disease in the field and was unable to return, he gave Steven something he found out in the world years ago: S.A.L.U.S., a Virtual Intelligence helper device used mainly by engineers and custodians in the old world. Filled with information, applications and programs, S.A.L.U.S. was a great tool for his father's job and was an even greater tool for the mute follower of instructions to get his various tasks done around the ship. His parents, Veritas and anyone else on the ship with need of his help all have direct lines to Steven through this device.

    When Veritas realized it needed people to help it keep functioning, Steven was a natural choice. Good at following directions, skilled in all things engineering, a perfect cog in the machine. And he gets to see new kinds of technology, new kinds of machines. He's happy to help.

    Background: Techie
    Profession: Hijacker
    Combat Role: Ranger

    Unique Abilities:
    • Slot 1: S.A.L.U.S. (but you can call me Sally)-During his scavenging missions, Steven's father found an old helper VI meant for engineers and custodians. Despite some data corruption, the age of the information making much of it out of date and general wear-and-tear, Sally is a useful tool for reminders, communication and information. Steven sometimes uses her text-to-voice application to tell other people what he would be unable to say vocally.
    • Slot 2: S.A.L.U.S. Scanner Application- A program often used by Steven's father out in the field, the Scanner Application can be manually used to scan the area around it for useful information, from practical information like lifeform detection and nearby electronics to mundane information such as area temperature and wind direction. What a scan's results include is up to the GM to decide.
    • Slot 3: Custodian- during his childhood, Steven was tasked with repairing his neighbor's devices when his mother was busy (as she often was). He can understand a device's functions if he can see its inner workings.
    • Slot 4: Dad's Tool Belt- Steven never leaves home without it. The basic tools needed to break apart, repair and put together are at his disposal. Bonus to repairing objects using his familiar tools.
    • Slot 5: Dad's Scavenger Settings- After years of being the property of Steven's father, Sally has a host of settings based around field work. By manually changing the settings, Steven can attune Sally to his laser rifle and receive buffs in aim.
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  18. Going for a highly visible Hunter, Sniper, Warrior.

    Edit: *reads Varsel, begins to reconsider*
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