Anime with cute girls in Gothic Lolita Clothes?

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  1. Sooo, in hunting down more anime to add to the rent-list, there are certain things I like and certain things Isaboo likes.

    Obviously this one is an Isaboo thing. XD

    What are some anime titles with cute girls in Gothic Lolita style clothing?

    Right now, all I can think of is ROZEN MAIDEN, and we've already seen that. Other suggestions?
  2. "Yeah, yeah." Lucius helped her with the zipper before stepping out of the dressing room.
  3. "I know, but she's still my little sister."
  4. Well, your brother's already weird, who says you're not?

    Also, holy fuck Swifty just got heeelareeouussss
  5. Nanoha isn't particularly heavy on it, aside from Fate..

    Nanoha A's is the sequel, and Vita definitely qualifies. Reinforce is probably up there too.

    Don't know about any that focus heavily on the gothlolis, though.
  6. I'll admit that some of the clothes is a little odd, but if I had the time, money and body for some super cute outfit and was living in Japan and could get away with it. I so would. I would ware whatever the hell I wanted just to get people to look at me. I think its cool that some fashion is so iconic while others are just thought to be crap. Its all a matter of opinion I think also. So whatever, its fun to look at.

    And sadly Im out of the lope at what anime has what and what chars where what, but I still like all the things I see on the net and know its from something.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Gothic Lolita[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube- Gothic Lolita[/ame]
  7. Speaking of stuff like that, tell him to go play some shoot-em-ups by CAVE, if he has a PS2 or a 360.
  8. "I don't know." Lyra giggles.
  9. Some of you guys aren't helping at all. t___t I'm too scared to search google for Gothic Lolita styled anime. You always end up with Loli porn!
  10. what's so bad about loli-porn anyway?

    isn't there a function on google that can ignore results that have a certain keyword? like say: xxx, Hentai, Porn.?
  11. I dun wanna watch loli porn. ;_; That dun get my rocks off.

    And.. and.... yes. >>; But it doesn't always work.

    Plus it's totally better to get recommendations from people that've seen the anime, so you know it's worth watching. >:D
  12. This cracked me up, because I was thinking something similar.

    *high-fives Darkness, then uses the hand sanitizer*

    Now to make Darkness regret said high-five!

    Le Portrait de Petite Cosette

    Tsukuyomi Moon Phase

    Paradise Kiss
    (There's a pretty crossdresser named Isabella, actually. Dresses "Gothic Aristocrat" style, but I thought it warranted a mention.)

    Princess Princess
    (Okay, the girls are boys, but they don't bother drawing them any differently)

    Anything from the Pretty Cure series has the protagonists' magical girl forms as sort of gosu-rori influenced(I'm not trying to be pretentious; I just like avoiding the 'L' word).

    Can we include manga too? That might make it easier.
  13. Mention manga too, but I am the only one who reads manga. t____t
  14. I LOVED PRETTY CURE <3 I got tired after the second season MAX HEART when Luminous came into the picture, but I watched the movie anyway~ :D And the new series PRETTY CURE: FRESH UP or FRESH 5 was it ? isn't that great x3 Its like a repeat with five characters instead of two. :P ~ so only the first season was worth it x)
  15. Oooh! CHOBITS has gothic lolita style. Well, mostly when Freya shows up, her clothing is darker than Chii's pretty cute lolita. Check it out! ♥




  16. Then Adjust your filters, duh. Either have google set to moderate or type in "-porn" at the end.
  17. Berserk.
    Show Spoiler

  18. That is so not a girl, its an awesome guy killing alligator men.