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  1. When I was about six years old, my friend showed me some clips from anime he'd recorded off the TV on VHS. One was an episode of Ranma One Half, and the other was a particularly brutal scene from a show that I'm trying to find now. I remember it vividly and it's not for the faint of heart, especially if you don't like blood and prefer your eyeballs intact.

    The scene involves a man and a woman indoors trying to hide from some sort of creature. There is a young boy in there with them, holding a gun. A pair of clawed hands smashes through the window and stabs the woman in the chest, killing her in a spray of blood. There's a particularly chilling shot of her face when she dies, and a very quiet "oh" sound that she makes. The man tries to attack the little boy, who is presumably caught up in all of this, and the boy shoots him, gouges his thumb into the dead man's eye, and licks the blood off his finger.

    I saw this some time between 1998-1999. If anyone recognizes this scene, I'd be much obliged if you could tell me what it is. It's one of my creepiest memories from early childhood and I'd like to lay it to rest.
  2. Is that all you remember? That's not much to go by... >>;
  3. Yeah, that's a veeerrrryyy specific scene to recall. It's also something you could really see inside of any horror/gore show/movie, let alone an anime.

    Do you have anything else? A name, maybe? Did the animation look dated, as if it was from the 80's, or was it more modern-looking? Was it dubbed? What did the characters look like (hair colour, etc.)? Was it realistic-looking animation, maybe something like Cowboy Bebop, or was it exaggerated like Dragonball? What was the setting, the plot of the episode?

    More details, the better you can figure it out.
  4. Yes, I'm aware that it's not much to go on. Keep in mind, this is a memory from when I was six, watching a clip that my friend ended shortly after showing me for fear of parental repercussions. We definitely didn't see the whole episode and I don't really expect to find it.

    Other stuff I that might help...

    Right before he showed me that clip, we watched an episode of Ranma 1/2, so there's a chance they'd have similar release times. The animation style looked dated, definitely. Early 90s, late 80s. I'm remembering facial structures kind of like Vision of Escaflowne. Very large eyes, distinctively shaped hair, but no colors or crazy styles. I also remember a lot of blood. Not, say, Hellsing levels of gore, but a great big gout from when one of the clawed, demonic hands hit the woman in the chest.

    To be honest, the most memorable thing about it was probably the 12 year old boy shooting the older man and licking the blood off his fingers afterward. The rest of the the stuff could come from practically any other show, but you don't usually see eye-gouging preteens every day, at least not for that time period.
  5. I will use this as an excuse to post GO Nagai stuff, I'm pretty sure these might help you pin down the art style or at least get your memories jogging.

    Violence Jack


    And random shit

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