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  1. Hello! I'm Edward, I shall be doing anime art with the photoshops if anyone wants it. I'm sort of new although i took classes for this sort of stuff so i'm not all that new so my skill level i guess would be intermediate. Please be specific and if you want to join me in the shop of creation here then please just say so.

    If you ask... yes i did my profile picture, I'll upload another example. You may take this example and use it if you want, just message me first. :)

    floor wood textures wood panels wood texture 2560x1600 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_9.jpg

    This one was made pretty quick-
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  2. Could you make a demonic/sinister male looking demon? Short red hair, black eyes; maybe a scare on his face? He would be super pale and skinny. That's all I really have for a details; I love seeing what artistes make out of the few details I give.
  3. Hi could you make a girl with brown eyes, black hair with green highlights, pale skin, blue ripped skinny jeans, black converse, black nails and a panda hoodie. I wamnt her expression to either blushing or energetic.
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