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  1. EDIT 2: MxM is my current preference. I'm doing all FxM right now and need me something newww :P
    EDIT: I am mostly up for anime based right now, but I am willing to take offers for the other stuff. Thanks! <3

    Hey lovelies!! I am Kuroh, and I am at your writing service.

    I don't really have many rules, but I do prefer to be the guy. Also, I am definitely open for some MxM. I'm pretty open to just about anything, be it romance, action/adventure, anime. The only things I won't do at the moment are Dom/Sub relationships, slave x master, anything with obviously non-human characters (ie. animals, animal-people, etc.) unless they're elves or human related, or FxF. Relationship wise, I like a romance or friendship to play out in a more genuine fashion, so to speak. No love at first sight unless it fits the characters.

    At the moment, I'm most looking for;

    • Anime based (by anime based i mean that we wouldn't play the characters from the anime, but we'd RP in the universe and be able to use the various ideas and stuff). Below are the anime I most want to RP right now:
    1. K-Project!!!
    2. Darker than Black
    3. Durarara
    4. Kids on a Slope
    5. Kuroko No Basket
    • Misc.:
    1. Superheroes
    2. Greek gods, demigods
    3. Military
    4. Pirates
    5. Demon hunters
    6. Gangs
    7. Some sort of school thing idk (got ideas? message me!)
    • Books:
    1. Wheel of Time
    2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Heroes of Olympus
    • Movies/TV:
    1. Black Sails (TV)
    2. X-Men (movies)
    3. Graceland (TV)
    4. Young Justice (TV) - actually anything DC
    While those are the things I want the most right now, they most certainly are not the only things I'm willing to RP. I am completely open to suggestions, though I would obviously prefer the above.

    Thanks for stopping by, and don't hesitate to either comment on this thread or message me!!!

    Kuroh <3
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  2. Greek gods, demigods, and warriors sound cool.
    and so does military or gangs. :D
  3. Great!!! I'm up for all three of those, and you managed to pick some of my current favourites. Anything on your mind, in particular? :)
  4. Not exactly.

    I am leaning more towards Gangs though since I haven't rped that in a while .3.
  5. Yay! That is definitely what I was leaning towards the most. Gangs it is, then :)
  6. Hooray~!
    This will be interesting :D
  7. Yes indeed!!!! Ill message you now :D
  8. *Casually wants anime based 1x1*
  9. How about a Fairy Tail rp?
  10. Sorry, thats not an anime I'm familiar with! Not yet, at any rate
  11. Angel Beats?
  12. Also no, heh... The ones listed are most of the anime I've seen, other than Karneval or some of Guilty Crown. I need to up my anime game!
  13. lol same. ive seen Durarara but not enough to understand the world
  14. When I have time again I'll go through my list of anime to watch, haha.
  15. Edited Info post. Added a lot!!! :D
  16. How about a royal kidnapping?
  17. I've got something a little too similar to that going on atm, sorry :)
  18. Anyone up for MxM? :P
  19. I'm interested :)
  20. What sort of genre? :D
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