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    Anime voted for:
    1. Fate/Zero
    2. Trigun
    3. Rave Master!

    Since I usually watch anime long after it is complete, I have no one to discuss each episode with as I would prefer over just chatting about it in general. That is why I have decided to make this thread. Here I would like us to choose anime that we are interested in but haven't yet watched (or ones you have watched but have forgotten a ton of) and vote which ones to watch. An example for how I want us to discuss them is, if we chose Trigun, then I would make another thread about episode 1. After you watch it you can jump in there to say anything you want about it, getting into conversations about it with fellow watchers. After a week passes I would make another thread for episode 2, and so on. This way you will have a ton of time to sit down and watch an episode. Finally, I enjoy all genres of anime, so I encourage you to vote for anything as long as it follows the rules below.

    Voting Rules:
    1. Reply to this thread with only one anime you would like us to discuss (your vote).
    2. After about three days, you will then be able to back up only one anime that has been listed. You can't back up the anime you voted for. I suggest that if you wanted to vote for an anime someone already voted for, vote for something else and then wait to back up the one you were previously going for.
    3. The two anime backed up the most will be the ones I will create threads for (after I watch episode 1 of each of course).
    4. As soon as one anime ends, I will either pick an anime with the most back-ups below the current line-up or ask everyone to re-vote.

    Anime Rules:
    1. The anime cannot be longer than 55 episodes.
    2. No excessive ecchi, no nudity, or no hentai in the anime that you vote for please.
    3. No spoilers please. On a specific episode discussion thread, you can bring up information from episodes prior, but not ahead.
    4. After three episodes I will ask everyone participating if they are enjoying the anime so far. If the majority doesn't want to continue, we will pick another anime.

    General Rules:
    1. Official Site Rules
    2. Friendly debates are alright, but don't start getting angry at each other over an anime. I made this thread so we can enjoy watching anime while discussing it with others and to potentially make friends. Not to add to your list of enemies.

    1. If you don't like some of these rules (or all of them lol), I encourage you to make your own anime discussion thread.
    2. I realize that the two anime voted might be something you have probably seen before. If that is the case, perhaps the discussions will make you think about the anime in a way you haven't before? If not, then I am sorry.
    3. If an anime is chosen that people may not like due to the genre it is apart of, then all I can say about that is give it a try. I won't stop my plans for making discussion threads for an anime once it is voted on unless I realize that it breaks the anime rules above.

    Also, if you would like to discuss anime with me over skype, then here is my skype username: use_lojik
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  2. Nana Actually Fate Stay Night? Or Fate Stay Zero? I don't believe Nana is appropriate for the kiddies -x-

    pretty sure i'm doing this right
  3. Ha, Nana was good stuff. And you can only choose one. I am currently playing the fate/stay night visual novel, so I might need to hurry up in this case lol.
  4. I know I can only chose one. -.- I just don't know if they're two separate shows or shows that go off of each other, so I don't know which one to chose.
  5. Alright, I can help. Fate/Stay Night was originally an eroge visual novel that separated into 3 routes, so basically 3 different games. Fate/Stay Night the anime mainly takes from the first route, fate, but it tries to mix the other two in there as well, which many say was a bad choice. Haven't seen it yet nor have I finished the vn though, so I wouldn't know.

    There is another anime based off the vn called Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, which takes from the route of the same name. I hear this one stays way more faithful than the other anime, though I hear some stuff still doesn't perfectly translate, since going from vn to anime is a big leap I would assume, and a 26 episode anime can't get everything from a 20 hour+ route. This route also has one single movie out. I don't even have to explain how bad that probably went.

    The last route, Heaven's Feel, will have a trilogy of movies coming out soon.

    Fate/Zero is a prequel to the vn. Many people suggest that you read the vn first, but they also agree that watching Fate/Zero first doesn't completely ruin the experience. I hope I helped.
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  6. Fate Stay Zero then! :3
  7. Making me speed through this VN lol. Alright, added to the first post so peeps don't have to look through every post to see what was voted on.
  8. Added. Great anime btw.
  9. I like this idea. Mainly because almost every night (especially since I've finished watching Gravity Falls) I stare at my laptop, wondering what the hell to watch.

    For my vote: Rave Master! I've only watched like 5 episodes max.
  10. Glad that you like it. I thought it would be fun to try out. And your vote is added to the list now.
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  11. This didn't garner as much attention as I wanted in order to have a site wide anime discussion, so if you all want you can just add me on skype and we can chat about anime there. I probably won't be continuing with this idea here.
  12. Okay dude! I'll add you on skype right now. My name will pop up as Isla with a star next to it.
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