Anime Concepts That You've Never Seen

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  1. I have to admit, I've been lagging on my anime viewership for the last, oh, 5-6 years. Largely because I feel I've seen these concepts and themes before. Like, back in the late 1980s and early 1990s when I first got exposed to anime.

    Hell, I've even seen SAO and Log Horizon back when it was still called Dot Hack (not that Dot Hack is at all a good example of the stuck-in-an-MMO subgenre).

    Then I ran into this video by Gigguk:

    And I have to admit, I'd watch the hell out of an anime based around eSports and especially a shounen shared universe team up, Avengers-style.

    Holy FUCK, would I watch the shit out of an Avengers team up of Goku (DBZ), Ichigo (Bleach), Luffy (One Piece), Naruto (Naruto), and pretty much any combination of shounen heroes. If only for the novelty.

    Personally? My shared anime universe team up would've included Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin), Zero!Berserker (Fate/Zero), Riza Hawkeye (Full Metal Alchemist), and Roger Smith (The Big O).

    And eSports as an anime concept? Holy crap, that'd be the only sports anime I'd ever watch!

    What novel anime concepts can you think up?
  2. A modern day well funded anime set in a cyberpunk or science fiction setting which is, in no way, sexually exploitative.


    In all seriousness though, an anime with the premise of Sliders could be neat as fuck. Since they could go to alternative timelines every couple episodes and the field of animation could get them explore basically anything they want--alternative physics, alternative colour schemes, alternative animation styles, alternative dominant species, et cetera. Basically just let artists go nuts and give writers the "alternate timeline gadget" button to let them go wherever they want.
  3. Anime needs more dinosaurs, to be honest.
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  4. More Crime Thriller anime. Heck add a supernatural element to it ala Baccano! if you need to.
  5. A Tolkien-sian High Fantasy anime.

    Just a straight up high Fantasy anime with knights, paladins, princesses, and dragons.
  6. There's an extremely popular anime about pirates with superpowers.

    There's an extremely popular anime about ninjas with superpowers.

    How about super powered vikings?
  7. The last one with this premise was Tsubasa Chronicle.

    It got...convoluted.

    Much like Sliders! BA-ZING!

    Seriously, though; Tsubasa Chronicles was the only Sliders-style universe-hopping, ever.

    Its called Record of Lodoss War.

    Con: Very, very, very straight-up standard D&D fare.

    Pro: Very, very, very straight-up standard D&D fare....and they ran with it. And it was awesome. Gotta love a creative team that knew exactly what they were putting on the table.

    And this is definitely a premise that didn't get a lot of very, very, very, straight-up standard D&D fare-style shows. Everyone's always gotta have a twist to it. But sometimes, we just want our goddamn dungeon crawl with loot at the end or a volcano to drop jewelry in.
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  8. With really lame, one dimensional characters.

    Ergo why I'd like to see it tried again in anime. If just because anime can do more with less budget in terms of imaginative shit and a sliders-like premise basically opens the door wide and says "GO."
  9. AMEN

    and then the Acid Tokyo arc happened and things got (even moar) confusing
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  10. An adaption of PunPun
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  11. We need anime that resembles Ray Harryhausen movies; simpler fantasies that encapsulate the idea of adventure.
    Various mythological monsters included. All preferably without the over-complicated plots that drown many current anime.
  12. I just want more damn Cat girl and wolf girl Ecchi series!!!!!! Give me the cuteness!!!!

    Edit: I watched the first season of Aesthetics of a Rogue Hero. It was decent. However, I read the light novel and it was astounding. I would love to see a high budget studio continue making it as it is in the Light Novel. It was an idea I had never heard of.
  13. A harem where the dude kisses grils and fuses with them to become more powerful or something

    It will also have lasers

    I'm genuinely surprised I have not seen such a thing. Vividred Operation is close though.

    Also, regarding your Avengers-esque idea...

    ... why isn't there a CLAMPvengers? OK fine, as far as I know less than half of all CLAMP canon manga are combat-oriented and Chobits can't fire lasers.

    Qualidea Code is a shared-universe type crossover, if you're into that.
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  14. CLAMPvengers: I know, right? Its not like they don't already toss cameos and shout outs to other CLAMP productions on a regular basis. Only I'd be against CLAMPvengers because....its CLAMP. noodle people don't exactly inspire awesome in me.
  15. [​IMG]

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  16. An anime that focuses primarily on political manipulation and trickery. And does it in a rather unpredictable manner that doesn't just trivialise everyone into good or bad...
    Basically GoT the Anime.

    Something that focuses exclusively on Authurian Lore? That's a world I love to find movies and shows about, but I haven't ran into anything in anime other than Fate. And Fate just has a character(s) from said world, it doesn't focus on the world.

    Maybe something like Evangellion? Except... Well, actually has symbolism (rather than just "Lol, showing a cross would be cool" which the author admitted to), and has a main character who actually has interesting development instead of well... Jacking off to comatose girls?

    And I'm on the track of a good version of bad animes?

    SAO with good writing. And no, I don't mean Log Horizon. I mean if it they keep the premise of "You die in the game you die in real life".
  17. Try Legend of the Galactic Heroes, has plenty of political talk and character death. Basically if Star Wars took a Game of Thrones approach to the war instead

    People love it to death though it personally wasn't my cup of tea. Maybe you'll like it tho, who knows
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  18. *Checks it*

    Wow... That's a long one. o_o
    Combined with Babylon 5 I think I'm now booked for the next while as far as TV is concerned.
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