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  1. As the title suggests, the group would be centered around making original RP universes based on two canon anime universes. Elements of both would be combined and fitted together, sometimes in equal amounts, other times in a more dominant/submissive role.

    Tokyo Titan The first project I had in mind would be a Tokyo Ghoul/Attack on Titan combo, with the Titans (remaining Titans) possessing kagune and serving as a more reasonable threat than before. The military would come equipped with quinques and Q bullets, the uniforms would be different, and trainees are still stuck with the standard metal blades until they kill a Titan and harvest its kagune. 3D Maneuver Gear would remain in place, and the world would still be largely Shingeki no Kyojin.

    The Titan Shifters from the original series are replaced with Ghouls, who transform in a similar manner to the Shifters of AoT, but require a diet of human or Titan flesh to be able to transform. However, they have control over the insatiable hunger of Titans, can manifest their kagune outside of their Titan form (to a lesser extent, of course, though with more control and accuracy), and appear to be generally human without their transformation.

    The plot, obviously, revolves around the survivors from Shinganshina who escape after the Colossal Titan (of the amalgam universe) rips apart Wall Maria, leaving a massive gap in the wall instead of a foot-sized hole for Titans to move through, causing a much faster influx of Titans. The survivors are drafted into the military rather than being allowed to sign up due to the need for more soldiers to hunt Titans and harvest the kagune for quinques and Q bullets. Eventually, a larger group than the anime discovers their Ghoul powers (the players, unless they opt out), and choose either to aid the military, devolve into mindless abominations, or join with the other Ghouls who attacked the Walls.

    And that is just the first RP! More ideas would follow after it, or, if the first project fills up, run parallel to it.

    Preferably, all involved have an Intermediate to Advanced writing level, and are capable of making at least a post a week, though being able to do more is perfectly fine! More details on this ongoing project will be made available when the group goes up.

    Right now, show some interest and love so this gets off the ground!
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  2. @Lizzy

    Do I have a volunteer?
  3. I've been meaning to watch Tokyo Ghoul for the longest. But you have a possible volunteer.
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