Animation Academy

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  1. Ever wondered how Disney characters learned their skills. Why can we never learn so fast like that? Well I have the answer for you!
    Disney Academy is the place where every animated character goes to control and master their powers. Here, anything can happen. Different movies all clash into one big school, which means Drama, Romance, Scandals, and Magic. What will go down? Join us to find out!
    Note: You may use any animated character
    List of taken Characters
    Anna of Arendale
    Elsa of Arendale
    1.Follow Iwaku rules
    2.I have the right to accept or deny you. I am the executive here and you will follow my words (Don't worry, I am pretty nice)
    3.Please put detail into characters. I like seeing that you put time and thought into it and didn't just write 2 sentences and posted it.
    4.Please write at the least 1 paragraph per post. Two would be preferred so try to write two paragraphs like once a week or so.
    5. Please no text talk. It drives me nuts. Same goes for 1st person. Pasword is Animated
    6. Please no mature romance. We don't need details of what goes down with you two. Fade to black
    7. Have fun!