Animal Planet: Body Found Mermaids

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  1. Based on the reactions of my co workers I am going to put up a viewers discretion advisory.

    At work, I saw one of my managers watching this on her laptop, while other coworkers sat and watched and commented on it. It was the maintenance manager who originally found it, and told me how to find it as I was intrigued enough to take a look.
    So, what do you think about the video? Do you believe mermaids are real? If after watching the video, has it changed your beliefs about marine life in general?
  2. It is a good use editing and animation, I give Animal Planet that. c:
    But, like a documentary, whether fiction or non fiction, it is meant to persuade and capture minds to provoke opinions and criticism.
    And it does just that.~

    I believe in all that is mythology.
    I'll leave it at that.

    I love how they put together this program. <3

    I'm a huge mermaid supporter.
  3. I don't believe mermaids are real. But I WANT to believe. 8D I think it would be pretty awesome to find out some of the ancient myths about creatures are real.

    ...It would also be really scary, because that would be a lot of the really terrifying creatures of myth might be real too. o__o
  4. Well, if anything, the movie was entertaining :3
  5. I want to believe... but.... I'm like Diana...
  6. I have to agree! This "documentary" was wonderfully done. It is all very thought provoking. The scientists were all actors with imbd pages, and the 'facts' that based the show were very minimal. (Such as the ancient drawings and the marine ape theory) There haven't been any rogue scientists who found a body, or a navy deserter looking to bring everything into the light. The show did inspire you to imagine.
    I especially love the altruism, when one mermaid sacrifices itself to Megalodon for the pack.

    The funny thing is, we are so quick to act without researching. There have been open protests and spam emails to the NOAA and related companies. It has only been since the release of this documentary. It's really the bane of their existence now. Haha.

    Could you imagine?
    "Dr. McCormick is right!! Show us the mermaids"
    "What the, I don't even, HE'S NOT EVEN A REAL PERSON!!"
  7. Better Mermaids than Aquaman.
  8. The age of science is so relatively miniscule in the world's chronology that I still believe that all mythical creatures are possible. Just because it hasn't yet been streamed to our TVs or Youtube uploaders doesn't mean it's not out there in the other 99.9% of the planet that we haven't directly experienced with our own senses.

    *wipes spittle off his laptop screen*

    Ah believe in mermaidz.
  9. Exactly. I mean, think of deep sea exploration. I think the percentage of all explored parts has been roughly in the single digits range, let alone combine that with unknown parts of our planet. Think of Giant squid: Sailors used to write myths about them and feared them. We know they exist because we've seen their dead bodies on shore. But has anyone really seen one alive?
  10. I smell what you guys are steppin in. I just like to observe other people's reactions to things.

    I think they mentioned how we are still discovering whales! Deep sea is almost like space. Mermaids are possible. And Nessie.

    More importantly Atlantis! I want to go there. Haha.
  11. haha! Yes! I choose to try and stay in the line of: It might be possible. I don't want to dismisss it, but I also don't want to completely accept it, either. And this goes for anything not completely proven on either side.
  12. Mermaids are nothing more then sea cows and lonely men's fantasies fueled by booze.
  13. You realize this is about as real as the one they did about dragons, right? It was created as a fun "what if" and they gave it a fictional context to set up the story.