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    Name: Erasa Dawson

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Erasa is not as shy and quiet as she looks. She is it very outgoing and can be hard headed and hard to reason with. She mostly keeps to herself but can stand her ground. She loves all music but her favourite will always be violin, she has played it ever since she was a little girl.

    History: Erasa has been moving around her whole life due to her father's company. Now they finally stopped moving and live in a decent place. Her life has been pretty boring, nothing except stupid dinner parties and fake smiling to mean looking business men and woman.
  2. Stepping out from her house, school bag hanging from her shoulders she took in a deep breath and stared at her father's fancy car in the drive way. She hated this. Every moment of it. It was all always the same. Wake up, Go to school, Get home, Do homework, Go to bed. Over and over again.
    The only time when things were a bit different was actually at school, all her friends were there and there she could play her violin and not have to worry about disturbing some important meeting her father was in.

    Erasa wasn't really complaining about her life, no, that's not it. She lived an "easy" life as most at school would put it but it wasn't all that "easy". Most kids would look at her dad's car and ask all those meaningless questions like "WoW how does it feel to have a car like that?" Or "Wow you must have all the new tech huh!?". Well it wasn't quite like that at all, it was hard she didn't really have a father at all he was always busy and his stupid new fiance who was always hanging from his arm. And not to mention being herself, nope no time for that at all, she always has to be what her father wants!

    Sighing Erasa walked to her dad, he was on the phone "Dad" she said, her soft voice breaking his concentration "What is it Erasa, are we late?" He asked looking at her. "No, I was just gonna say that I will walk to school should probably get to work" she didn't wait for a reply before starting to walk.
  3. Tyler stood at his locker silently. His Beta and best friend, Drake was blabbering off to him abut some new skateboard he got. That's what he loved most about his friend. Always finding something to distract him from Alpha duties. At school anyways. Drake felt like school should be Tyler's get away for the day. But sometimes he couldn't help it. He had rogues, training, expecting mothers, and pups to worry about. How could he concentrate on school when he already had a big job at home? He brushed a finger through his hair and yawned. He stayed up until 3 last night.

    "Dude you good?"
    "Im fine, just a little tired."
    Drake chuckled. "Dude youre only 19. You need to take a break."

    "I Know." He sighed as the bell rang and they headed to Chemistry.​
  4. When Erasa had arrived at school she was just in time for the bell to ring, she rushed down the halls to get to music class "I can't be late" she said as she ran further down the. Today she would be playing her written piece to her teacher to see if she could qualify for an Arts and Music university.

    Erase stopped at the class room door and straightened herself up before she entered. She entered to find the class empty, it had to be that way so she can play her piece to the director of the Arts university's orchestra. "Good Morning" she nodded her to the woman, she was strict looking. Erasa took a deep breath, took out her music cheet and began to play.
  5. Tyler sat in class tapping his desk with the pencil. What was the point of this?
    He sighed looking up to the clock.
  6. The bell rang and Erasa stopped playing, the director didn't say anything, just thank you and well done, that's it. 'You did soo bad' was playing all over in her mind.

    She headed to her locker to get her books so she could go to the rest of her day's classes 'not at all good enough' went through her head again and Erasa felt like slapping herself to get that stupid voice out of her head.
    Once at her locker Erasa put the sheet music away and grabbed the books not in mood for being very caring.
  7. Tyler saw the girl who walked past. She was very small in height, probably weight too. He was staring but, he didn't even care. He stood there his locker open just blinking at her and watching her as she walked away. Damn she was beautiful.


    "What?!" Tyler slammed his locker as he looked to his best friends.

    "Human caught your eye?" He smirked

    "No way, you know we cant date humans. Against the pack rules." Tyler shrugged it off as they headed to lunch.

  8. Erasa could feel eyes on her the whole time, but ignored it she just headed of to the cafeteria even if she was in no mood for the noise her friends were still there.

    She walked to her table and greeted her two friends first Felicity her friend since child years and then Alexis a more recent friends but they were still seen as best friends "So you did it go" asked the two in unison "I'm not sure..I think it sounded like a hurt cat" Erasa said dropping ger head in her hands "she didn't even say muc" she continued to talk about the mornings happenings.
  9. She was still there when he went into the cafeteria. Even with an entire table full of pack mates the girl still intrigued him. Her eyes were a beautiful purple. He wanted her to look at him. The girl beside him, Sasha, the feisty she-wolf was eagerly trying to draw his attention from the girl and back to her. But, right now he wasn't interested. He had already fucked Sasha. Five times and counting. So did a couple of the other males. Even the human ones.

    "Dude you okay?"
  10. She could feel the same gaze on her again " And how's the whole dad problem" asked Felicity "Oh just same as always" she answered and let her eyes search for who ever was looking at her.

    Her eyes landed on a boy surrounded by a punch of other kids, he was looking right at her. She frowned a bit and looked down "Het Lex, those kids over there...are they all new" she asked her friend "I dunno..I haven't seen them here before" she said looking behind her "Exchange students perhaps" suggested Felicity.
  11. She looked at him. He gave a soft smile in her direction before shoving Sasha off of him and standing making his way towards her table his messy black hair falling in his face. What would he say? Hey, im stalking you. He came to her table. "Hi..uh.." dammit. She had other girls with her.
  12. Erasa had long forgotten about the boy starring at her when she and her friends started to laugh and try to forget about usual problems. Her head jerked up towards him when he spoke and her friends fell silent "Hello" she said not sure what else to say.
  13. "Im Tyler.." he smiled lightly at her sitting down with them. It wasn't as uncomfortable to be around humans as he thought. It was normal. "Hey girls."
  14. Her expression was one of shock and surprise. Her friends giggled and introduced themselves "Hi I'm Felicity" she said smiling, Felicity was your pure pretty shy girl "and I'm Alexis" Alexis again was the hot, chick. Erasa whatched as her friends fell to his feel, well she wasn't that easy, she gave him a small smile "I'm Erasa" she said not to friendly but not mean either "Tyler...why are you at my table" she asked ever so innocently
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