Animal Fighting Tournament RP (Original RP)

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  1. Hey, there.

    I am here to propose an idea for a roleplay.... and it might seem a bit odd to some of you. (^-^")


    Anyways, the idea is a fighting tournament, filled with ferocious warriors... with the winner becoming the ruler of the world (I know, stupid way to decide a monarch).

    And who will these "ferocious warriors" be?

    Well, if the title didn't give it away..... they're animals.
    The combatants are animals.

    With special powers and/or weapons.


    This is going to be a group roleplay.... at least, that's what I'm planning.

    But yeah.
    Fighting tournament centered around superpowered (and weapon-wielding) animals... all in a bloody clash to rule the world.

    Um..... what do you think?
  2. Is this Animalkaiser with weapons and powers

    I'll decide between my choice of a bunch of birds and those crabs. Birds because birds. Crabs because crabs are cool.

    Possibly a Crow called 'Murder' or a dog named Wolfgang.
  3. You know I'm interested ^^
  4. In a way, yes... it is kind of like that game, considering the animals have diverse powers and unique weaponry.

    However, the animals powers are nothing like the powers of Animal Kaiser, nor are they like the Miracle Attacks/Cards.


    But yeah. It's a fighting tournament to "reach the top".... literally.


    And either of those would be amazing.

    I don't know why, but when I hear of a dog named "Wolfgang", I think "ninjitsu clones" or "music powers"...... that's just me and my weird imagination, though.
  5. And it's great to see you on board, Minami.

    Hope you enjoy your time here.
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  6. Anyone else interested?
  7. So, the furthest we can go towards mythical beasts is regular beasts given powers to mimic mythical beasts right?
  8. Yes. You can have your characters mimic mythical beasts through their powers/weapons/design/personality, but not be an actual mythical beast.

    Does that make sense?
  9. Are they furries? If not I'd be interested.
  10. They may be furries, however they do not have to be anthropomorphic. :)

    They may be regular animals or furries, but not mythological animals (although they may bear a resemblance to them).
  12. Go for it. :)
    I'll be putting up the roleplay thread later this Thanksgiving Weekend. I'll be sure to alert everyone on here about it, don't worry.
  13. I'm gonna be gone this weekend, but I'll make sure to sign up after I get back. :)
  14. Sure thing. No rush.

    Enjoy your time away! :D
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