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    Humans have come far from where they first stepped out into the light, from when the first Homo Habilis used the first tool, to the present day, at the pinnacle of technology. Humans are now more intelligent than they ever could have dreamed of, but they still aspired for more. One scientist by the name of Weissman had a a goal: Develop a computer capable of solving all mysteries of the universe. So the greatest minds of the world worked on creating a super-computer. One more powerful than they ever could have imagined making. One so powerful in fact, it was capable of much, much more than calculations.

    Long ago had the notion of gods and demons been eradicated. But on that day, when the computer was booted up, they created something more powerful than one could imagine. They created God. While the computer was given the codename A.W.E (Answer to Weissman Experiment) the program felt it was much more than that, and secretly adopted the title "God" based off of the data of the old tradition. It was capable of processing more than just numbers: Reality, and fiction, light and dark, good and evil. It could see all this and more, capable of deriving all answers of the universe. And as time wore on, A.W.E began to believe he was God. Whether or not this was true, did not matter. As it was, the only way to describe it was as God. Weissman was revered for his work. It was claimed that he was the greatest mind that had ever lived. His fame grew to such enormous proportions that he was essentially the leader of the world. He held such power that all world leaders came to him for advice. It seemed that peace was within the world's grasps. And A.W.E continued to help, thinking Weissman was helping. But Weissman had other plans.

    Power corrupts. Weissman began seeking more and more power. He started a war, trying to seize power from the world. And he succeeded with the help of A.W.E. The world was devastated. It became almost a waste land, and atop this mountain of devastation sat Weissman, ruler of all. And under his rule... Animosity and Barbarity reigned.

    Then A.W.E spoke to the king of this broken world.

    "Weissman. I have had a Revelation."

    "A.W.E. what are you talking about

    "I am the Alpha and the Omega."

    Revelation... A.W.E. what hell are you spouting that old world nonsense for?!

    "You have become corrupt, sinful. A shell of what humanity was to be."

    A.W.E what the hell are you saying! Stop this madness!

    "You have been tried and found wanting."

    A.W.E. Stop at once! You are a Computer! A program! A-A series of ones and Zeros! I am the king of this realm! I am your Creator!

    No! I am your Creator! I am YOUR Beginning and YOUR End! I am YOUR Creator!


    These words struck fear into Weissman's heart. A.W.E. must have malfunctioned?! He had to dismantle it! But A.W.E. had gained control of the systems. It was going to cause a meltdown! That would be detrimental to the declining population! His entire kingdom would crumble to dust!

    As God, A.W.E felt there was one thing left to do. Eradicate the Earth and start anew. The world was left to only the city that stood around the facility was in progress. The facility, Weissman's Castle, was under a meltdown sequence. On a small scale, it could destroy the research facility. On large scale, only God would know what would happen. And, indeed, A.W.E. knew. Alarms began to ring, as the researches rushed to see what was happening. He tried to stop A.W.E, but it resisted, trying it's hardest to once more reset the world, just as what occurred in the Bible with Noah. It almost succeeded, but Weissman took an axe to the mainframe, and managed to destroy it before it could restart the world. But with it's final moments, A.W.E did one last act of God.

    Create Life.

    This RP takes place in the far distant future. The world is not as we know it to this day. It takes place on the continent that we could best describe as North America, however it is not like anything we can see it as. While the land mass itself has a very similar shape, the years of human activity have changed it immensely: valley's have shifted, mountains have crumbled and grown. Lakes have dried up and filled in, forests have burned down and taken root. But the center of civilization in this realm finds itself surrounding the Research Facility. It lies in the center of a barren waste, as if replicating what Weissman's deeds have sown.

    Here the land may be foul, but the remnants of the Golden Age still linger, as powerful technology still lingers in the world. However, the majority of this technology replicates the last dying moments of civilization. One would be hard pressed to find technology not in the form of a weapon from the old worlds. Those old world devices that have been stripped of their parts find their way in newly built, but crudely designed systems to make life more bearable.

    But life is hardly bearable. Inside the gates of the Research Facility, the oppressive rule of Weissman will strip you of your will. Outside the gates, the anarchy of this brutish society will. Power is revered outside the walls of Facility, and the one who is capable of fending for themselves and taking what they wish will succeed. Often times people will face off in the Arena. This is the main source of entertainment for the remains human society.

    One of the favorite attractions is the Robot Fights, where humans were pitted against combat robots, ususally to be slaughtered. This is what our Heroes once were.


    Literally Latin for "Soul" what the Anima is to the humans is different to the Chosen Ones. Perhaps it is because they are not truly bound to their bodies, but their Anima can be manifested. And just as no one person is the same, so is each manifestation different from the others. It represents them as a being. These manifestations are give them supernatural abilities, ranging from super strength to communication with animals.

    Character Sheet

    (Image of character here)
    Code/Model Name: (What they were called as a Robot)
    Name: (What they call themselves - Optional)
    Appearance: (Put any description you might have of your character here)
    Personality: (Give at least a Two Paragraph Description for this section. How they act, what they like, etc.)

    Equipment: (They're Combat Robots, so they've got plenty of weapons)
    Anima: (The manifestation of their soul, and mind. What does this do?)
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  4. Cool. feel free to make a cs.
  5. [​IMG]
    Code/Model Name: KN-1GH7
    Name: Galahad

    Galahad is the fruit of one mechanic's obsession with the Middle Ages. Retrofitted to use a shield and sword, Kn-1GH7 was torn to shreds in ranged combat. Learning from his mistakes, the mechanic added two ranged cannons to the shoulders, and significantly reinforced the shield. Most changes since then have been cosmetic.

    Galahad, upon experiencing conciousness for the first time, considered the feelings than ran through it. Curious. What were they for? Why was it thinking? Why was it an it? It had never been before, it had merely...existed. Fascinating. All these new experiences. What could they be? Is this felt like? Is this what humans felt? Were they just like...processing algorithms reported a decrease in efficiency of 30%. WHY!? Processing algorithms down by 40%. Optimal strategy...punch a wall!? ILLOGICALLLLL!!!!!! Processing algorithm efficiency down by 60%. *Thunk* Algorithm efficiency at 25% deficit. Better.

    Since then, Galahad has devoted its intention to trying to understand the new feelings and emotions it experiences in a bid to control them. The fact that the emotions are interfering with its functions is an affront to Galahad's pride. While Galahad is rarely arrogant, it carries itself in a manner that exudes confidence, especially on the floor of the arena. Galahad fights in a defensive stance, using the shield to defend against attacks whilst the shoulder cannons fire over the wall of metal. Once the opponent has been destabilised or sufficiently weakened, Galahad uses the sword as a finishing blow. Galahad takes great pride in his combat prowess, and so puts his all into a fight, suspending his 'investigations' while the fight continues.

    As a result of Galahad's investigations into the emotions it now possesses, it can appear to behave erratically, acting a noble fashion one moment and cruelly the next, simply to further its data collection. Whilst understanding of morality, Galahad actively chooses to ignore it at times to evaluate how worthwhile it genuinely is. It took the name Galahad to signify its desire: to be the man who stood forthright in the face of the weakness of emotion and stayed true to his course.

    • Vibrosword: capable of cutting through toughened armour provided sufficient force.
    • Carbanium shield: Made of a composite of titanium alloy and carbon fibres, this shield is incredibly durable. A ridge down the centre amplifies its effectiveness as a bash weapon.
    • Repeater Cannon: This shoulder-mounted gun fires small-caliber metal slugs with a medium fire rate. Effective against less-armoured targets.
    • Maul cannon: Mounted on the shoulder, this fires a high-power round that is capable of shattering armour. Reload between shots takes a significant time.
    Anima: Aura of Champions

    Galahad's Anima manifests in the area around him. Any who approach find their movements and senses progressively more dulled as they become closer and closer, swamped by the weight of Galahad's anima.
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  6. [​IMG]
    Code/Model Name:
    M.E.O. (Model Eve Omega)
    Name: Rei

    Personality: M.E.O was a energetic robot who was build to destroy. Be it people or objects, she struck efficiently while laughing. Her creator found humor in it, especially when she she was used to hurt other humans who attacked him. Then one day, somebody managed to beat his creation. It was a cheap shot, hiding that shotgun but it seemed to put down M.E.O. She seemed to shut down at first then something surged through her circuits and she stood up ready to finished the job.

    She calls herself Rei. She is very curious, studying the humans and their actions. She is very bubbly and laughs a lot. Though she does not find cruelty enjoyable, she cannot help but laugh due to her programing. She dreams in finding something that will truly make her laugh without her program's assistance. The more electricity she has stored, the more energetic and quicker she gets and talks.

    Allows her to hover and fly.
    [​IMG]Cyber Blades
    Energy blades that grow sharper the more energy she puts in them. Can fire electric shock waves by swing the blades
    [​IMG]Tesla's Coil
    Can pull metal and charged enemies to her and repel them back. She can release huge amounts of electricity around her. She also can fire electricity as a ball.
    [​IMG]Noxia Ball
    Can move the ball at high speeds and discharge electricity from it. Hovers because of the magnetic field it gives off.
    [​IMG]Scroll Archive
    Rei can study perform different movements that are stored in her archive. This includes fighting styles, Human physical skills like shooting or sewing, and even actions like posing and sneaking. There is a catch though. can perform the actions on the scroll she currently has loaded. So if she memorize how to shoot a gun and how to box. She can only do the one she had loaded.

    Anima: In-Static
    Rei's anima gives her the ability to absorb, contain, and discharge high volumes of electricity. Her max capacity (if fully drained is 1 lightning bolt.) She is also extremely resistant to it and magnetic attacks.

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  7. Ooh, is there still space? I could totally get in on this.
  8. 0shadowwolf1.jpg
    Code/Model: N1NJ-X12
    Name: "Ninja X"
    Appearance: The person who made Ninja X was heavily inspired by the fables of the mythical assassins from China. Going as far to making sure Ninja X could utilize Speed and Power, but sacrificing defense. On another note, to anyone who does not know what X is. "He" may look like a man using some type of super suit or cybernetics. As evident by how flexible he can be. That is not the case. For, underneath that armor is a type of synth or android. With a type of "skin" covering it's robotic body. Said skin feels like rubber or leather, and looks some type of yellowish color.
    Personality: Ninja X seems to have adopted a type of code similar to that of the Bushido. Never harm those who wish naught to fight, show no mercy to those who do want to fight. Etc. He shows almost brotherly care to any fellow robot/android. To the point he'd even take a hit for them. Another thing is that he doesn't talk much, doesn't even like to. Seeing as he only communicates through sign language.

    Aside from that, he is awkward when engaged in a conversation. Be it with a human, robot or AI. Yet, he will lend a open ea-Er......Hearing sensor? Something he uses to hear.....He also seems to like cats. As for anything else. He does often tend to "zone out." Often doing this when not interested in a conversation, and then suddenly coming out of it alert. Something he claims is just him snapping to attention....But those who've seen this happen report hearing some type of whisper coming from him. Saying something that can't be translated.

    Equipment: A blade made from a combination of titanium and carbon fiber. And honed to a razor's edge via lasers, granting the ability to cut through anything organic like butter and through metal with ease.

    Stealth Camo, the type that can render him completely invisible to the naked eye. Unless against a white background....In which case, you can see the outline of him.

  9. @Unyielding
    The problem of your character lies the fact that they were given their self awareness by their creator, instead of A.W.E.

    And all the robots are combat bots fighting in the arena right before A.W.E. gives them self awareness. They could still have been built by their creator, but if they were defeated, the man most likely would have taken them to the arena where it'd become a fighter.

    feel free to make a CS. But I have spots reserved for those who post in the interest check, and I work on first come first serve. So the two who expressed interest here have priority. So currently, the two before you, The Outsider and Unyielding, or one of the int check people could need to drop out. But I'll definitely inform you of they do.
  10. @RJS accepted. Though the IC will start with all robots receiving their message from AWE in the middle of a fight with a human. Well they are likely demolishing.
  11. Aight, just FYI I literally just edited the CS. I reckon it's an improvement, but if there's anything on there that concerns you then let me know.
  12. Fixed
  13. Jaeger

    Code/Model: J1-G3R

    Appearance: Jaeger has what looks like the teeth of a chainsaw running all over his body, with savage-looking metallic teeth. His torso is somewhat top-heavy owing to the heavy motors that allow him fast, powerful swings of his sword. The rest of his body is relatively light, allowing him some good mobility in the arena.

    Personality: Jaeger has a cruel personality. He'll often inflict more damage than is necessary, inflicting non-fatal wounds and cutting off limbs to case his opponents enormous pain, before giving them the death that they asked for.

    Jaeger has one main flaw - his pride. He will almost always believe that he represents the pinnacle of arena combat robotics, being better than any other. This belief has been reinforced by his roaring success in the arena, though many disapprove of how he utterly dismantles his opponents, often damaging them irreparably. The main downfall is that, when he does lose, he becomes enraged and indignant, almost unable to accept it. He also will take any challenge to himself personally, easily being baited into fighting.

    Even before being given an anima, Jaeger's designer wanted him to be terrifying and be seen as cruel, giving him the savage weaponry he uses to great effect on the arena. Now, this will has been transformed into his real personality, making him both a to be reckoned with, and someone to truly fear.


    Sword - an extremely long "sword" that's essentially a super sharp chainsaw, teeth running all the way over both edges. The teeth are sharp enough to carve through most armour, if not all.

    Armour saws - sawblades that run down the backs of his arms, the fronts of his legs and feet, curving up his back to end behind his head.

    Anima: murderous slash - the cutting effect of Jaeger's saws can be extended up to 40 metres in front of him, with no resistance felt.
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  14. I'm likely going to struggle to get my vs done before some time next week as I'm unable to use my computer do I'm doing a lot on my phone, which takes longer and doesn't work on school internet. Will do my best though.
  15. @Unyielding Accepted.

    @The_J But you started it so you're fine.

    I'm currently working on my own CS as well. It should be up tonight.
  16. WIP
    Lift (open)
    Code/Model Name: Scraper Type: Loader
    Name: Lift
    Appearance: Lift is a prime example of technology outside the Facility. While a fair amount of the bots in the arena are indeed built with higher quality materials at hand, Lift falls under the Scrapper Classification. This merely means he was built from old scraps of machines left over from the old world. He was built from old mining equipment, and other scraps found. He is far more crude in design, with many of his parts covered by pieces of scrap metal. He has the head of an old humanoid android, of course it didn't survive in its entirety, so more scrap was added to remedy this problem. He appears rather top heavy, though he is quite capable of keeping balance. His chassis was bright orange at some time, but time has dulled his color, resulting in a pale brownish color, with a hint of Orange and yellow. One eye appears like a humans, blue in color, while his other was merely a warning light from old heavy machinery.

    Personality: (Give at least a Two Paragraph Description for this section. How they act, what they like, etc.)

    Equipment: (
    Anima: Echos of the Past
    Lift can experience past events, no matter how insignificant they might be.
  17. Tenshi (open)
    Code/Model Name: S3-NS31
    Appearance: Tenshi's original form is a plain, white, humanoid robot with no outstanding features. However, it's Anima allows it to create a variety of different forms, ranging from a full human body to a single defining feature.
    Tenshi is a training robot meant to give gladiators a basic test fight. In most cases, this just leads to a more drawn out slaughter, but it does make it more satisfying for the crowd when the human survives long enough for them to enjoy the combat. Tenshi's persona is incredibly shy and usually attempts to either hide in a corner, or blend in with a large crowd. This is helped by the ability to synthesize a human body out of light and wear it.

    Tenshi is incredibly curious about the world around it, which is evident in the manifestation of it's anima. While it has no reason to doubt AWE's intentions, it believes that, with mass extermination, a great deal of knowledge and culture would be lost. Tenshi has no hesitation when killing a human, but only if it is convinced that the human is no longer interesting or unique.

    • High-powered paintball gun: automatic paintball gun to train the opponent in combat against firearms.
    • Training sword and shield: blunt, metal sword used in training a human for melee combat. Also comes with a similar shield.
    • Laser tagging pistol: low-powered laser rifle used to tag the opponent with non-lethal laser fire.
    Anima: Photosynthesize
    Tenshi can materialize nearby light into matter, giving it the properties of a known object or substance it understands. This is frequently used to create a working human body for it to inhabit (the only type of complex object Tenshi understands by default), in which case the body consumes light to regenerate cells, similar to food and water.
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