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  1. IC Thread!

    Now open for anyone to join!!

    Rules of my RP!

    1) Post once a day, or more.

    2) If you cannot post that day please PM me, that way we don't leave you behind.

    3) Try to make each post one paragraph. I know there are those times where you can't put too much, but just try. :)

    4) Keep track of your own progress and don't cheat! Update your information as soon as possible. Also, you won't always win, so no god-modding.

    4) Have fun!! haha


    Character Sheet:


    (Optional) History:

    AA Slots 4 (This will not apply until you get your AA and modify it.)

    1 Weapon: (Anything, but basic like a short sword)

    1 Armor: Basic

    1 Skill: (Anything, but for now at its basic form like a single, small laser.)

    1 Ultimate: Locked (Unlocked after your 5th arena win)

    You can have two of one slot at the cost of another, or even three of one slot. (EX: 2 Weapons, 1 Armor, 0 Skill.)

    Ultimate is untouchable no matter what.

    Armor weakness: None (EX: Slowness, Brittle, etc.)
    Win’s: 0
    Lose’s: 0
    Rank: Ω Omega
    Next Rank: about 5 wins
    Skill Points: 0
    Emblems Collected:

    Weapon detail:

    Skill Description:

    Ultimate Description: Locked


    Rank’s: Start: Ω Omega, Ψ Psi, Χ Chi, Φ Phi, Υ Upsilon, Τ Tau, Σ Sigma, Ρ Rho, Π Pi, Ο Omicron, Ξ Xi, Ν Nu, Μ Mu, Λ Lambda, Κ Kappa, Ι Iota, Θ Theta, Η Eta, Ζ Zeta, Ε Epsilon, Δ Delta, Γ Gamma, Β Beta, Α Alpha, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Final: ∞ Infinite

    Ok so the symbols are not the way I'd want, going from highest to lowest, but it's the best picture so far.


    Win duels to rank up, lose to rank down. Ranking down may demote an ability that needed a higher rank.

    Above your rank by 2 or more: win 1 to rank up/ lose void

    Above your rank by 1: win 3 to rank up/ lose 6 and rank down

    Same are your rank: win 5 to rank up/ lose 10 and rank down

    Below your rank by 1: win 10 to rank up/ lose 20 and rank down

    Below your rank by 2: win void/ lose void

    Ranking up? What does it do?

    Ranking up entitles you to spend 3 ability point for that rank you can choose between:

    1) Slot Upgrade

    A. You may add a slot to your AA (don’t forget to let the AAT, Anima Alloy Tournament know!)

    B. Fuse A Slot- You have too many slots now what? Well you can fuse them together at a shop or free on a rank up! -Must have two empty slots- (fusing makes 2 slots of the same category into 1! Said to have amazing effects on what ever is equipped to them)

    2) Skill Upgrade

    A. Make a know skill stronger.

    B. Make an ultimate stronger. (Doing this can cause for system overload when using an ultimate.)

    3) New Skill

    Learn a New Skill

    4) Weapon Upgrade

    Upgrade can make it:

    A. Faster

    B. Stronger

    C. Size modification

    D. Unique (Such as a sword, but with thrusters on it.)

    5) Lucky

    Feeling lucky punk? If so roll a dice and the out come can be

    A. Fused Slots Added

    B. More Upgrades

    C. Weapon Enhancements

    D. Lose a Slot

    E. Lose Skill Point

    F. Add Weakness

    The armor itself is a second skin that regenerates after every duel if damaged. Going into battle with damaged armor is not advised. The AA will automatically form itself around the owner when attacked by any unforeseen attack. This will be recorded by the AA and the attacker will be punished by the AA Tournament Judges, unless they have inhibitors that block the AATJ from gathering their information. The armor can manifest weapons from itself that will repair themselves after every battle as well. It is up to you whether to use that or use a completely separate weapon. The AA responds to your mind to enhance fighting capabilities. There is a hud view that you can bring up whether in the AA or not. Also, remember that the AA is only an enhancement to yourself. It does not have unlimited energy and neither do you.


    Here is the history, you can skip it if you want:

    ===> Today is February 14th, 3065.

    The Evans and Karters have finally found out how to mutate a soldiers skin to be very hard like body armor! However, this was short lived as it faded away after 15 minutes. Subject was shot in the forearm, but has survived.

    ===> Today is May 15th, 3066

    Over a year has passed and with great success we have managed to have a fully armored soldier. The unique thing is that it was made from his own skin! He made a second skin on just a thought! More to come…

    ===> One Hour Later

    Amazing he has far surpassed our expectations. With this speed and strength we are sure to win the war!

    ===>Post-war 3069

    Our only subject was killed in combat today as well as the end of the war. We are unable to reproduce the outcome again.

    ===>Year 3072

    Project has been put on hold for lack of results the Evans and Karters have failed
    President Brooks R. Wright

    ===> June 15th, 4002

    Entry--Barnaby Evan: I’m continuing on with my families research and have found the right strain of DNA that is needs modification. Test subjects are stable and have almost full control of their armor!

    ===>June 18th, 4002

    Amazing! Training with each other has caused their armor to become more suited to their style. I shall call this armor....Anima Alloy for it starts the same but changes to reflect the soul. More studies need to be done…

    Their vital signs have shown to be normal they could go on living normal life’s without ever using their AA (AnimaAlloy) I’ll be talking to the science association today about my discovery.

    ===> December 30th, 4002

    Happy New Years! Things have gone so well we have people lining up for the augmentation only a few have rebelled against this “Government Idea.” Bah who needs them if they don’t wish to evolve then they can stay where they are. I myself will receive the augmentation tomorrow.

    Barnaby Evans

    ===>January 2nd, 4003

    Entry--Daniel Karter: My dear friend Barnaby could not handle the augmentations. He became deceased shortly after the process was through…I’m continuing his research…My goal is to make this safer.

    ===> Data Is Corrupt

    ===> Data Is Corrupt

    ===> Data Is Corrupt

    AA Ranking Tournament established 4590.

    Ranking system established 4598.

    AA Are now available to all public and non-military personal 4623.

    AA Tournament has established 9 testing arenas that a person must win before facing any elites or champion, for safety reasons 4625.

    ===> Data Is Corrupt

    ===> Data Is Corrupt

    Following Daniel and Barnaby's research, I have concluded that I can modify Anima Alloy with engineering. How exciting!

    ...the first subject has just arrived!!

    ===> August 15th, 5595

    The modifying was successful! I’m so giddy about this find, their are parts of the AA that hold it’s weapons and ability’s. I also managed to change them, but the slot for the ultimate ability I was unable to touch…. I managed to remove a down side that would cause the user extreme pain while using his AA. I’m starting to see the money in this.

    This is the last known update to the AA research! in less then a year shops have been set up all over the world for modifying your AA for a Price!

    ===> Anima Alloys, aka AA's, are a strand of DNA that creates body armor that adapts and evolves with the user. People fight for rank and to become the best AA fighter in history. Any fights without both sides permission is punishable by law. A few are "exempt" from this, mostly mercenaries and assassins, but police as well. We hope you use your AA and have fun with others battling and exploring the world of New Earth….

    <Recording Resets> Welcome to the AA Augmentation Clinic, please standby for a doctor to call you in. We will now dive in to the past so you may learn more about the world of AA’s…

    ===> Today Is February 14th, 3065

    This is where you guys come in! You are waiting in the AAAC, whether were everyone is or just you in one of the newly conformed Earth continents, waiting to get augmented. I'll post a sample of how the process would happen, whether you incorporate it or not it up to you. We will duel random NPC's, even each other if wanted, and aim for the arenas! For now just have fun and I'll explain how to update your information if you need it!
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  2. Name: Max Karter


    The Karter family has been a part of the AA project since the beginning. They had funded the research and helped made the AA what they are today. Although wealthy the family doesn't splurge on themselves, but helps others in need no matter how expensive.

    Max Karter is the first born of Kim and Tyler, he is 18 and about to get his first AA. His parents are worried that he might not survive, but he is physically and willfully strong. They live in Costa Rica, in a two story house near the ocean. Although they could buy a beach house they prefer to stay a bit secluded and try to not be recognized, but still fail.

    He is 6 feet tall, with short blonde hair, green eyes, always wears shorts, a plain white T-shirt and sandals. Lyle is very excited that the day has finally come to be augmented into a fully functionally Anima Alloy.


    AA Slots 4

    1 Weapon: Poll

    1 Armor: Light Variant 1

    1 Skill: Encompassing Energy Shield

    1 Ultimate: Locked

    Armor weakness: Not fortified.
    Win’s: 1
    Loses: 0
    Rank: Ω Omega
    Next Rank: 5 wins or less
    Current Exp: 33%
    Skill Points: 0
    Emblems Collected: None

    Weapon detail: 5 foot poll.

    Skill Description: A 360 shield made of electrical energy that solidifies into a slightly transparent dome. Unfortunately does not protect against strong attacks or underground attacks.

    Ultimate Description: Locked
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  3. O.O I am speechless at how amazing this is! I'm taking a slot, making my profile right now!
  4. Hurray!!!!! :D
  5. Name: Enlil Tsubasa

    History: Originally, Enlil was the only important thing in his parents lives. His mother enjoyed helping in the AA project, and his father was always smiling while creating robots, but the only thing they truly adored was their sweet, innocent son, Enlil. The, in a tragic car accident, Enlil was killed, leaving his parents in despair. His parents took the mourning too far though. Both of them abandoned their jobs, started living off peanuts, so they could dedicate all their time on a private project. For years they tried to combine their sons body with machinery to bring him back to life, trying to create a half human-half cyborg being. Eventually it a way. The human half of Enlil's body was technically alive- it followed all seven of the basic life processes. But all memories of his previous life were gone, and Enlil could no longer feel emotions. His body simply followed a programmed personality. Enlil's parents wanted to try and improve on him, but the government discovered, and stopped them, before they could. Unsure of what to do with him, the government decided to let Enlil be given an AA, to further AA research, and get him out of the way.



    AA Slots 4

    Weapon: Mubuchae/War Fan

    Weapon detail: A mubuchae is fan made of birch wood (pak dahl in particular), which has been tempered in such a way to make it strong enough to be a practical weapon, while not looking like a weapon. Enlil's fan has a baby blue sky, and pastel pink cloud pattern on it, but no specialized features for fighting.

    Armor: None

    Skill 1: Indeprensus

    Skill Description 1: Makes Enlil's presence less noticeable, so it's hard to keep an eye on him.

    Skill 2: Ventus fluxum

    Skill 2 Description: An attack that uses wind to push an opponents/objects away from Enlil. Doesn't work on heavier opponents/objects, and does little damage (so it's more for defense).

    Ultimate: Locked

    Ultimate Description: Locked

    Armor weakness: N/A
    Win’s: 0
    Lose’s: 0
    Rank: Ω Omega
    Next Rank: 5 (same level) wins
    Current Exp: 0%
    Skill Points: 0
    Emblems Collected: None
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  6. Nice character! I should probably add this in the overload of information, but the weapons can be a part of the armor. The armor itself regenerates just like skin but much faster. Honestly its up to you but having so many variables will make this RP fun haha.
  7. Oh, so the weapons can regrow as part of your skin? Sounds cool! Might add something with the third slot about that after his augmentation, if I can. Sounds great, hope we get a third person pretty soon!
  8. Exactly :) It should work out fine. Almost anything is possible, but like I said don't make it over powerful haha. It would be awesome if this gets started as soon as possible. :)
  9. It would be! Hope somebody else applies quickly, but if they don't would we be able to start by ourselves?
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  10. Yes we could start ourselves, would you just want it a onexone or leave it open for people to join?
  11. Oh, and i finished my history! Hope it's ok- and we might be able to weave in some plot points on how the AA affects Enlil's hybrid body.
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  12. I'll take a look when I can. :)
  13. Interesting....I'm honestly not sure how an AA would affect a hybrid guess it would function the same as long as he has some kind of brain or processing unit.

    Amyway I'm not sure if you have seen, but I've added a bit more information on AAs right before the history part. Also I'll start up the actual thread in about 5 hours from now when I'm off of work, whether or not anyone else joins.
  14. Oooh, nice~!
    This RP looks very interesting, I would love to join!
    May I reserve a spot?
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  15. Yes you may!
  16. Awesome! Thank you!
    I'll work on a profile momentarily~!
  17. Sounds good!
  18. Name: Silas Warford Potter, the 'Miracle Child'

    Age: Nineteen

    History: Silas does not usually talk about his past, mostly because he believes he was born a mistake. As in that he should have never been conceived. His mother was already dead when he came into the world, and so was he, nearly. He had only a faint heart beat, the doctors said, in the throws of an unknown disease that was not visual to anyone who took a glimpse at his small body. This disease was of the flesh eating kind but it was unusual in the way that while devouring his body, it also suffocated him, pulling him down into death’s core with every passing second. A miracle would save him, they said. And so, his mother’s body discarded and himself swathed with antibiotics, the medicine having stilled the deterioration of his brain, the doctors decided that he would be better off dying a slow and horrifying death. That was when a man came to him. He was the president of a company formed to ’save lives’ and apparently Silas was their first example, their poster child, the baby who lived with a medicine they produced. That man adopted him but only to keep him around as a breathing slogan. But, as the boy aged and news of the Anima Alloy spread, it was only natural that the boy would eventually express an interest in them. He dreamed of entering in tournaments and becoming a great champion in the eyes of the world, however, that was a little far-fetched for someone in his position. He had no way of getting an AA and there was no way of telling if he was truly going to be able to use one once he obtained it. A couple years went by and the boy's dreams grew and grew until he was avid in the AA community, he studied them relentlessly in hopes that one day he would be able to show what he had learned. It was not until another miracle came along that his dream was finally realized. A scientist unknown to the boy offered him a different home, different body and, above all else, a different life. He stole away in the middle of the night and went to live with the man, who kept his word and experimented on the boy's fragile being. Eventually, his work paid off and Silas emerged disease-free, with a body that allowed him to do everything that the boy was never able to do. Flips, spins, leaps and sprints were only a few abilities that Silas accumulated post-surgery.
    With his new body, Silas decided to get himself an AA with the help of the scientist, better known as the boy's 'new father'.

    AA Slots 4

    Weapon: Sosun Pattah (1)

    Armor: Basic (1)

    Skill: Heightened Acrobatics

    Ultimate: Locked

    Appearance: Silas has tan skin; caramel in complexion with medium-length, dark ebony hair, he fits the stereotype of a young man of Indian descent. (5'10" / 130 lbs.)

    Armor weakness: None
    Win’s: 0
    Lose’s: 0
    Rank: Ω Omega
    Next Rank: about 5 wins
    Skill Points: 0
    Emblems Collected:

    Weapon detail: The Sosun Pattah is a double-edged blade curved into a slight 'S' shape. Simply put, it is the blade of a Jatagan reshaped into a more aerodynamic form.

    Skill Description: The Heightened Acrobatics that Silas possesses allow him to perform amazing feats of balance, agility and motor coordination. He has incredible strength and flexibility that allows him to lift himself and contort his body with ease, increasing his dexterity. His lightened body is able to be maneuvered effortlessly and gives him extraordinary weapon proficiency with an assortment of blades, namely Short Blades and the like.

    Ultimate Description: Locked
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