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  1. Jumping on the bandwagon here :P What are some songs that you like to listen when you're angry and just wanna destroy the world? Here are some of mine:

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  2. I like this song when I'm pissed. Mostly the chorus, since the rest doesn't apply to me. 'Little Girl' does though since I'm short heh.

  3. Short struggles :P I'm short too :(
  4. Probably the song 'Animal I have become' by Three Days Grace or 'Monster' by Skillet.
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  6. Normally if I am angry I want something evil, so I will start with a song that @Wolfiethehybrid123 got me addicted to.

    Escape the Fate is always a good band for me to go to, especially this song.

    Creepy makes me feel like I am watching an episode of Criminal Minds.

    This song with this video.

    And then there is Lux Aeterna. Normally all the above will help with my angry mood and make me feel better, but if they don't then I can always listen to this. This song does not make me want to burn the world, this song makes me feel like the world is already dead.
  7. @Icystorm
    Haha! You can never escape the Anti-you song! *evil laughter*

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  9. The kind of music I listen to depends on whether or not I want to chill out and get past said anger. If I want to chill I go listen to some indie stuff or fun electronic music, just anything light and generally positive in tone to pick me up. No need for examples for this one cause I feel like you want the non-chill stuff.

    For times when I'm pissed off and I don't feel the need to calm down I go for metal and related genres. Anything with a decently aggressive feel works for this mood. Here, have a some examples in link format because there's already been enough embedded videos in this thread to ruin the day of anyone trying to load it on a slow connection.

    Amon Amarth - Valhall Awaits Me
    Disturbed - The Curse
    Epica - Martyr of the Free Word
    In Flames - Disconnected
    Oomph! - Mein Schatz
    Otep - Blood Pigs
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  10. mein gott probably the first person I meet who knows who Otep is xD

    My angry songs are pretty much all Disturbed -

    I'll just stick that on repeat and put on my headphones, and mouth the words and let myself be consumed for a moment by my anger haha. Ah la la.
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  11. I avoid amplifying anger. So basically my playlist becomes like;

    Yeah. That.
  12. One of Teen Diana's favorites. 8D

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  13. I have a few, but the first one I think of is for some reason >> which is super odd.

    But I also really like this one, which is also odd. . . .

    I am ready to be judged

  14. And the ever popular:

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  16. I obviously listen to

    In all honesty though I don't ever get angry enough to need any kind of 'anger song'
  17. I listen to Dark Electro or Aggrotech EDM when I'm mad.

  18. I usually listen to Metal when I'm pissed off, helps to calm me down strangely enough.

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