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    A glower of dismay remained etched into the features of what appeared to be a young man. He had been staring down at the other individual for quite some time now, patience wearing thin. The lad's patience was already feeble to begin with. "Wake up already." he said to himself through a low growl. How did he get himself into such a predicament? Although he really had no one else to blame but himself, it did not prevent him from becoming bitter and irritable as he awaited the young woman's awakening. Glancing around the apartment, his white brows burrowed into a frown as he recalled his former actions back in Hell. There was no way to beat around the evident fact that the young demon was quite mischievous and trouble tended to effortlessly find him, but apparently what he had done this time had been so drastic that it obliged the big demon himself to take disciplinary procedures. To be more precise, he fondled with an item that he was not supposed to make contact with.

    All of the demons were somehow instinctively aware that they were not to touch said item if they were to enter the Devil's domain for any reason. However, Xaconas did not heed the subconscious warnings. He allowed curiosity to dominate his mental capacity at that moment. He was the kind of demon that tended to make rash decisions. For instance, he would probably press an obscure button all the while asking, "What's this do?" instead of analyzing any potential consequences prior to pressing it. Thus, this was the type of scenario that had forced him into turmoil. It was a lever to be more precise. He'd pulled it, triggering the obliteration of approximately 1/3 of Hell itself. The underworld was a profoundly enormous place, so dispatching just a 1/3 of Hell's land to its demise was still quite the massive portion. Ultimately, that was when the Devil had chosen to penalize him by forcing him to assist the angel. Now, Xaconas was also extremely stubborn. How did the Devil get him to comply to a supposedly tedious task? Surely his position of power alone didn't convince the hard-headed demon? On the contrary, Xaconas had asked, "And if I refuse?", which led the head demon on to persuading him by disclosing one of the mangled demons that previously refused to follow orders. After all, It would be most ideal to have him out of Hell during the reconstruction process of the destroyed property.

    Of course, the lad didn't want to end up like the maimed bird demon so he had aimed to reach the apartment in which the angel would be located subsequent to his lecture. He assumed that his human form would blend in decently during his reside in the bustling city. Then again, he was dressed a bit peculiarly. When he took a quick glance around the town, he'd been traveling with such swiftness that no human would be able to ensnare the sight of him with the mere naked eye solely. Xaco possessed creamy-white hair, which was cut slightly unevenly along the edges. The front section of his strands streamed down to his cheekbones. Simultaneously, the rough ends near the back stopped to about a couple of inches past his broad shoulders. The deep turquoise hue within his irises were distinct and as well-defined as his physique. He was certainly on the slim side of the spectrum, but his lean muscularity was of well-toned quality. Nevertheless, he usually kept only one of his eyes unveiled. The other was constantly concealed by a black and silver eye-patch There was nothing particularly erroneous about the hidden eye in physical appearance, but his vision wasn't as superior in that eye. Thus, he wanted to prevent it from interfering with his better optic. With the eye-patch aside, his attire would have most definitely earned several stares in public. He was currently not wearing a shirt. He merely wore arm-length black gloves with white buckles upon the hems, and faintly ragged black pants to match.

    'I still don't understand why in the hell this angel cannot find a key on her own. It was her own fault that she was caught sneaking a peek of...whatever book she was looking in. And what difference does it make if she looks into a book anyway...?' Clearly he wasn't entirely aware of how significant the specific book was, nor did he realize that this key could be 'anywhere' on this Earth. Even so, he could care less right now. He just didn't yearn to be entwined into this. His top priority was to help her attain the key as soon as possible. However, he had rarely received the opportunity to visit the human realm. Perhaps he should take the time to explore it in the intervening time... It was most likely far more intriguing than it appeared to be at first glance. Eventually, Xaconas turned back to the unconscious woman and released an exasperated sigh. Her eyelids were still sealed together. He needed to speed this up. Temptation set in as he pondered about the possibilities. He'd considered giving her a bit of a push off the bed in order to wake her up, but he didn't want to cause further complications by giving her human body a concussion. It was surprising that he even thought of the potential end result before doing it. Abruptly, he began to hover over the sleeping woman as if he had never learned about personal space, proceeding with poking her on the forehead with an index finger. He raised a brow as he did so. Maybe this would interrupt her unconscious state? "How long do you intend to sleep?" he queried at a booming volume.
  2. [​IMG]"Did you hear of what she did?!"

    " She had to have taken it, right?!"

    "If she was smart, she would just give it back."

    "IS SHE A DEMON!?"




    " Just shut up," the young angel whispered, putting her trembling hands over her ears. Though she was in a room by herself, their voices still echoed in her head. Did she take it? Why did she take it? She was the only one around when it went missing so she had to be guilty.

    "That's not true," She spoke to herself again, rocking back and forth on her heels a bit. She couldn't remember what happened so the other angels just called her guilty? How was that fair?!

    " Calm down Delila, just think about it," her shaking voice muttered. She was in the room with the book, that much she remember. Ok, that's a good start. She was told to look after it while her teacher went away. He said he'd be gone only for a little while. Nothing to worry about. If only that was true. Maybe she was attacked?Was she alone? Yes...maybe. Now her head was hurting again. At least that's what she thought it was called. Hurting? Such a strange word. Angels never had to worry about such an emotion. Angels didn't have to worry about any emotions actually. Now she understood why emotions were saved for the humans and demons. It made the soul quiver and tainted the mind.

    " I'll be alright. Everything will be alright. I just have to find the key. That can't be too hard." She spoke to herself again and nodded her head. The key could just be anywhere and she had to find it alone. That would be alright, she was getting used to being alone now that everyone thought she was demon.
    Her hands moved over her face, covering her eyes and hiding their pain. Her head just kept pounding though and this not so good feeling just wouldn't go away.

    "How long do you intend to sleep?"

    Sleep? Was she asleep? Wait, what was sleep?

    Delila light blue-grey eyes flicked open slowly, and the first sight she saw was just pure white. She flicked her eyes again and this time was able to make out a figure. A figure that was quite close to face and human body.

    With one quick sudden movement, she lifted both her arms and thrust her hands into the figures shoulder, hoping to push it away and onto the floor.
    " Who are you?!" She shouted, her voice just as shaking as it was in her mind. She curled her legs up close to her body causing the muscles to tense up.
    Once her eyes adjusted she looked over the figure more. It was a he and a rather young he. Titling her head to one side she asked," What are you?"
    The presence he gave didn't feel right. It felt so impure, so wicked.

    There was that not good feeling again. Her eyes wondered down to where on her body it was coming from. To bad it was coming from all over. Her slim legs were bruised from what appeared to top to bottom. Her slider arms matching her legs. The light green dress she was in covered most of them, at least the worst of them. Her outfit was lose or maybe it was just that her body was to slim. So slim it was probably unhealthy. A lock of dirty blonde hair feel into her eye sight next, making her jump. She was in a state that even her own shadow could cause fear in her. Her hair appeared to go down to the middle of her back and looked like it could using a brushing too.

    "What happened to my body?" She asked the figure, looking over at him with tear filled eyes like he knew all of the answers.
  3. 'Maybe she's already dead.' Xaconas mentally suggested as he seized the curious prodding along her face with his finger. Momentarily, his keens eyes had caught view of several bruises along her fragile-looking physique. Where did she obtain them? Before he had much of an opportunity to ponder about the inquiry, the woman's eyes gradually began to open. And at that instance, he was positioned within closer proximity to her face. Needless to say, he was slightly taken aback at the sudden sight of blue-grey irises. However, the feeling subsided quickly as yet another frown planted itself onto his features. "About time Sleeping Beauty." he grumbled, blinking blankly when she suddenly lunged forward to shove him away. He was pushed backwards by the unexpected force, which had successfully created distance between the two. "The hell is your problem? Are you trying to irk me even more?" he asked genuinely, despite that anyone would have probably been startled if they were to discover an unfamiliar being hovering over them after awakening.

    In a shaking tone, she asked who he was through a shout. Even so, he responded calmly. "Xaconas. A pleasure to meet you." he said, sarcasm oozing from his words. He paused, raising a brow when she inquired about what he was. "And if you must know, I am a demon." he replied, folding his arms. He did fail to leave out one minor detail in that field though, and it was done so on purpose. He fell silent thereafter in order to study her. She seemed quite fearful of everything right now, and very vulnerable. What if he had been as 'wicked' as his presence insinuated? He wouldn't have hesitated to take advantage of her current condition had he been as evil as some of the most ruthless demons and monsters. Of course, he was not interested in pursuing these types of endeavors. On the other hand, he peculiarly preferred dominating foes supposedly more powerful than him...but that was another story.

    The young demon's eyes twitched upon catching sight of her blue-grey irises again, of which were welling up with tears. Oh God. One of the elements he truly wasn't familiar with was the emotion of sadness. Fear was another one. Were they truly necessary? Although demons were capable of emotion, he still was not very familiar with these two sensations. They were for the 'weak', in his opinion, so he didn't bother with them. It would be a waste of valuable energy. Wait, but didn't the big demon himself strike a bit of fright within Xaconas when he had 'persuaded' him to partake in this mission? Right, but he would never concede to that moment of 'weakness' even if it had only emerged for a second. And thus far, he merely found her own watery eyes to be...strangely unsettling, to say the least. Not to mention it was quite inconvenient in reference to what needed to be accomplished, which was beginning to replace said uneasiness with annoyance. Resentment, irritation, mischievousness, and boredom--those were a couple of his general emotions, but for the majority of the time, he was just an impatient and ill-tempered demon with a sour attitude.

    "Maybe you were better off just sleeping. Do you angels always become this skittish and teary-eyed when you obtain emotion?" he muttered flatly, frowning. He finally decided to answer her question about what had happened to her body, once he started to temporarily ignore the tears. "Hell if I know. I had assumed that your body was just naturally frail and sickly." He continued to speak in order to diminish his former statement, just in case. After all, he really wasn't looking forward to dealing with more tears and he was uncertain of what would trigger the water-works. "Look, I'm just here to help you find the key to the book. That's about the only piece of information I was given. This is my 'punishment'." He rolled his eyes as he uttered the word 'punishment'. He still thought it was rather absurd that he was being disciplined for delivering a fraction of Hell to its demise. It wasn't like it couldn't be rebuilt at an alarmingly quick rate. Curiosity began to peak as he scanned her once more. "You really don't seem bold enough to do something as drastic as looking into the big guy's book though. I'm surprised the angels even suspected you." he said in his casual tone.
  4. At first she didn't respond to his sarcasm and smart remarks, almost as if she was ignoring him. Her eyes wondered around the room, taking in every detail as if it were a life and death situation, remembering every exit and entrance possible to the room. One doorway without a door, two wall length windows and one brick fire place. You could never be to careful and she didn't know what this stranger wanted or would do. Her body was still trembling but surprisingly not even to shake the bed. Human bodies on full alert was such an odd thing. The energy that ran though the veins made it almost impossible for her to sit still. Her hands still running over bruised skin even though it caused that not good feelings. Caused the pain. They just wouldn't stay still though, her mind was racing and her body seemed like it was trying to keep up.

    " Your a demon?!" She squeaked, jumping once she heard her own voice. Sadly, just the sound of her voice was enough to startle the angle.
    Delila's eyes looked over his figure more , taking in the sight of the strange man. Glancing from the demons shirtless torso to the gloves that he wore. She didn't see much use for the gloves but wasn't about to say that. He didn't looked as thin as she was, after all if one were to look close enough they could probably count most of her ribs. No, he was still slim but in a healthy way. Her glance kept moving upward as the two sat in silence. Her attention went to the demons hair next. It was just such a pretty shade of white, so pretty in her eyes that she didn't notice the uneven edges. Then her teary eyes looked into his one eye since the other was covered. She titled her head slightly, still not saying a word, but more of blankly starring at the demon. Without her noticing her body relaxed, finally letting her sit still. Letting the panic escape her mind for a brief moment.

    " Xaconas," She repeated slowly, making sure to say it right. She nodded her head slightly, as if he had just told her something very important and she was trying to take it all in. Her mind wondering off some place again, leaving a blank emotionless stare on her face. Her eyes seemed to glaze over as if she wasn't even in the same room as the demon in front of her. She startled out of her daydream again when the demon asked if angels were always so skittish, her eyes tearing up even more.
    " No, I don't think so," She answered, looking down at her hands as if she should be ashamed to be the way she was. Why wouldn't you be ashamed of not being normal?
    A single tear started to roll down her check when he answered her question. Once he mentioned that he was here to help her though, her head shot right up again with a looked of amazement. You would think that he told her the meaning of life or something with how she was looking at him.
    " Your going to help me?" She said, a faint smile forming on her lips as she uncurled her legs from her body.
    " Punishment? Your being punished too?!" She basically shouted at him, a smile forming on her excited face. That brought her more joy then it should have. Within all her excitement, she forgot about personal space as well, closing the gap that she formed between the too. Her hands rested on the bed by his legs , supporting her frame, even though there wasn't much to support. Her bright face directly in front of his, her light blue grey eyes still a little teary. Then she remembered that she just yelled at him. Getting to control the volume of her voice could still use a bit of practice.
    "Sorry," She said in a softer voice, looking embarrassed for speaking so loud. Her smile not leaving though.

    Delila looked surprised when he asked why the angels would even suspect her. Why would they? What had happened? It wasn't her fault...right?
    Her glance fell downward as she gave almost like a soft chuckle. Her eyes showing what she was feeling, after all, not like she know how to hid her emotions yet. The sorrow and confusion showed through when the frustration and pain didn't. Delila closed her eyes for a moment, then opened then and looked back up at his. Such a beautiful turquoise. There was no explanation as to why just looking into this demons eyes seemed to make her feel better. Maybe it was because he was stuck wit her. Or maybe because he was the first person to question if she would look at the Lords book. No matter what it was, he had to help her. It was his punishment but she was alright with that.
    " Hey, Xaconas, what's this thing for?" She asked, her short attention span showing again as she placed a finger softly on his eye patch.
  5. Xaconas hadn't really paid much mind to the apartment itself. He'd been too busy examining her while she was asleep. All he could conclude about the apartment's decor was that it wasn't 'half bad'. However, upon noticing her wandering eyes as she scanned the room, he too took a mere glance around. He was curious as to what she was studying so closely, but that only reminded him that the room held nothing of interest for him. Of course it would have been smarter to mimic the angel's actions by memorizing the entrances, exits, and general structure of the room, but...the lad simply didn't think in that kind of 'just in case' way. He barely ever thought ahead of his actions before committing to them, so said behavior was relevant for him. He was aware that her body appeared to be on alert...or maybe she was just cold, according to its trembling?
    "In the flesh." he replied casually, in spite of how she squeaked out the demon query. It was as if he was trying to convert her question, "You're a demon?!" into a statement by adjoining in his own response to it. "You seem surprised." Xaconas analyzed as he trudged over to one of the windows near the bed, arms folded up behind his head. Generally, the gloves were utterly useless and he genuine thought so as well, but...prior to leaving, he was told to wear 'something' on his upper body as well as the lower one in order to perceive inconspicuousness among the human's realm. Thus, he picked up his gloves and left before anyone could say that that wasn't what they meant. He admired the way they looked though, and they did somewhat protect his hands from his own reckless self. No one had really asked him about his eye patch however. They had merely dismissed it as 'one of his peculiar hobbies' as per the norm.
    Xaconas was moderately tall with a slim build and a well-defined muscularity. He wasn't exactly buff, but it was apparent that he trained his body often. He was, after all, skilled in physical combat and needed to keep up the skills he had conditioned for so long. Although he indeed wasn't as bony, it was rather easy to feel his ribs if one were to touch his sides--a typical trait of lean individuals. Nevertheless, they weren't as obvious or characterized, so he was still categorized under the healthy but slim label. He eventually swiveled himself back into the angel's direction, finally realizing that her teary eye was on him. He felt like he was being examined from head to toe, but he surprisingly didn't vocalize anything about it. Instead, he stared back almost as blankly as she was, except his expression looked to be more on the quizzical side while he attempted to determine why she was watching him like so. Was she staring so much because she admired what she was viewing, or was it because of the complete opposite of that? He couldn't help pondering about the notion absent-mindedly.
    He blinked when she repeated his name, mainly because her pronunciation was accurate. His name may have been slightly lengthy, but it was simple enough to utter. Somehow, though, many couldn't articulate it correctly on the first attempt and he never comprehended why. The fresh tears that formed in her eyes unnerved him again, but they were also a tad...bewildering. Having never used tears in the current time, he could not remember the sensation at all. And he sincerely preferred it that way. "........." Did those new tears form because of his former insensitive question about angels being so skittish and teary-eyed with emotion? Or was it due to an alternate underlying reason? Wait, but he was a demon that didn't care about feelings--he shouldn't give a hoot about the source of her tears...right? The young demon didn't obtain anymore time to figure that one out, thankfully. He did not want to solve the inquiries anyway.
    Xaco gave a single nod of his head in reply to her question. "Pretty much, so let's try to find this key quickly." He returned to his seat on the bed. Abruptly, the expression on her face converted to an amazed one once she'd discovered that he was there to help her. Well if he had been in her shoes, he supposed he'd be happy to have someone helping him too, considering that the key could have been anywhere in this extensive world. He noted the smile on her face as well. Although faint at first instance, he instantly knew that he favored the smile over the tears. Even the loud voice that she'd suddenly spoken in and the way in which she appeared to be a little too overjoyed by the point that he was also being punished--they were all preferred over the tears. The lad's optics widened with surprise when the angel yelled out the punishment statement, all the while closing the distance between them.
    He wasn't phased by the invasion of personal space earlier when he had done it himself--partially because she was still unconscious at the time--, but right now as he received the familiar behavior in return, he realized that it was actually a tad invasive. It felt even more so potentially because he wasn't exactly accustomed to the closeness of the opposite gender in various ways. For a moment, he thought that she was going to head-butt him due to how close she had come so swiftly, which obliged him to bend himself backwards slightly out of reflex. Just in case. "Yeah, I'm being punished. Why do you sound so happy about that??" He raised a brow at her, optics still dilated slightly. It was then that she apologized in a softer tone for shouting. He had tensed up slightly when she came so close to him, but he relaxed again soon enough. Subsequent to Xaconas's mentioning of the angel's suspicions of her, the emotions she felt were evident in her eyes. They were...familiar. Sorrow, confusion, pain... She didn't seem to know what happened either. And exactly what did she endure before coming here? He wondered about this mentally as she met with his unveiled turquoise iris.
    The young male broke from his own notions as she randomly inquired about the eye patch over his left eye. Was her attention span shorter than his own? That was definitely a possible consideration. "To cover up my inferior eye. I don't want it to interfere with the vision of my better eye." He decided to leave out the other details of the eye path because he assumed it would probably bore her as much as it used to bore him. He paused momentarily, staring down at the floor. "So, is there anywhere in particular that you want to look first for this key? We should start as soon as we can. We have a lot of ground to cover." he said, frowning at the last part of his statement as he huffed to blow a strand of white hair from his face. That was certainly an understatement if the key could be anywhere in this entire realm.
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