Angel's not-too-terrible Art~

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  1. Hey guys! ^^ So, this is gonna be my first post. Unfortunately I'm still kinda a nub in regards to this site (please don't hit me orz), but I hope someone will get a little enjoyment out of my pictures none-the-less! c:
  2. Completed Digital Works

    These are all done completely on the computer - from sketching, to lineart and coloring.

    Programs Used: Paint Tool Sai
    Tablet Used: Wacom Bamboo Capture

    Mao (open)

    This is Mao, one of my many RP characters. She is a demoness/witch, but due to her strange affection for wearing bunny ears, she is most commonly know as the Tuzi Witch. Oh, yeah. And she really doesn't like clothes... xD


    Charm (open)

    This is Charm Asader. She is (or will be, in the future) the last full-blooded Asader and thus will become the princess/queen of her clan and its followers. Her essence, or soul, is tied to the nature of cherry blossoms - thus her abilities are densely focused on them.


    ***Done Mostly with a mouse, before I received my first tablet***

    Damian - 2013 (open)

    This here is a character named Damian. He's not my own character. A few months back I hosted a contest on deviantArt, and the third-place prize was an original drawing by me of their character. So Damian belongs to PeaceInDarkness.


    ***Lineart done with mouse, before I received my first tablet. All coloring done by tablet***

    Kota (open)

    Ohoho, this is Kota Asader. Not-So-Coincidentally he is Charm's big brother and Mao's lover. Also Not-So-Coincidentally he is also Wolfsin's character.


    Colored Only By Me

    I did not draw the linearts for these - Instead, I found them on deviantArt and colored them for practice!

    ***All Colored With Laptop Mouse***

    Rocker Girl - 2011 (open)


    Harvest - 2012 (open)


    Dancing on Clouds - 2012 (open)


    Musical Mischief - 2012 (open)


    Banished Prince - 2012 (open)

  3. WIPS (Works In Progress)

    Here are the sketches/progress shots of the picture(s) I'm working on now~
    You get to see my process from start to finish! (I'll update this post each time I'm working on a new picture)

    My latest picture will be of one of my OC's named Angel~

    Background Base (open)


    Background Continued - Feathers (open)

  4. Traditional Works

    A dump of all the traditional drawings/paintings/sketches that I've done (and still have pics of)!

    Still Life - 2011 (open)


    Key to a Dreamer - 2011 (open)


    The Sea of Forgotten Toys - 2011 (open)


    Monsters By Any Other Name - 2011 (open)


    Eye - 2012 (open)


    Mei-Flower - 2012 (open)


    Crappy Flower Thing - 2012 (open)


    StarShine/MoonShine - 2012 (open)


    Howl - 2012 (open)

    ***Birthday Card for Jack/Wolfsin***

    Winter Rose -2013 (open)


  5. Whoa! Beautiful style and wonderful shading! What programs did you use? Did you draw the line art first then scan it in and do this, or did you do it all digitally? (Traditional artist here, technologically artist blocked) How long have you been doing this?
  6. The use of texture on the picture of Damian is REALLY nice. And you've got a knack for eyes. Definitely interested in what programs you use!
  7. Hydronine~ Ahh, thank you so much ^^ All of these were done in Paint Tool Sai! The first picture was done completely with my tablet (lineart included), but the last two were done before I received my tablet. I did the lineart for those with the lineart/curve tool in Paint Tool Sai. Haha, I actually haven't been doing these long... The first picture I ever fully drew and colored, which would be the second picture Charm, I started last November and finished sometime in early January. But before these I would take linearts from deviantArt that artists wanted people to color, and I would color those with my mouse for practice =D I did that for maybe a year before starting this~

    Ozzie~ Really, you think so? o: For some reason the way I draw/color eyes really bothers me, but I suppose I'm still trying to get the hang of my own style ^^ Program-wise I've done all of these in Paint Tool Sai, though before them I worked with GIMP.
  8. You're very talented, hun. Especially since you've started recently at this. I adore the coloring job you did with Dancing on Cloud's hair (it blends so nicely =D). Keep up the great work and give us more to feast on!
  9. Hehe, thanks so much, Cosmos ^^ I appreciate the compliments! I'll do my best to bring more artwork onto Iwaku~
  10. Finished another digital painting! Here he is~

    Also I started a new one, check my WIPs post to see!

  11. Lovely work on those feathers so far.