Angels kitchen {me and Ethan}

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  1. Micheal walked into the church that Saturday morning without a care in the world a smile on his face as he went to the kitchen inside the church. He came in finding things around and unclean and started cleaning them and when finished he got up and started cooking. He had many spices and other things to put inside the meal today and smiling he cooks. Till he hears a door open and raised eyebrow turning his head slightly.

    Micheal had been working here for over ten years and had never aged really gales never aged they where not even to be on earth and let alone do anything as people. Michael was different he wanted to help and so he did, smiling eyes closed he relaxed and looked once more at the man in the doorway blinking.
  2. Tristan walked into the church and towards the kitchen. Father had told him to go check into the kitchen, being sure he would enjoy cooking. Tristan himself wasn't so sure about that.. He didn't enjoy much. He walked in and saw someone cooking already. "Uhm.." He said shyly waving a bit. "I am Tristan, father Damian send me here" He said and fumbled with his thumbs. He didn't really know what to say or do further, looking at what the guy was cooking, it smelled delicious.

    [​IMG] (what he looks like)
  3. Micheal looked at him smiling gently "hello nice to meet you. Sit over there please I will be done in a minute" he said smiling as he made the food for lunch and breakfast smiling as he gave his new helper a plate of food and walked out and gave the kids the food. It was two eggs boiled with some curry sauce that tasted wonderful.

    micheal came back in smiling gently "so let's start with getting to know each other, any expernce with cooking?"
  4. Tristan shrugged. "Not much, a bit" He tasted the sauce and smiled immediately. "That smells heavenly!" He commented, not knowing that what he was saying was quite funny. He smiled at Michael. "You should definitely learn me this"
  5. Micheal smiles and nodded gently stifling a laugh and grinned gently "well I can teach you this but for tonight we have to go pick some herbs and go fishing today get some fish and herbs for to rows dinner is trout salad with herbs and special sauce I make" said smiling gently eyes peaceful and went to the door and gets a coat "come on" he said knowing the forest was windy today and the river would be chilly.
Thread Status:
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