INTEREST CHECK Angels and Vampires

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  2. No. >:[
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  3. Is this going to be a tragedy or a comedy?
  4. Why not?
    This might end up getting deleted, meant to be a joke. But hey, why not?
    I guess.... Hmm... Tragedy. EDIT: Sorry, no. Not comedy; dramatic and serious, but ends happily for all those involved.

    Addendum: More lore:
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  5. Friends against a forbidden romance. As long as the R&J references can be avoided... You'd need either a good truckload of NPCs or a system in place for character death.
  6. Hmm... I don't really know what to do about this. This was sort of a joke idea that was born from a conversation in the cbox, so I didn't actually plan on continuing this as a proper rp idea.
    However, you seem to be serious about this. How about you give birth to the whole rp's lore?
  7. Oh fuck no, I am not in a space for solo RP creation.
  8. Hmm... I guess I'll just let this thread rot...
    For now...