Angels and Demons

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  1. (This rp was inspired off of the ending of Supernatural season 8)

    Angels have been cast out of heaven with no way of reentering, rendering their wings useless and mortalizing them. Now they have to learn how to live among the human race while at the same time demons are still roaming the earth. But with their King missing they are running wild and doing as they please.

    (If you would like to join please fill out a character sheet)



    • Height:
    • Weight:
    • Hair Color:
    • Eye Color:
    • Defining Marks:

    Brief History:


    Provide two or more paragraphs as your character, demonstrating your writing and roleplay style.


    Name: Alyson

    Species: Angel

      • Height: 5' 4"
      • Weight: 130
      • Hair Color: Silver/white
      • Eye Color: Gold
      • Defining Marks: Her wings are scared into her back
    Brief History:
    Alyson had been an Angel for as long as she can remember and every day she loved it. Until their Father up and eft one day. Heaven was chaos...Angels turning on each other and each one trying to be the new Father. It never ended well. Either they were forced to fall from grace or were killed. Alyson made she she always did what she was told, not wanting to upset the balance more then it already was. She ended up sticking to Metatron's side...until the day he cast every last Angel out of Heaven and shut the gates, locking them tight. Alyson now has to find away to get him to open them up again...and find her brothers and sisters.


    Slowly Alyson opened her eyes, staring up at the sky through the water. It was quiet as she just floated there, the sky bright with falling ‘stars’. Or at least that’s what the humans thought they were. Her eyes closed again, the feeling of her wings burning away still stung upon her back. Why…why would he do this…Alyson thought to herself. Her eyes snapped open suddenly and she frantically swam to the surface. Alyson gasped as she took in a deep breath of air, her long hair draped over her shoulders. Looking to the sky she watched as one by one her fellow brother and sisters fell from grace, their wings burning as hers did. There was nothing she could do to stop it…
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