Angel Squadron

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    The upper levels of what was originally Los Angeles were dirtying themselves up as if to try and become like the regular ground, this being a holographic imitation. The ground itself was being buried in the trash and wastes of the ruling gangs and the people they oppressed. Common to the streets were broken down automobiles and even some downed flying machines among crates and boxes, and discarded fast food bags and cups, most having had their contents spilled out from the new trend of 'bag-jumping,' where a homeless fellow armed with a pointed object of some kind (its effectiveness as a weapon often varied, though its shock value for an unsuspecting citizen being high) would attack someone and attempt to take a person's food, eating a few scraps before a gang member would shoo them, and steal wallets.

    Speaking of such things, a portly man bundled up in a zipped up dark brown jacket and some similarly colored pants was walking along, a white and red cap for some sports team on his head as he checked his bag for some fries, before stepping past an alleyway, which caused the nearby dumpster lid to shoot open, a shadow slithering outwards to tail the slightly large man, a bony build making its way along the ground like a spider, the speed of its primary four limbs being quick enough to generate an afterimage which made it appear as if they did in fact have multiple arms and legs, almost like a mutant...

    The portly man was just about to grab another set of fries between his soft index finger and thumb, when the bony form hopped before him: It appeared to be a bald, malnourished man with tanned skin, dressed in a tank top tucked into some torn up jeans, his feet bare and bloodied from countless times he'd stepped on shards of broken glass and the like, his toe and fingernails appearing to have been crudely shaped into 'claws' of sorts, the spider homeless's face covered mostly by a pair of red lens ski goggles, his tongue lolling out of his mouth, which seemed to have been missing several teeth.

    "Sharing is Caring!" Snickered the Spider Homeless, while the portly man fell onto his rear, and backed away, provoking the Spider Homeless to crawl further, as he dragged his nails across the ground, creating a horrible sound as he prepared to lunge, flying outwards into the portly man and ripping his stomach apart for his food, having converted the dumpster into his 'station' so he could steal people's food.

    Just mere inches from the portly man, the body of the Spider Homeless was suspended in mid-air, causing confusion within the aggressor, the prey solely fearing what was to come, as a small trickling sound filled the silence, followed by the appearance of a man in a grey uniform suit, holding out his left hand, as if holding the psychotic killer in place, while with his right hand, he held a burger, which he munched away on.

    "You're in violation of several laws…" Yawned Ian Warren, as he stroked his short, dirty blonde hair. "And possibly all kinds of other misdemeanors and such. Regardless, I see it clearly you're going to be executed anyways. We've had reports of a fellow like you being in charge of some organized bag-jumping league of some kind. We've got our hands tied with all the thousands of other insane cults, gangs, what have you, and that's not even counting the large scale groups…"

    "That's very nice, Sir." Nodded the Spider Homeless. "Since you mention execution…and being in charge…Oh, and my little club…"

    Upon saying 'execution,' a whole other band of shady characters entered the area, some being actual deformed mutants, others being malnourished like the spider homeless, or whatever other horror you could imagine a being that has gone ages without a proper meal and bathing, the glow of the clean Military Policeman practically illuminated among the darkness of these street urchins.

    "The Squadron has been ordered to prepare for a mass 'cleansing' of this sector. We can't have you running around jumping people. You can all head into our Rehab centers and try to re-integrate yourselves into society, or we can slaughter the lot of you."

    "You couldn't possibly accommodate for us, let alone the dozens of others still hiding out on these streets…"

    They had picked out his bluff well: It was only the half truth about what Ian had said though, as truthfully, only a handful of these savages could have been brought back. But no matter. He stood sideways now, a shoulder pointed towards both directions of the road in which his attackers would be advancing from, and forced both hands forwards. Instead of a TK Blast to the front, he had tripped each and every one of them with a small TK push to the achilles heel, as his eyes began to glow red, pointing his chin high, as he fired two spectacular pillars of light off into the sky, before they took a sudden turn changing directions in rectangular pathways that carefully flew through the waves of bag-jumping fiends, burning through flesh as a beam from each eye worked on their respective sides, left and right.

    When that was over, he looked back towards the homeless spider person, who was trying to escape. Typical behavior for someone who thought his current set up was perfect, and if he could just manage to slip back into the shadows, he could keep this terrible lifestyle. Ian reached downwards to a pair of straps that hugged his right thigh, and held the holster for his handgun. It was a peculiar thing, almost like a toy, or a movie prop, as he aimed with his right hand alone, and fired into the back of the spider homeless with a few rounds, most grazing him, save for the last two rounds that tore through the thug's weak flesh and bones which could be compared to glass if you tried to break them purposely.

    "Warren to Sector House: Early sweep has resulted in confirmation of organization within food stealing crimes. Continuing sweep for any other members of this group, or possibly even another. In the meantime, try to eat in the restaurant. Taking it to go is a bad idea….you really lose your appetite!"